Now this is a bag that reminds me of so much. When I first came across the Marc Jacobs Jennifer Bird Cage Shoulder Bag I couldn’t decide if I loved it or completely hated it. I appreciate how unique it is, however, I have some news for you, there is something else I think of more. For all of you Seinfeld fans out there, you are certainly familiar with the retirement community Jerry’s parents live in Florida, Del Boca Vista.

Marc Jacobs Jennifer Bird Cage Shoulder Bag
This is the kind of bag I can picture someone in a retirement community picking up and matching with another bird inspired outfit. Ok, well, all joking aside, personally, this bag is too much for me. The black leather, golden hardware and mulitcolor front bird cage embellishments all come together for quite the statement piece. Perhaps someone like Carrie Bradshaw could pull this off with one of her more out there looks, but other than that, I can’t imagine many of us using it, especially at this price. But tell me, can you see yourself rockin this bag or not? Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $1195.

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  • kelly

    love MJ and everything, but this bag is coo coo!

  • Nicky

    Love this bag! Have you seen the fantastic Marc Jacobs bag that Plazatoo is giving away at

  • Jenn

    I like looking at it, and maybe it would be fun with a simple LBD (?) but I can’t imagine using it more than once or twice, and I certainly wouldn’t pay full price. This strikes me as good Clearance adoption (after it’s been marked down several times and is sitting alone on the sale table). Until then, MJ makes lots of other fabulous bags so fortunately this isn’t our only option!

    • Jenn

      I always thought it would be fun to buy a bag with my same name. I hope MJ comes up with another bag named Jennifer! :P

  • Beth

    Oh no… Marc? I LOVE you. I love LV, I love your quilted MJ designs, but this? Nah. I can’t stand those garish birds poking out from behind the black loveliness. Oh well.

  • 19yearslater

    I love this, it’s smart and strangely beautiful. I would not wear it. I think that I could find a way, my fashion sense is eclectic enough, probably, but I don’t like tropical-themed items enough; so I’ll stick with MBMJ Petal to the Metal for my dose of Marc’s bird bags. I think most retirement home residents shop for handbags at K-Mart. If they got their hands on one of these, though, it would probably be paired in a matchy way; not how the bag should be worn.

  • AA

    I like it but wont wear it. If only the birdies wouldnt have been on the bag. Now that would’ve been as bag I coulda rocked! But its is a bold MJ bag!

  • miss Wang

    I love it!!!! and I would def wear it.

  • Kendra

    I love the play on images for this handbag. It has a nice illusion to it that any artist can appreciate. (fb)

  • Nicole

    GAWD, yessss… can I get this in a matching track suit? I already have the umbrella from the MBMJ store… add the bag and I am ready for the sexy old ladies’ martini lunch!!! Make that MartiniSSSSSS!!!


  • AW

    This one is a tad better than the original in terms of the color being more feisty but still, not one of MJ’s best.