We are big Marc Jacobs fan-girls here at PurseBlog. But it has been a little while since I ran into a Marc Jacobs bag that I truly found myself wanting. Don’t get me wrong, there are many beautiful designs, but I like to see a bag that I don’t just want but can justify ‘needing’. This bag comes the closest to ‘needing’ that I have felt in a while from Marc.

A black tote is a staple piece for a handbag wardrobe and the Marc Jacobs Amber Corner Zip Tote should be considered as a potential option.

This bag was spotted in green on Cameron Diaz which helped put it on my radar. As far as black totes go, this bag has additions that help the bag stand out without going over-the-top. I am sure the leather itself is thick and smooshy, as Marc Jacobs leather tends to be. There is goldtone hardware and double top handles with rings.

What helps the bag stand out are the goldtone padlock on the front center of the bag along with side zippers. I really am finding myself drawn to this bag. Sure, it is nothing out of the ordinary, but for a simple black tote, it does have aspects that stand out. On the inside there is a zip and open pocket. Overall measurements are 13″H x 14″W x 6″D. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $995.

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  • MizzJ

    Gorgeous! I just bought a MJ bag myself and I can definitely vouch for that delicious smooshyness of the leather.


  • CoutureCoco

    This is the first time I’ve fallen for a MJ bag – it has everything – details, leather and the size is perfect!

  • muggles

    Love the bag! Mine should be here tomorrow!

  • ning
  • Hillary

    I’m loving this bag! It also comes in purple and has been seen on model Agyness Devyn too. I saw this bag originally on http://www.handbago.com/blog/marc-jacobs-amber-tote

  • 19yearslater

    Very nice, it has Marc Jacobs style while functioning as a tote many women could use.

  • itbag

    Bought it in green and love it. Leather is amazing and it sits great on the shoulder.

  • Nikki

    Absolutely stunning! So chic!

  • Leah

    Very pretty, but the one on Cameron is the Janice. It is not as tall and has slip pockets on the front and back. The Amber is taller and has no outside slip pockets.

  • Moonchild

    It is gorgeous! :-)
    That is a bag that, if I had the money right now, I would get right now. :-)
    It is simple, yet elegant and just gorgeous. :-)
    I need to start saving! :-)

  • Jenn

    I’ve seen this bag IRL and altho’ I do love me some Marc Jacobs (his bags now comprise the greater of my collection) this particular one doesn’t work for me. It’s beautifully made—the leather is very posh, and the styling is nice (love the padlock)—but I prefer a tote with a little more structure. Not a lot, but enough to hold its own (so to speak) when it’s not full. In the MJ tote category, I prefer my Rio Stardust, which also has the benefit of a removable shoulder strap.

  • sosti

    Love it!

  • Cesca

    Does anyone know where I can get the green janice bag? I am having a hard time finding it online…

  • BeautifulBasics

    Love this bag. The Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Hobo Bag is designed just like this, but a hobo style.

    It’s carried by celeb Selma Blair too!

    It’s stunning in person. The side zippers and stardust studs are truly beautiful.


  • As

    I just bought this one in taupe last saturday. I fall in love with it the moment i saw it.

  • Nicole

    OH, this in taupe sounds divine!!!

    Are the side-zips functional or just ornamental?

    What a HOT alterna-baby bag! (as I am fond of making my large purses double as “diaper bags…” no plastic winnie the pooh ova here!)


  • Tracey G

    perfection! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Love the black leather–perfect! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    I need this bag in my life–perfect! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    I love the simplicity and design on this bag! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    I love how smooth the leather looks–looks so soft (ipad)

  • faye

    This bag are just perfect to achieve that goal. They are pretty and a bit classic, colors are tender but beautiful.