Louis Vuitton Monogram Printed Dodge RAM 1500

Hermes does Bugatti, Smart cars, Citroen 2CV. I have a real soft spot for these types of collaborations, it is the best of two worlds gracefully fused into one. Very exclusive, very expensive, very delicate, and very awesome.

The owner of this pickup truck took matters into his own hands and created his own fashionable rendition of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Dodge RAM 1500. Featuring a HEMI engine, three alloys, extended cab, an all-around black-on-white Monogram print, as well as two black monogramed racing stripes down the length of the truck, this truck is guaranteed to turn the heads of the local South Floridians. It sure turned our heads on the way down to Key West last week.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Printed Dodge RAM 1500

Louis Vuitton Monogram Printed Dodge RAM 1500

Louis Vuitton Monogram Printed Dodge RAM 1500

Verdict: Craptastic. I’d give it a 9/10 for effort, but poor marks on originality and execution. Though the owner’s no Britney Spears, I’d be prepared for a possible lawsuit.

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  • Lindi

    Dear lord that’s gaudy. I hope he/she does get sued.

  • SisiEko


  • KathyB

    Oh, my Dear Sweet Lord…..that is beyond putrid.

  • chrissie

    the missing rim adds a nice classy touch……..lol

  • sweetneet

    EEK. i do not like that AT ALL. first off, the monogram looks way off…like it does on a lot of fake bags. second…on a Dodge Ram? and the missing hubcap.. third…black on white does not look good at all with the monogram…the white on black (like on the strips in the back) look way better….. anyway,.yeah “craptastic” is a great way to put it.

    btw great photos vlad.

  • We literally pulled a huge U turn to shoot this truck. I spotted it out of the corner of my eye, we turned around… I was afraid the owner was going to be pissed for us taking pics, so we hurried with it!

  • HuntJumpSC

    OMG~ my eyes are bleeding!!!

  • Sean

    I was in Key West last week. Sadly I did not see this

  • Shannon

    lolololol soooo funny, i hope the owner doesn’t think this looks good

  • me

    I. May. Vomit. This is the ugliest car I have ever seen- the Chanel bike looks normal next to this thing.

  • Otter

    Hahahahahahaha. I love it!!!! Great commentary on when cultures collide. Give me more. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nee

    OMG! this is awful, wheres the LV hotline so we can report this monstrosity!!

  • Olga

    With whatever this person invested in this paint job.. art.. if you wanna call it that, I would’ve invested in some dignity.. for their sake.

  • Kojiko


  • Ana

    Have they been sued yet?

  • marsha

    This could not get any tackier!!!!!!! Hideous!!!

  • Mizz Tiffany

    I bet whoever is driving this truck has a bed load of knockoffs in the back.

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  • Kayla


  • nell


    I love LV, and I love Dodge RAM, but this wasn’t very nice:S

  • www.lv-new.com

    I have no money to buy really louis luvitton….

  • jess

    It’s like a zebra, I don’t feel any Louis Vuitton style

  • Olivia

    Oh no.
    Why did they choose an American car..

  • megan

    now that is what i like to see….. hmmmmmm

  • Dutch

    C’mon the owner is a close friend of mine and these pics are of it only half done and not very well taken. In person it is strikingly beautiful and f.y.i he checked it’s legal so one word for the nay sayers; jealous.

  • Louis Lover

    if it is meant to be tongue in cheek — it is kinda funny…. in a back woods kind of way…..especially if it got muddied up! The missing rim and lame ass rubber only adds to its hideousness…..

    Love to see the Urban version of this….. bet the owner would be peeling off that cheesy ass vynil in a minute if he / she saw what you could do with some imagination

    as an avid louis consumer, this truck looks beyond trashy. as a designer it is just WRONG

    I have seen many a “homage” to designer products – some very witty like the LV Footballer jacket worn by 6-4 280 man, or 1962 Cadillac Louis Vuitton’ Custom Convertible


    Can you imagine if the person thinks this is cool?


    Even Steven Meisel could not make this look cool

  • gino

    funny…frankly its more tasteful than some of the bags produced by lv.i only carry a couple of the classic simple designs..each to their own!