Love It or Leave It

Love It or Leave It: Exotic Accents

I didn't realize this style could be so divisive....

Exotic handbags are the ultimate way to make a handbag statement. Whether you are carrying a genuine exotic or a leather embossed exotic, your handbag is sure to stand out when donning this style. I will be the first to admit that I have admired exotic bags from afar but have yet to take the plunge and purchase one of my own. I’ve had my eye on a croc-embossed bag for years, and my search continues on.

As one does, I recently was browsing for a new handbag and came across a beautiful Sac de Jour from Saint Laurent. I love their exotic embossed leathers and was on the hunt for one when I came across a beautiful dusty pink calfskin leather bag with python-embossed handles and crossbody strap. I must admit I had considered exotic bags an all-or-nothing deal. The idea of exotic accents adorning a handbag had not crossed my mind before (short-sighted, I know!).

I became enamored with this particular Saint Laurent bag and its exotic accents. As my obsession grew, I sent the bag to my mom only to be met with an “eh, it’s a little busy” text. I know fashion is subjective, but I was genuinely shocked my mom didn’t love the bag as much as I did, especially since we have very similar handbag tastes. Upon further conversation, my mom deemed the accents distracting from the dusty pink hue of the bag and said it would have been better had it been all python-embossed or all dusty pink calfskin.

We had to agree to disagree, as I still love the accent look. So that leads me to the question, do you love an exotic accent, or would you rather leave it?


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