Marc Jacobs Elsa Woven Leather Bag This is one of those handbags that I like the idea of, but not the finished product. The design behind the Marc Jacobs Elsa Woven Leather Bag is to give a elegant feel with a fun touch, intertwining gold chain link with red leather on the shoulder strap for elegance with red woven leather on the body for fun. The problem for me is the size of this handbag, it would look great to be a smaller bag, which would provide the perfect splash of red. But this handbag is large, sporting 16″W x 15″H x 4″D dimensions. This means the bag will overpower you and your outfit most likely. Not to mention the beautiful chain link shoulder strap will begin to dig in on your shoulder because of the weight. I like it, but I just do not love it, and I do not love the dimensions. I think Marc was on the right track, then last minute took the road that was not paved which leaves this bag with a bumpy finish. It still is beautiful, but just not as practical. Not to mention expensive! Very expensive at Net A Porter for $2850.

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