Marc Jacobs Alyona Patent Leather SatchelAnother day, another Marc Jacobs bag that I like. I swear I’m not on his payroll (although Marc, if you’re out there and you’d like me to be on your payroll, I’m not above a little conflict of interest), I just tend to really like his bags and his line is one of the largest out there, meaning there’s constantly something new to write about from him. And now, we’ve got the Marc Jacobs Alyona Patent leather Satchel.

First, I’ll say this – I like red. It’s always been my favorite color (which is apparently rare, according to an old graphics professor I had) and it’s one of my alma mater’s colors. I also really like patent leather in almost all incarnations – we all have questionable aspects to our taste level, and that’s one of mine. I don’t care how inappropriate it is, make it shiny! With the Alyona, the design is so simple and so free of other unnecessary adornment, that doing such a bright color in such an eye-catching material actually works. At least I think it does, but like I said, I have some taste-level weaknesses. Buy through Saks for $1350.

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  • QueenMAB

    I think the red is gorgeous. But I just don’t care for the useless lock adornment. Even if I don’t use the lock I want it to be usable – silly right?

  • I think without the lock it would look plain, no? I love the red, but this bag doesn’t have my heart

  • Shannon

    i looove the red, and agree – without the lock it would be a little plain
    but i think that’s what mj’s bags are – simple. they’re the kind of thing to add that extra vavoom to a great outfit

  • Merve

    I know i always go against Jacobs but i actually really like this bag. I like the lock too. Although i really want a red bag i think that patent red is a little OTT.

  • pursemonkey

    I’m not a huge fan of patent but I do love the bright pop of color this bag provides. I have the Alyona in another color combination (in lambskin w/ python trim and a chain strap) and it’s such a great bag. I personally find the tiny pushlock adorable. Functional or not, it’s iconic MJ and gives the bag a bit more personality IMHO. While this particular version isn’t something I see myself carrying, it makes me wish I could pull it off!

  • Sarahp

    I’m a sucker for a mini pushlock, faux or not. I’m not a huge patent fan (although, this red one looks like a delicious lollypop!), but the alonya is such a great shape and size–and the three compartments and extra strap make it so functional–I’ll love to add one someday.

  • tadpolenyc

    merve, am i hearing this correctly? a mj bag you like? i knew we could hug this out! haha!

    my favorite color is also red, yet i don’t have a true red bag. i was thinking about getting this, but not sure if i could handle red patent. we’ll see.

    one of my favorite things about mj bag is the mini trompe l’oeil pushlock. it’s his double c’s, interlocking lv’s. i think it’s cuter too.

  • shopaphilia

    I LOVE the pushlock! It definitely adds a little extra summat-summat to the bag. ITA w/ tadpolenyc that the pushlock is Marc’s mark and an awesome one at that.

    I’m not a huge fan of patent either, but you bet I would turn my head and ogle if I saw someone carrying this gorgeous candy apple red!

  • wargoth2003

    The red looks lavish but a little garish (he he did that rhyme?) On the whole the strap is a bit short and the locking system lacks lustre…but on the whole a good stylish buy.

  • hazel

    I’m kinda eh about this bag, I like it allright, but I don’t love it. It just doesn’t wow me.

  • Merve

    Tadpolenyc….hugged it out indeed. I really wanna red bag too but cant find the right one ( like u i think patent might be a bit flash). If you find anything remember to post about it!!! And im gonna surprise you even carrying one of my fave bags today, a MJ grey slouchy one. HAHAHA

  • Tina

    Gorgeous! Patents are tricky IMO…the styling must be special enough so the bag doesn’t borderline on looking cheap (PVC perhaps?)

    This bag succeeds! And this color is perfect for year round use. I’ll have to keep my eye on this one…

  • mariah9999

    I am in love with everything about this bag. I love the color, material, size and pizazz this bag brings. It’s truly a showstopper!

  • Janice

    I love the red it has a very trendy look great for Summer.

  • Carolyn

    Red color and classic shape, I want it

  • Elyssa

    I’m partial,I love MJ, love patent and my favorite color is red so it makes sense that I love this.

  • Dee

    Be careful with this bag. It is very pretty, but can easily stain.

    • Tara

      Hi Dee. I have this bag, but I haven’t used it yet. I am concerned about your comment. I have never had a bag that stained easily, especially patent. I always have a bunch of baby/toddler gear in my bags. Do you have one that stained and what caused it. Just curious.


  • Kendra

    Beautiful! (fb)