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  • ECooper

    I think I like the men’s collection better than the women’s collection. Simple, practical, and classic. The contrasting trim looks fresh and the monogram straps and luggage tags look very modern on the solid leather pieces. I can’t wait to see these bags in person.

  • Nappy

    Ugh. Gorgeous! Kim jones should have been tapped to do womenswear too!!! I mean, seriously!

  • lavinia

    They tried to cancel monogram, elevating the brand to a higher class, but monogram “is!”the brand and cannot be cancelled…

    • Edia

      uhm…i dont think their runway bags and their regular line should be compared like that. if kim feels like doing monogram its his decision actually. if nicolas feels like doing red on black monogram its his decision. parnassea has nothing to do with it i think. but yes. monogram is louis vuitton which is why they celebrated its birthday just recently with their celebrating monogram series. they never tried to cancel it thats ridiculous

  • Stina Sias

    I thought they were moving away from the monogram, I didn’t miss it in the new women’s collections :/

  • LvGuy

    Truly stunning collection. Also, I have to get my hands on one those monogram luggage tags. Thanks for bringing back Man Bag posts!

  • Moesha75

    No, no, no. They need to stop trying to make monogram re-happen. It’s not going to happen.

  • Ellejays11

    Although I like the simple, classic nature of these bags, and the
    shapes, I agree that the monogram need to go away for a bit. A long bit. That being said,
    I can appreciate the small detail of the monogram strap on the solid pieces. Understated.

    Not feeling the new take on the Damier print (though well intentioned).

    • Imama

      Nicely stated i agree with this so much, I feel as though monogram is too saturated x

  • Liz Russell

    I really don’t like the monogram effect. It just looks cheap and I really don’t like the rope print. But the shapes are nice and the solid colors look classy and sophisticated.

  • FashionableLena

    I like that they are featuring the monogram again. I guess that it’s because my first and only LV is in the monogram. I’m a casual person, and I love the casual vibe of them.

    I would love one of the backpacks and the one in slide 14.

  • mary

    uuu give me that backpack and one of those bath mat luggage

  • ami

    I wonder if Christoper Nemeth’s widow got royalties since LV used Nemeth’s signature rope pattern.

  • Gia

    Love LV

  • PW


  • Amy

    I love the blue trim with the monogram as an alternative to vachetta – and I’m not normally a monogram canvas fan.

  • WTF

    I’m so glad the Amazone and the Danube are back.

  • Elisa

    It’s all slightly feminine. I don’t know any men, asside from my hair stylist, who would carry any of the bags pictured. When is LV going to learn to add wheels to their larger pieces? None the less, I liked the bags very much – for me!

  • Wendy

    Like the monogram backpack so much!!!

  • MissClavel

    I can’t wait for this collection to come out! Love it’s simplicity in design. Been waiting to add to my collection and the wait may finally be over!