Louis Vuitton Kasbek PM

If men in this world only realized how sexy it is to carry a sleek designer bag, they may begin to understand us a little better. I find that men don’t want to give off the un-manly vibe, but that doesn’t mean that matching and looking good makes you un-manly? I don’t need a man who wears stripes and checks all at once (cough cough I won’t want to pick on anyone- but a certain someone whose name starts with a V and ends with a lad did that to me about 2 years ago and I nearly got rid of him then!! ;-) ) I know you all agree with me that a first impression lasts forever in your mind, and you know you want that guy that is dressed nicely. Even more so this impression lasts in the workplace. If you are going for an interview you know to mind your P’s and Q’s and dress to impress. So for the small amount of men that are out there reading this, do us all a favor and keep in mind that a) we like when you dress nice and b) you are allowed to wear a nice bag and still be considered manly!

What I have in mind for the men who do care to impress us and the work force is the Louis Vuitton Kasbek PM. This tote bag for men is made from both grained Taïga and smooth leather. The outside is simple and appealing with the brown leather and brushed palladium hardware. But the compartments are what should lure you in- along with the simplistic elegance of the bag. This tote features two outside pockets (one is zipped), an inside zipped pocket, a cell phone pocket (which won’t get much use since the typical businessman lives on his cell), a large open pocket which could hold files, magazines, or your computer. The inside is also lines in Sari canvas and the tote comes with an adjustable shoulder strap (and when I say comes with I mean it is sold separately). Measuring 14.6″ L x 11.8″ H x 4.3″ W, this bag will help you men out there win your way into the fashion world and the ladies hearts. Buy it via eLuxury for $1470.


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