Remember the Marc by Marc Jacobs Doctor’s Bag that Amanda got you all hyped up for? Well I fell for it too. It is purple, slouchy, and large. That is so me. But if the shape was not exactly you, the little sister of this bag is such a great option that I may very well convert many of you over to the Liz Riz.

Yes, a catchy little name, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Liz Riz Bag sports a hobo shape rather than the east/west shape. The only thing that I would like a little different is the signature nameplate, which is rather large. But the bag is typical of many Dr. designs from Marc Jacobs, featuring softly gathered leather, a fold-over top, and quirky scrambled logo lining. You know, now that I see this version, I realize it is much more fitting for me. Meaning, this is now the new Marc by Marc love of Purse Blog, that is unless Amanda puts up a big fight! Either purple or black available at Saks for $428.

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  • Wendy

    Oh yes, I’m loving this! My only concern is, like Megs, the size of the nameplate. Kinda almost makes this like a monogram bag with that in-your-face “look at me…I’m a designer bag!” vib. But the cool design and relatively affordable price makes me overlook it a bit.

    Hmmm…I think I may to off to buy me one! And I think definitely purple!

  • The nameplate is def distracting, but the plus is that it can only be read if someone comes up close… so maybe it won’t be too bad. Just depends!

  • SunshineLove

    I actually really love the shape and COLOR of this bag! Went over to and the purple is already sold out. Boo. :cry:

  • Ellez

    Love this bag!! Agree about the nameplate but it’s cuteness and price tag make it a winner for me!!

  • ~bastet

    I got this bag for my birthday and love it! It’s smooshy and the color is really pretty IRL.

  • Ooh I love this bag! The shape, the colour, and I actually really like the name plate – I think it gives the bag a more utility feel that fits with the “doctor” name. The price is really good too!

  • The folds in the leather look divine…

  • lala

    On the marc jacobs wesite it has the bag also in kinda a aqua blue.
    do they sell this color in stores?

  • I hope you guys no how much power you wield. I went over to the site to buy MY DREAM BAG and they only had it in dumb old black… :mad:

  • JamieH

    Willa- they’ve restocked it in Grape.

  • angel

    nordstroms still have some left in purple. Go to the store and ask for a transfer and ship to your home! I just got mine.

  • anne

    Piperlime dot com has it in stock.

  • I like it. I wish the strapy/buckle-y thingy in the middle would disappear though…

  • Melanie

    I really like this bag but I saw someone carrying it in cream and loved that. I really want it in cream. Does anyone know where I can get one?

  • angel

    I just received mine from Nordstroms. It is the purple color. I am kind of disappointed. The material is not quite sturdy. It is too soft and lost its shape if you really don’t have that much things inside the bag. I will return it

  • Helena

    I agree Angel I was just about to order one from when I saw someone in the supermarket wearing one and being in sydney australia that is not common to see someone with a marc jacobs bag. And I was disappointed with the leather not being so sturdy especially in the pale violet colour.
    So I will be in the States early November and will shop then. It is costly sending things back from here.

  • jordan

    I just bought this bag and am in love. The color is beautiful and the slouchy look is a adorable. Also, the nameplate really is less noticeable than you would think and it looks great full or almost empty. This was my fist “nice” bag and I am so glad to have bought it!

  • Hi Jordan…may i know which color is ur bag? i’d order Purple color but not yet you think its to pluffy in your under arm? which u can post the pic u using this bag..

  • Kendra

    I’m in love. I love the color purple and this has a really nice shape to it. My favorite shape/style of all MJ bags! (fb)

  • Jocephine

    I just bought this bag in a nude colour and am loving it, my only concern is the part where the bag touches the underarm (I live in sunny and humid S’pore so I perspire most of the time), is there anything I can do to protect the bag? (fb)