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The Louis Vuitton Cité Bag is Back

Another day, another revival...

It’s no secret that fashion is overly obsessed with the past. Archival revivals are almost an expected part of any designer’s collection. Now, when a new season launches, handbag lovers not only anxiously yearn to see a brand’s new designs, but they also wait on bated breath to see which bags of the past will come back around again. While Alessandro Michele and the team Gucci were winning the archival revival game at one point, Nicolas Ghesquière is coming for his spot on the podium over the last year.

Fall’s Latest

While in the past, Ghesquière has borrowed elements from certain bags, like with the design of the Loop and the Diane bag, the Cite is directly inspired by a bag from the archives.

Originally shown on the runway for Fall 2022, it is one of the House’s first true revivals, bearing the same as the original bag that it was inspired by. We’ve got the scoop on the latest blast from the past below, which just launched on LouisVuitton.com and is sure to be a big hit.

Louis Vuitton Cite Bag Fall 2022
The New Cité on the Fall 2022 Runway

The Cité, Refreshed

Rectangular in shape, this silhouette is crafted from Monogram canvas and directly resembles one of the originals from the Cité family of bags — the Cité MM. Don’t call it a makeover; call it a refreshed revival, as there are some minor small changes. First, there is an addition of two vertical leather strips, which extend from the shoulder straps and further enhance the bag’s shape, and there is also an oversized zipper, which adds a bit of youthful flair.

Two long top handles make the bag ideal for shoulder wear, and with ample interior space, this bag is perfect for every day. A soft shape with a timeless appeal, the Cité feels modern yet classic, playful yet sophisticated at the same time, and it is a bag that will resonate with many Louis Vuitton fans, both new and old. Currently available in one size, the Cité stuns in Monogram Canvas, which is available for $2,370 via louisvuitton.com, though floral versions from the runway will also be available for the coming season.


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  1. Zoe Avatar

    ugly… and no modern feeling at all. at least for me.

    1. mrshoneybunny8 Avatar

      Yup, it looks dated.

  2. FashionableLena Avatar
  3. Rose Avatar

    I had the original and now I want this new version!!

    1. Cher Avatar

      Do let us know how you like it!

  4. Nechama Avatar

    It looks dated… and that is exactly the point of revivals lol. The question is, is it dated enough to turn around and look good again? I think it is. I think it’s so dated it’s fresh.

  5. Aww Hail Naw Avatar
    Aww Hail Naw

    TWO THOUSAND? Lord, these prices are getting outta hand!

    1. Sandra Avatar

      If it was reasonably priced, then it wouldn’t be a luxury item.

      1. Jadorelamode Avatar

        Absolutely! They make sure there are barriers to entry…

    2. Yoshi Avatar

      Wait! Remember LV( among with Chanel, GUCCI, Hermes, Dior, Fendi and etc )isn’t for everyone I am afraid.
      Only for people who has disposable money or bad taste. Lol

    3. mrshoneybunny8 Avatar

      Shocking indeed!

  6. PeggySue Avatar

    The simplicity and design of the bag is what appeals to me.

  7. Cher Avatar

    I think classics like the Deauville, Trouville, Pont Neuf can use a facelift, but there’s no point if the brand just increases the price without innovation. Loyal LV customers remember what year their favorite pieces came out, new revivals with prices like this feel wrong…

  8. Janie Avatar

    Nothing special, I prefer the Gucci ophedia collection

  9. mrshoneybunny8 Avatar

    Great design, but it’s a bit bulky for a shoulder bag in my opnion.