For the highest tier of luxury brands, there’s nowhere to go but up. The world’s super rich just keep getting richer, and because the Internet has opened up access to the world’s finest clothing and accessories to a wider range of consumers, the stakes of one-upmanship among the yacht set are forever rising. That leads to incredible (and incredibly expensive) stunners like the ombre alligator Fendi 2Jours that we discovered recently, and now it’s brought us the Tom Ford Natalia Alligator Doctor Bag, which rings up at a staggering $24,930.

Tom Ford’s brand is easily among the select group that can expect its customers to have the budget for bags that are well into the five figures. (I once came across a $10,000 slime-green fur coat at a Tom Ford outlet, and it was the only one left because all of the other colors had sold out upon arrival). This bag’s material is stunning, of course – you can’t go wrong with fine alligator in glossy black – but I’m not sure that the design is up to snuff when you consider the price tag.

Ford’s oversized turnlock is one of his accessory signatures, so it’s unsurprising that it figures prominently on this bag, but I can’t get past the feeling that the bag would be improved by removing it. Because turnlocks are used almost exclusively as closures for flap bags, its appearance at the top of a frame satchel feels forced and counter-intuitive. When you look at the bag from behind, below, the unobstructed alligator skin against the bag’s classic structure makes for a subtler, much more expensive look.

Not that Tom Ford has ever been known for his subtlety, of course. You can pick up on of these bags for $24,930 via Bergdorf Goodman.

Tom Ford Natalia Alligator Doctor Bag Rear

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  • Nívia

    Leave it right away!

    Poor alligator, its skin just to make this ridiculous bag!

    • RaePooletik321

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  • noufa m

    For an aligator bag I would prefer it without the zipper in the middle of the bag , it ruined the bag for me ! it looks cheap. The large turn lock is just enough .

  • Rosa Lily

    This bag is hideous. Truly a waste of alligator skin.

  • VividTexas

    Leave it. The bag looks cheap, like something from Forever 21 or H & M….. an unfortunate waste of alligator….

  • Yazi

    Ugly and not worth even $100.

  • The bag looks so much better from the back… I’m sure some rich girls will like it because it’s 1. Tom Ford 2. expensive 3. alligator which is expensive.

  • Sarah

    Ugh so expensive and ugly!

  • S

    In a way this bag looks dated to me…leave it.

  • AshleyG

    From the back it’s very beautiful, Nancy Gonzalez-ish. From the front, it looks cheap and tacky :-( Removing the ridiculously unnecessary gold zipper would go a LONG way.

  • Amanda

    I see a very obvious face. Anyone else see a face?

    • ElainePG

      From the front, I see a face. From the back, I see a tush… and a rather large tush, at that!

  • LOLA

    I love TOM FORD but seriously, this bag don’t fit with the entire collection. TOM FORD have some gorgeous bags: The Natalia, the Natalia Soft, the Alix, the Petra and the infamous JENNIFER.
    This bag is maybe too baroque and dated.

  • Rashida

    I kind of like it… not the price though!

  • I like everything about it except that zipper…seems like a strange addition. The turnlock is a signature and I think fits well.


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