Most men, no matter their sexual orientation, personal style or level of comfort with their masculinity, don’t really want to look like they’re carrying a purse. Even if the bag is intended for women and the male owner is fine with that, dudes seem to gravitate more toward unisex shapes like totes and satchels in dark, neutral colors. Men’s accessories lines seem to understand that, which is perhaps why men’s hobo bags< are comparatively rare - they look more purse-y than most customers are comfortable with. I hadn't even considered the dearth of men's hobos until I came across the Belstaff Tye Full-Grain Leather Tote Bag. Notably, the brand doesn’t even refer to it as a hobo bag, and hobos generally have one strap instead of two. It’s meant to be carried on the shoulder, though, and the wide-set handle attachments mean that we all intuitively know what this bag is.

From a single photo, it’s hard to understand just how big this bag is. It’s enormous, which probably helps it feel less like a purse to prospective male customers who have an issue with that sort of thing. The size makes the design a little awkward, though, but I would very much like to get my hands on some of that gorgeous leather. Buy through Mr. Porter for $2,295.


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