Poco Louis Vuitton

DesignerHandbags wanted us to share an adorable photo of her adorable Poco. Poco is sporting a Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier and looks so cute in it. Unfortunately Poco passed away in 2004- he will be missed, but this picture will live on of the cutie :-)

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  • mel

    this purse is cute and that dog is perfect sized to fit in that is adorable and will probably catch the eye of small dog owners this was a good seller choice 9

  • Amanda

    It is so cute.!

  • Karly

    OMG… that is my dream dogg!.. and the cute purse!.. 10+++!.. lol..[[UPGRADE]]

  • edith ang


  • edith ang


  • BagLog.com

    very cute

  • Veronika

    Yea Doggie! And, my girlfriend has the same carrier for her Chahuahua; she can sneak him in on the airplane… it’s a very cool thing to have…her doggie loves it too! Soooo Hollywood.


    Too bag that bag in the picture is a fake Louis Vuitton. You do know that Louis Vuitton NEVER hangs tags from their bags!!!

  • sweetgirl

    who cares if it is a fake….it’s still the best style to carry your dog in….roomy….and the doggie can be hidden w/ the flap down….. my chi chi loves it! At an airport the lady that flew at a flight before me had the REAL bag…hers was not any different but only had ONE opening for her doggie to look out…mine has two which is much better for the doggie and for ventilation…she said she was going to go to her cobbler/leather expert and have them install another window in here for her poochie :) I LUV LV!!!

    • Sky Vargas

      hey there, you said that your louis vuitton dog carrier has 2 openings for your dog, where did you get that bag? cuz ive only seen it with one vent and a zipper opening at the top. let me know id like to purchase the one you got.

  • Paris whitney hilton

    :lol: thats so hot i have about four of them and they look just like this one. i think that it is just so cute and very nice

  • Jellibeans

    I have to add this in my wishlist . I have 6 shih tzu for this hahahahaha!

  • cece

    This pic is so cute i love that dag and the purse i wish i can hve them both

  • thanie

    hella cute love it !! :lol:

  • laura

    it is lovely. it very u dog. is the bag fake but it is cut with the dog it is lol

  • Naggy

    This is adorable. (ipad)