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  • Charlie

    Couple of good ones in there but to be honest, as a company who is well known for it’s handbags and luggage I expect much more from them. Lukewarm for me

  • Barenia

    Thanks for this article.
    always nice to see the bags all at once !
    a lots of LV articles recently though… don’t know what to think about that yet…

    • To be perfectly honest: summer is kind of a slow news period for fashion, and Louis Vuitton creates such an enormous amount of bags every season that there’s always something new from them to write about, even when other brands are in something of a dead period. That, and they’re one of the few menswear brands that features a lot of bags during its shows!

      • Barenia

        The number of new shapes and new colors par season at LV is crazy !! You’re totally right ! I wonder sometimes how client advisors absorb so much information !

      • Even trying to keep up with it enough to write about it occasionally is confusing; I can’t imagine how the employees do it!

  • Tristan Fowler

    I honestly believe as time goes on that Kim Jones is doing a consistently better job at creating pieces that are both beautiful and functional. As opposed to MJ/NG who seem to only know better and throw functionality to the wind.

    • I’ve become a big Kim Jones fan over the past few seasons, too.

  • FashionableLena

    Love the backpacks. Some of the bags look a little feminine. Asked my husband and 17 y/o son to take a look, and neither one really cared for any of them.

    • M Green

      Don’t worry, us gay dudes are gonna buy it all!

  • dnfl

    that bucket bag is soooo great

  • AnnaOPreston

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  • Not a fan of the backpacks actually. They’re just literally garbage bags with a drawstring on the top. I think a more unique shape or interpretation would’ve been nicer.

  • MaryCSmith

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  • Veit Bui

    I’m so obsessed with that Noe bucket bag! SO getting this.

  • Alex575

    The bucket bag looks cool but the grip position looks a little awkward; it looks like stuff might fall out. The backpacks aren’t cute at all. They’re too big to be used in a city environment unless you’re a bike messenger. i like the smaller bags too but it’s hard to tell what they actually look like since they resemble dopp kitts.