Louis Vuitton Utah Leather Kiowa Tote

As we continue traveling, we continue shopping for a new travel bag. Vlad and I were tempted by a 50 cm Hermes Haut A Courroie (HAC), but it was just too big, yet his current messenger is just too small. We are like Goldilocks, we need something just right. I am waiting for a 40 cm Birkin, which will be the best option for me when it comes to a travel Birkin and Vlad is stumped. He needs a better carry-on bag for all of the traveling we do. We popped into Louis Vuitton Cologne and saw a great looking tote. For me, it was not a bag that I wanted him or I to leave with, but it is a great everyday bag nonetheless. The SA at Louis Vuitton said it is unisex, though I find it to be very masculine. The Louis Vuitton Utah Leather Kiowa Tote is designed with sturdy, yet supple hand-grained Utah calf leather and sports straps down the front of the bag. I am not blown away by this handbag, it is rather simple, but when it comes to giving a man a handbag, simple usually is the best route. The hardware is polished but is aged brass, so it is not too shiny for the man that does not care to draw attention to his man bag. It is always a plus to have a zip top closure, and the inside features a flat pocket and a cell phone pocket. Dimensions are still too small for a 17″ computer, but will fit the average laptop, 16.4″x 12.9″x 5.85″. I like it, I don’t love it, and I am waiting for another Birkin :wink: Buy through eLuxury for $1,940.

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  • asdf

    your grammar is atrocious. forget the birkin– go back to school.

    • Vlad

      Your attitude is atrocious. Stay in school.

      • tanya

        lol at the purse dandy’s reply

  • anti-fashionist

    It’s boring. And, as usual for LV, it’s way overpriced for what it is.

  • fatefullotus

    I don’t know, Megs… I’m not sold on the man-bag yet, but I’m warming up to the idea…. Vlad, you still look best with a honey Spy! :twisted:

  • mh21

    Nah, this bag is way too feminine.

    • johnny

      HELLO THIS IS NOT A FEMININE BAG !!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :roll: IT’S A MAN BAG !!!!!!!!

  • dela

    It might not look feminine in a usual way. But, the shape, style, two long straps make it look like a woman’s bag. I see a teacher carrying it. It reminds of a Friends episode with Joey’s man-purse.

  • anti-fashionist

    I don’t see any fem about this bag at all. It’s just a simple leather tote.