Celine Embroidered Leather Bag

Again with my being tardy, I am sorry. A brunch date turned into a brunch/talk/shopping date with one of my friends. But she was asking me about buying a white handbag with a little extra flair. I told her I’d look for something, and then wham, I saw this bag from Celine. The Celine Embroidered Leather Bag is designed with nude soft leather and tonal stitched chain link embroidery and silver hardware. The embroidery is easy to be seen, but not overpowering. Then again, because it is not predominant, will it lose its wow factor? There are double straps, a top zip fastening, and brown chain link lining to compliment the outer embroidery. Available via NAP for $1500.

Fab or drab?

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  • z

    this bag is amazing! i loveee it. i think that because the stitching isn’t too overpowering that’s what makes it a great bag. if it was VERY visibly seen i think it would be tacky.

  • Joan Brakeley

    Drab Not alot of anything:

  • lovelyloey

    I can’t make out what design it’s supposed to be. Some robot parts? If it had a stronger theme it’d make a fantabulous bag.

  • luce

    i don’t love it…

  • amyxandra

    I am not impressed with this bag. I can’t tell what the embroidery design is supposed to be – stirrups and a horse bridle? Perhaps in person, the bag would be impressive but the picture I am seeing on my monitor makes me wonder how they can charge $1500 for it. Not much style to it!

  • Dawn

    Blah, blah, blah.

  • Katie Hart


  • Nvie

    This model is Bittersweet. As the name, you either love it or dislike it. The embroidery is the Blazon, Celine’s logo, motif of chain surrounding the famous ‘Arc de Triomphe’, Paris.

  • aze

    First time I saw in the magazine (the brown to camel one) I like it BUT when I went to the store to see that bag it is really tacky…. seems so plastic and cheap.

  • Ellie

    your all being mean that is a lovely bag with a nice design i like it !!