Finally a new Louis Vuitton line that men can get really excited about. I know I am. Vuitton debuts the Damier Graphite line of accessories in the attempt to revive, redo and revisit the traditional, checkered Damier design. Discreet, yet wonderfully masculine, the new canvas spans across classics, such as the Keepall 55, the Grimaud or the Cabas. Adding to the fine range of travel bags, LV reveals the new Roadster, a 24h-sport bag with a wide zippered flap for easy access. Even a Damier Graphite Motorcycle Helmet is available for enthusiasts who insist on sporting the ultimate in chic whilst cruising cross Roma on their Vespas.

The new line is available in Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide starting this weekend, soon to be available through eLuxury as well.

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Messenger

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Roadster

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall 55

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Grimaud

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Casque

Photos property of Louis Vuitton.

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  • Love this for you Vlad!!! It is really sleek and refined, not feminine at all.

    • kq

      aw Meg, that’s so cute that you commented!!

    • Anne

      Noo. Don’t say that. I’m a girl and I’m in love :oops: What’s holding me back is that little voice in my head going “honey, too butch.”

      Maybe they’ll come out with a nice little pouch I can put in my purse and keep my DS in. I could just take it out and pet it.

  • Love it. Chic and manly.

  • Yolanda

    Love this! I wonder how much that Messenger Bag will go for. My man would flip for that!

  • william

    I love this! I’ve always wanted a damier wallet but hesitated because I’m not crazy about the brown. Hopefully they expand the Damier Graphite line to small leather goods, if they haven’t already.

    • They did, I can do an extended coverage on the small leather goods tomorrow.

  • william

    OOh, nice!

  • sndc99

    I so hope this is made into a women’s line….please or I will be forced to buy it anyway

  • Wow! These bags will go perfectly with LV’s sneakers in Damier canvas. Low-profile but truly with every sign of success.

    I stumble upon this line on LV’s page about Damier Graphite line:

    “Named pays homage to Chinese-born American architect Ieoh Ming Pei. In 1983, he won the Pritzker Architecture Prize, considered the highest distinction in the field of architecture”

    Really nice. I don’t know why but it makes me remember the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing and the terrific count-down performance.

  • MaRia

    I love it…what a nice variation to the damier canvas colour for the other sex…colour’s like back to the olden times when there was no coloured tv…

  • raspberry

    Perfect present for any guy. I saw the fashion show on the LV website and they have the damier graphite bags with white handles. Those are so fierce.

    • jim

      its a great range, i bought my boyfriend the damier graphite wallet (the one with coin pocket) on saturday, got it hot stamped also. he loved it.

  • Audrey

    just bought my bf a black wallet in taiga leather but i like this one so much better!! should have waited…

    • Ben

      you can still exchange a louis vuitton product within a month but the taiga leather i personally think is more durable but damier graphite is just gorgeous

  • becky

    ever same

  • Dark Angel

    I’m in love with the graphite already. Hoping they will make it into women’s line.

  • Alvira Khan

    I like this collection. It is nice to see a black and grey combo vs. the brown, especially for those that are not big fans of brown.

    Alvira Khan
    Florida Atlantic University
    FAU Alumni

  • Hi,,. I really want to buy Damier graphite for my Laptop. Can somebody help me to get one of them??? It doesn’t matter if it’s an copycat.. I WANT IT!!

    Thanks so much!!

  • B.Fab

    I’m so in love with the damier graphite… Every woman needs a black bag let alone a black L.V. Damier bag. I have the azur which unfortunatly I didn’t take care of becuase its just way to light. I hope they come out w/ the womens line or else I’ll be forced to buy one of the mens. :-\

  • elisa


  • Nicole Bagley

    Ok tell me they are coming out with a speedy in the damier graphite?

  • Xavier

    I hope they leave this line just for men. We need something of our own.

  • citra

    i love the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall 55
    how much is it?

  • gray

    this is a must-have!!!

  • Brian chan

    i like it very much.just go to shop see the real bag.
    really like it,but expensive for me.

  • blkladylaw

    would love to see this in a ladies styles….never been into the brown canvas look of Louis Vuitton but I could become a fan of graphite daimer with a bright interior lining…would be too cute

  • Jessica

    I was just thinking about that too!! I am such a fan of this Damier Graphite, I want a Speedy 30 in this colour so bad :(

  • Reggie

    I WANT the helmet so much! I called LV and it’s only available in Europe due to regulations of how it was made that was not accepted to US standards.

    Anyone know how I could get one? And the price?


  • Viv

    i just wanted to post on here about my experience at the Louis Vuitton Saks Fifth Avenue in troy, michigan. i want to say that the customer service is exceptional and amazing. one person in particular helps me when i shop there…martin is his name. he is very knowledgeable and always knows the answer to every question i throw his way. i live in michigan but travel a lot for my job, i can give martin a call and he’ll send me anything i need asap. so even if you don’t live in mich, you can still order from LV saks troy…i can’t stress enough how amazing the service is…please work with martin if any of you ever go to LV saks 5th ave. in troy, michigan. you’ll be absolutely delighted. thanks!

  • LVLover

    I just found a seller on Ebay selling two of these bags, but I could never afford it!

  • too_cute

    i want the keepall and i’m female!

  • Stephen

    I have the motorcycle boots there hot



  • imee

    wow!!! i cant wait to get it into my hands….I LOVE IT!

  • Authentic Jeans

    I love the Eva, but I feel like I can’t wear it as a should purse. It just looks off on me, I guess. Looks much better as a clutch!

  • LV LVoer

    I’m a female but I LVoe the damier graphite line. I am fully aware that it’s a masculine line….but I really wanted a keepall…so I bought the damier graphite keepall 55, got my initials hot stamped and all!! I am aware the damier graphite is a men’s line, but I really don’t care! I love the colors. My favorite color is black!

    I figured, if men can use the damier/monogram keepall, why can’t women use at least some of the damier graphite! I really LVoe this bag. I travel w/both my speedy 30 and my keepall! so much room and great quality!

    Females…….buy what makes u happy!!

  • GimmeBags!

    I emailed LV TWICE to see if I could get a custom made Speedy 35 in Graphite and have never even received a reply! I thought the Graphite would make a gorgeous Speedy with a turquoise lining, silver fittings and a matching luggage tag with my initials hot stamped in silver. Would have at least appreciated a response from LV.

  • BobbyLight

    Where can you get the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Casque and for how much please ? Anyone?

  • antywong

    Louis Vuitton Rivington will make a great difference.

  • i would like to buy Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall 55 for my everyday use 

  • Donna Parker

    Have a LV for sale 4 (April ) 00 Date stamped rolling carryon luggage Asking 1800

  • Donna Parker

    LOUIS VUITTON PEGASE 60 DAMIER ROLLING LUGGAGE N23255 + NEW LV GARMENT BAG NWT and more – are these items worth another look?