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Marc Jacobs moved his show from its customary spot in the middle of New York Fashion Week to the very end because of the work days lost thanks to Hurricane Irene, which just made the presentation, always among the most highly anticipated of New York Fashion Week, all the more a special occasion. For some reason, though, the bags in particular left me feeling cold. Maybe it was the fact that Thursday marked my 12th day in a row of 16- to 18-hour workdays, or that the dizzying pace of fashion week means that nothing that comes at the end ever seems as great as it should, or maybe it’s just that some of Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2012 handbags look a lot like a Coach bag I had in 2004. Maybe it’s all of the above?

Even while watching the blurry livestream of the show late on Thursday, I mentioned to Megs that the bucket bags in particular reminded me of Coach, and she agreed. And that’s fine; those bags are actually pretty cute in their technicolor calf hair combinations. The problem, of course, is that based on Moda Operandi’s pre-order pricing, these bags will cost in excess of $2900. That’s not great when you consider that they remind me so strongly of a design that cost less than $500, but there are still a few cute bags in the group. Judge for yourself, after the jump.

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  • rose60610

    There isn’t one bag here I like, let alone would pay over $2900 for any. Some look like bags for bowling balls. I worked too hard for my money to spend it on stuff that looks like this.

  • Kadd

    Every bag look like for max. 300$, cheap looking, not classy, not elegant, no, no, no.

  • Jessica

    So in love with these bags. I love them.

  • Sandra Rowley

    MJ is usually more affordable….really great bags at a better price than other premiere designers. I agree that this go round they are mediocre. Sometimes the most beautiful bags end up being the ones that never see the runway….we can hope for that.

  • Lianne

    I love the yellow gingham!

  • Heather30

    Yuck! I usually love MJ but not this time. Why is everyone going so minimalistic this past year? Snooze fest.

  • Lori

    MJ seems to just throw any old design out there hoping something will stick. I feel like his handbag collection is too big and has zero continuity. And on many occasions resembles other designers. I would never buy one of his bags for these reasons.

  • Jenn

    I wouldn’t kick #19 out of bed, but that’s not saying much, seeing as how it’s the least original of all the designs here. On the upside, now I’m not so worried that I already spent so much of my 2011 allowance on other bags this year!

  • MissNina

    I love the vintage feel of several of them!

  • louch

    Very mediocre; not at all what I would expect from MJ.

  • cgl

    Sorry, Marc, but I am a huge fan of yours, but I will not be buying any of these. Too plain, uninspiring. Did you have someone else design these? They certainly don’t look like your work. Give us something to be proud of!

  • Jennie

    I have to agree with the majority here. These bags leave me uninspired. Come on MJ!…..His bags are usually femmine, classy, just enough mix of modern and they are so functional. I usually carry MJ more than any other…..this is a HOT MESS! Wouldn’t waste my money. They’ll go on sale for sure…thats if any store orders them???

  • Theusshop

    i like the yellow one. the price is okay for me :)