Marc Jacobs Large Leather ToteMarc Jacobs is, easily, one of my favorite bag designers of all time. I love all the wacky stuff Louis Vuitton has done under his creative leadership, and I love both of his signature labels. He lost me a bit last season, though…some of his bags were kinda misshapen, am I right? And the colors were a bit drap. And had a random stud or two on them. In any case, I think those were a rare misstep for a brilliant designer. Even MJ is human, and everyone makes mistakes. What is NOT a mistake, though, is the new Marc Jacobs Large Leather Tote. I see it as a perfect work bag for those who are lucky enough to work in a slightly laid-back environment. It’s rendered in staid black leather, but Marc manages to get the stud detailing right with this one, having it accent the strap attachments (instead of, you know, just being stuck on there randomly). I’m not sure I entirely agree with the price, but if you’ve got the cash, go for it! Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1295.

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  • Merve

    great bag but not sure marc is aware that we have a global financial crisis though.

  • me

    I like it- it’s understated but kind of punky at the same time.

  • emm

    I WANT
    but too expensive..1200?!?!?!

  • Rosemary

    This is cute but it’s so typical. It’s like a bag that’s out there with one little thing that’s different and bam it’s an original. Come on! Stop mass producing bags and get some good ideas that haven’t been done before. I would use it, but I wouldn’t be hyped up about it. If it was sold at the GAP for 40 bucks and real leather, maybe, but not for this price no. It’s not something that i’m going to shell out a ton of money for because I just have to have it. It’s not that original and/or beautiful!

  • Tiffany

    oooohhhh !!! i love this tote, just not the price!

  • Stephy

    have you seen the new marc jacobs swarovski stam? it is like the cutest thing ever!!! you have to make a post on that one!

  • Melissa

    Does anyone remember a very similar canvas version of this bag? I think it was marc by marc…it definitely came in a tomato red color. I’m trying to track it down but don’t know the “name” / year (I think about 4 or 5 years ago?).

  • Kendra

    The little details are nice, except the shape kind of looks like a diaper bag? But this would be a good bag going to the grocery store. I really like how simple it is. (fb)

  • Deb

    a nice black tote for everyday use, you cannot go wrong with this one (fb)