Marc Jacobs Quilted Jersey Tote

Once upon a time I saw this bag in an all leather version, in pink. I kept meaning to talk about it, kept reminding myself to tell you all about it, and plain and simple forgot. But Marc Jacobs is in my head somehow, perfectly planning the time to bring a new version of the bag to the forefront so I would cover it. And I have to say I love this bag! The combination of soft cotton knit accented with leather stands out on the Marc Jacobs Quilted Jersey Tote. And while the body of the bag is mostly Jersey, it is a deep blue which will not show wear and dirt as much as a lighter color. I know, I know, jersey is no where near as sturdy or luxurious as leather, but it does bring the price down. The conversation can now still spin away from the details of the bag when in your head you are saying ‘but really, $1000 for jersey??’. Let me just tell you, I know and I even agree.

But I still like this Marc Jacobs bag! The first thing that drew me to this bag was the leather belted strap on the front, which somehow looks like the perfect feminine accent. There are double top handles and goldtone hardware. On the inside there is storage galore, an inside zip, open, and cell phone pocket. The inside is lined with canvas. Measurements are 15″W X 14″H X 5″D. So no, this bag is not perfection, and I am not running out to buy it, but I do like it! And the all leather version in the girly pink I like even more! Buy through Saks for $995.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Anilu Magloire

    Awful! Bad color and to much going on…

  • Mary

    I love the color, but it’s just too much money for the product. Sorry.

  • Kate

    I adore the color, but the price is on the high side for jersey.

  • Grace

    i love this bag, the leather was called the MJ Casey and I actually have the leather version (but in beige, not pink, sorry megs!)

    The price is pretty steep for jersey though.. even for my leather one, which went for over 1K retail, I actually managed to snag for about 700 during a whirlwind of sales. Overall though, the bag is soooo roomy, it’s for the ladies who carry their lives in their bags :D

  • MizzJ

    Love the colour and design, and the contrast between that deep blue and the gold hardware. However, I would hesitate on the price. Sure, it’s quite pretty but that much for jersey? I don’t think so.

  • Shorty

    note bad

  • KathGrace

    Not a fan

  • Elyssa

    I remember really liking this style when introduced in the leather and accordingly I like it in the Jersey. I absolutely love the color too. I do agree though, the price is steep for Jersey. I bet it’s super comfy to tote around though.

  • I Medici

    Awful color and material but a great style. I think it would be comfortable to use. Would never pay this much for it.

  • dani_twotwo

    omg! i totally thought i would LUV this bag. like finally i found a bag i wanted to buy.

    they had this in different colours like nude and black with leather material option as well! but still, i totally did not luv the bag in person. very disappointed!

  • Kendra

    What a fun design! The belt on the quilted pattern looks is working for me, I would carry this around with me. (fb)