Marc Jacobs Big Heart Zip Clutch

Love him or hate him, we all know Marc Jacobs. I tend to love this man, his designs, his ambition, his talent. There are misses, but between the Marc Jacobs Collection and the Marc by Marc Jacobs Collection (among others), this man has proven himself worthy of praise. Some pieces are much more eclectic and fun like the Marc Jacobs Big Heart Zip Clutch. I know what many of you are already thinking, ‘Looks like an art project for Valentines Day’. Indeed, it does in many ways.

There are heart appliques of varying leathers decorating the front and back. And the price is for the name, of course. But the clutch is a good size (11″x 6.5″x 2.5″), the idea is cute, and I happen to like this clutch very much. What I do want to know is if there really is python skin or just embossed python. This is the kind of clutch you take out with your significant other, or when you are dressed super girly. What say you all? Buy through eLuxury for $795.

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  • wgs

    looks more like a first grade project made by a 6 year old…boo!

  • elxie

    to mr. marc jacobs…..the economy is in recession worldwide, is now really the time to start pricing clutches at 800 dollars….get with the program.

  • Linda

    It’s look’s like a Valentine’s Day kindergarten project.

  • mette

    I don´t think that appliques of this size work on a clutch. I can´t really see what is underneath all those hearts. Somehow it looks like it´s made in haste, the detailing is bad.

  • priss

    I was gonna say I loved it, because I love all things pink. Especially big things that are pink, and 11 for a clutch seems big, which I like.

    However, now that see none of you guys likes it I’ll bash the darn thing too. That’s awful….what was the thinking?……..who would carry such a thing……(as she secretly clicks the eLuxury link)

  • gopher

    I think this is really cute and fun and would go perfect for a shopping day on robertson or something! And of course it would be priced the way it is, you can’t expect designers to lower themselves to your level just because of the economy! What you’re looking for, elxie, is coach.

  • Jane H.

    MIGHT be fun for Valentine’s Day…..but not much else

  • Merve

    I saw somewhere that Victoria Beckham wore his heart dress and i thought that the dress was so wrong and low and behold his heart obsession has expanded into handbags. If i was an 11 yr old girl i would carry it and stick my barbie inside.

  • ckie

    I also think this clutch is very cute! I have always loved Marc Jacobs’ designs

  • daisyjane

    Waste of leather. Just like most of his other bags.

  • Hannah

    Wow, this clutch looks so stupidly good that it makes me want it right now! I’m not too much into pink in combination of hearts, but this one is lovely. Go Mark Jacobs!

  • elxie

    i’m not saying that the designer should reprice it for the consumer’s benefit but rather for the designers benefit, when the economy is in recession, aggregate income levels are down so people spend less, i doubt that most people will be willing to spend 800 dollars on a clutch that looks like a gradeschool project in such an economy, even designers like chloe and chanel are lowering prices. i’m not saying that they should lower prices to “my level”…’s just basic elementary economics gopher.

  • MizzJ

    Hmm a little too kitschy for such a high price. Pass.

  • rebecca

    I say this is a perfect DIY. :) its cute

  • gracieo

    I think its cute. I would love to have it…sighs. lol

  • kiran

    this is so silly. and that’s why i love it.
    that and the purple part. and the clutch part. and the heart part. did MJ seriously take everything i love and just glob them together? yep, exactly what i would have done in 1st grade too.

  • may

    I am one who will go ga ga over girly, cute stuff, but this is not my thing. It is not formal or glamorous for an evening event but yet a little OTT for daily use. I would pass on this bag and squirrel save for something else…

  • tadpolenyc

    i think this is really cute. it’s feminine and fun. i don’t plan on getting this item, but i do want something else from this line.

  • Otter


  • Elyssa(jap4life)

    absolutely love this.

  • G. Gonzalez

    The Marc Jacobs Big Heart Zip Clutch is so original. the purle hearts could be worn with jeans or a cute dress outfit. A clutch is a must have. This is adorable.

  • Alexandria

    What is with all the hate? =\
    I think it’s lovely, just like the heart dress. I was actually considering buying it until I saw the price ;[
    I would buy both the dress and the clutch in a second if I had the money tbh.
    Just, amaze.

  • spaceyjacy

    I was able to examine this IRL a few days ago at Nordies, and I have to say I loved it! This line is so cute, exuberant, humorous, and girly! The overall effect is somewhat lost in pics I think.

  • NordyGirl

    I agree! The combination of textures and leather quality is amazing. The pic just doesn’t do it justice. I work in designer at Nordstrom and they have been very popular in person :)

  • deka

    my first blog post was about the hearts bag
    i hate this

  • Monique

    I love this clutch! I love hearts, and I love clutches, and I love Marc Jacobs. People that think it looks like an art project have no appreciation for this rad style. I think it is unique, and I imagine getting 1000 compliments if I wore it out. Now if only I can afford it…

  • AJ

    I love this. I love all of the hearts collection, I think it’s adorable. But you can bet the edges of those hearts start curling after a while, especially on the outside. That would be pretty sad.

  • bambiluv

    This clutch is very different and not easily understood yet it’s truly a work of art! I hope it doesnt sell out soon! Im opting to get it in another 2 weeks.

  • Susan

    Purple is my favorite color and pink is right up there. Love the blending of the colors and the hearts, a bit too pricey for me especially in these times. Can’t justify the purchase.

  • Cakes

    Have it in blue and I LoooOOooove it. :)

  • HandbagReport

    I’d wear it! It’s fun, cute and a great color!

  • Kendra

    I like the hearts, I don’t know why. But this would be a nice clutch to carry around on dates. Wish I could buy it! (fb)