When I first saw Marc Jacobs named a bag after my ultimate favorite mall, Bal Harbour shops, I was instantly excited. But then I looked at the bag, and it fell short of my expectations. Where is the glitz and glam and tinge of gaudy that Miami is known for?

The Marc Jacobs Bal Harbor Julie is reluctant in its design which appears to be safe and subdued. Bal Harbour may hold exquisite shops in its highly gorgeous and jungle-like atmosphere, but the people in Miami love to infuse color and spunk into their outfits.

If I take away my expectations, I realize that this is still a lovely bag. Truth be told, with many outfits taking center stage in South Florida, a simple taupe tote may be just what the fashion Doctor is looking for. The design itself is entirely simple; a tote shape with a leather and chain shoulder strap. The only bling added to this bag is the colored tassel.

Honestly, if I didn’t frequent Bal Harbour shops so often when we lived in South Florida I could accept this bag for what it is more easily. But there is nothing Bal Harbour about this bag. I would have expected one of Marc’s more playful designs to be named after the fun and flirty mall in South Florida.

With all of my bias, it is hard to see this bag for what it is: a plain, simple, and functional bag. Buy via Saks for $1,250.

Perfectly Pink

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