Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Initials KeepallFor as long as I can remember my family has taken the usual trips to Nantucket, Cape Cod, and the Hamptons area. It was something we did as a family and many times it was for 4th of July or Memorial Day or just some other long weekend. There is a point to my blabbing on about my childhood. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Initials Keepall for men reminds me of my vacations spent in the beautiful areas of Nantucket, Cape Cod and of course the Hamptons. I saw this new release by Louis Vuitton and my mind began to automatically reminisce to my younger years of preppy times in the Northern Atlantic region of the States. The keepall reminds me of sail boat rides, picnics on the beach, tea time, parites set up by my parents, fresh fruit, and of course fireworks. I just see this bag and think of that hot preppy beach boy that stayed right next to us every summer. You know that kind: blond shaggy hair, blue eyes, tan, killer bod, etc. Ahhh those were the days.

The keepall is newly reinvented based on the classic Men’s Keepall for this Men’s Spring/Summer show. The bag is made of a simple cotton and linen Monogram Mini Initials canvas and shows off leather handles and of course the rope shoulder strap. What I find to be the most attention grabbing is not only the rope shoulder straps but also the vintage inspired silkscreened “V”. The trim of the bag is none else than calfskin, including the handles and shoulder pad. The inside of the keepall is lined with polyester and cotton and contains an inside pocket for a Blackberry, PalmOne, etc. The bag also features golden-finished brass hardware, a removable rope and leather shoulder strap, removable leather ID tag, and for travel purposes it easily folds flat. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Initials Keepall measures 18.4″ x 10.8″ x 19.2″ and can be yours (or a Father’s Day Gift for your hubby) at eLuxury for $2070.

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  • lyn

    This is absolutely gorgeous!
    saw this and the amman in a magazine few months ago.
    I went to the store to try out the amman but the rope strap on this is really very thick and uncomfortable.
    can you write something on amman?

  • Jun Bautista

    First time I saw LV S/S ’05 collection Amman I am really in love with it, so I really got one… Very light although the strap is a little bit uncomfortable… however still I like it..

    • Victor

      Does anyone still have this bag they would be willing to sell. Mine got lost through the winter hustle and bustle at the airport in London. I was very sad.

  • billyjoe

    the initials make the bag look worse dont ya think?

  • nat Y

    I try amman on and it is one of the greatest bag in the world. I Love it, i am kill to have that bag. I disagress witht the statement above, i find it very comfortable and clean cut.

  • Mike

    I like this bag, I even checked it out but truthfully I wouldn’t spend more than $1,000 on a LV bag. Afterall, even a grand is a lot to shell out for rubberized canvas or in this case a fabric bag. If your going to spend that much on a bag you might as well spend a little more and buy one of the three very best brands (for both men and woman) Bottega Veneta, Hermes, or Valextra becuase all three are handmade, never-trendy, and always in style and that’s a true investment!

  • lyn

    we finally got it
    my boyfriend’s been bugging me to let him buy it!
    it’s gorgeous
    we found a way to adjust the strap so that it’ll just sit comfortably :P

  • preppygurl

    i love it bought it last week or my daddy did hahaha im spoiled, but yeah there is a way you can adjest the strap

  • nat Y

    I finally got the bag on Ebay, it was the best bag ever.

  • Steve

    Im looking for the rope strap which goes with the blue one, does anyone know where I will beable to purchase one from ?

  • Victor

    does anyone still have this bag that they would be willing to resell? Mine was lost at the airport in London.

  • gabrielle

    OMG!! this is the perfect
    Friend for me I just love it
    & I can’t belive my eyes..
    Its terrific im actually from
    Miami & this will be the perfect bag to walk by ocean drive I just love it..it is the moust beautifull thing I’ve ever seen..

  • Naggy

    I have to hit the snooze button on this one. (ipad)

  • KY

    I want one, love it! (ipad)