Yesterday, I covered the Marc by Marc Jacobs Royale Patchwork Birdie Hobo which was nothing but a disappointment. When I see anything with that involves Marc Jacobs, I tend to expect a lot. There are certain designers out there who have raised the bar rather high for themselves. Marc Jacobs is one of these designers. So, while yesterday I was disappointed, today, Marc Jacobs has made up for the mishap.

Using a word like “classic” in the name of a handbag would have to make almost any reader believe the handbag would have to fit into that category. The mastermind behind this bag knew exactly how to create a classic bag.

I am completely enjoying every aspect to the Marc Jacobs Classic Carla Leather Tote. First of all, the leather is just fabulous. But, beyond the leather, the shape and style of the bag is, in fact, classic. The double handles have a 4″ drop while the adjustable shoulder strap has an 11.5″ drop. Either way you decide to carry the bag, it will be comfortable.

Open the top-zip closure and you will see an interior zip pocket. Yet, before you even open the bag, you will see front flap-pockets with pushlock closures. These pushlock closures offer a bit of edge, yet not too much at all. And of course, the gold-tone hardware looks fabulous against the leather. I love how this bag can go from day to night without much of a transition. Plus, this bag can be carried by a wide range of ages without looking too old or too young for the woman carrying the bag. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $995.

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  • Lynn

    Beautiful. Think I’ve just found my valentine.

  • AA

    Ever since I had seen this bag, I just loved it! I dont know if I want to get it in black or white? hmmm

  • mochababe73

    I love this bag. I would definitely get it in white and carry it all year. I am currently carrying a MK Uptown Astor in bone with gold studs. Who cares about fashion rules?!

  • mode

    Gorgeous – this is the answer to my need for a new tote. Brown or white!?!

  • Leslie

    As soon as I saw that bag the word that popped into my head was “classic”. I think it would be a wonderful addition to any purse collection. Definitely on my wishlist.

  • Donna C.

    This might have to be my first MJ bag! Love it. But is the color white or brown? On the Bloomingdales site it says brown. It looks neither but more like a cream color. Does anybody know?

    • AA

      I know it comes in white and black for sure. I havent seen it in brown.

  • Cheryl

    Absolutely love this bag!!! White all the way. Great job Marc Jacobs.

  • Rashida

    Not impressed

  • whatdialike
  • Linda

    Cute! I love the white.

  • Loquita

    Gorgeous! This one is definitely on my radar.

  • wordbox

    Very nice… it’s like a collaboration of the Venetia, Blake, and Multipocket in one sleek, practical bag.

  • zfebio87

    Go on for fashion, fashion and fashion

  • mishybelle

    I love the white color, too bad it’s already sold out at Bloomies!

  • Nee

    wow, i really like this! the simplicity is what makes it work for me.

  • MizzJ

    Gorgeous. This bag is a testament to Marc Jacobs’ amazing talent and his ability to design anything from classic bags to the exotic, to the downright crazy. The man is a genius!

  • Ashley

    I bought this bag in the black, and I would recommend to everyone that they buy it in white instead. In the black, it ends up looking a bit like a briefcase. If you’re going for the professional look, the black is perfect. But for a more vesatile look, stick with the white. Also, I wish there were two interior pockets instead of one. But other than that, I love it! There’s also a zipper that goes around the exterior of the bag (not visible in the picture above) that makes it expandable.

  • Tiff

    First saw this bag online, thought it was nice and looked like a pratical size and shape. But in person it really is awesome, the leather is fantastic and hard wardware classic. I saw it at Bloomies in brown and the color really made it very rich looking. So Yes it does come in brown, I would describe it as a rich cognac color. Hope that helps others looking into it different colors.

  • jami

    I’ve fallen in love, again…. Marc why do you do this to me!!!!

  • speaking of…

    Megs meet my NEW husband CARLOS! oy vie…my fashion god is a good,good fashion god..

    • Jamie

      Where did you see this in brown? I can’t find it anywhere…thx!

  • MishiGurl

    It comes in black too. and they have it at Nordstrom! :)

  • loui

    I am definitely a bag lady! This bag is gorgeous and a must have on my list… love the color too (not as keen on the black)!

  • Marsha

    Love it…..saw it on F/B…….

  • jessica

    I Love the bag!!!
    But my mother goth it,and she doesn´t want to give it to me.
    I want that bag,it´s so gorgeous and it is beutifull with my Nanette Lepore top

  • Kendra

    I love this bag, too! It’s elegant and very stylish! (fb)

  • JJ

    I wasn’t crazy about this bag until I saw it in person. It’s the perfect “work bag.” Sorta a combination of the Blake and Stella bags. I like the shape and size and the longer shoulder strap. I’m not crazy about the colors this season, so I hope it gets carried over into fall in some really pretty colors (fb)

  • Elyse

    It’s just so beautiful and classic. I can see somone carrying it 10 years from now (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    nice! (fb)

  • thinking

    think this will be my very firs MJ bag :)

  • just a guy

    I just bought this for my wife for mother’s day. her first MJ. saw it in person at Nordstroms in the tan/cognac and it is pretty amazing. I’m not a fashionista, and have been safely buying her (all leather) coach purses/briefcases/bags for nearly 10 years now (i steer away from the patterns as I eschew trendiness), so this bag caught my eye in that it has some flair in hardware and design, but the traditional qualities that others here rightly describe as ‘classic’. the pocket design is also functional, should be viewed in person to appreciate.

    I liked the leather and look so mutch, addded the matching “zip clutch” to replace her worn out Coach wallet…

    oh dear, I think I may regret this if it makes her want more of the same in the future – but it is an impressive bag and made this guy take the jump.

  • sandy

    I bought it in brown recently at bloomies NY, and I consider it my best purchase ever! REally professional and stylish in every way.. Leather is so soft and yes, you can open the zipper at the bottom for a more classic look~~

  • jc_girl

    I was actually looking for a white bag, then i found this. Wow, awesome!!! Not to mention Marc Jacobs. I love it. Wish i can have this. Another dream bag for me. =)

  • Nicole

    CLASSIC. Great that it has a long strap w some of the best features of MJ’s classic venetia. Love it!!


  • april

    cool bag…i love the color. it’s so eye catching