Earlier this summer, I shared that I’m a big fan of Mon Monogrammed bags. I purchased my Mon Monogrammed Speedy 30 from my local Louis Vuitton boutique two and a half years ago, and from the moment I brought the bag home with me, I was worried about how well the painted screen-printed monogram would hold up with normal wear and tear. Speedies don’t have protective feet on the bottom, so I have been particularly worried about the print on the bottom of my bag. I have a personal rule against putting my bag on the floor, but it’s still subject to wear and tear, no matter how hard I try to baby it. After two and a half years of frequent use, I am happy to report that my bag looks almost as new today as it did the day I brought it home. The vachetta has darkened to a nice honey color, but otherwise, there is virtually no sign of use on my Speedy (phew!). I have gotten caught in a few unexpected rain drizzles, which resulted in a few unavoidable water spots on the vachetta, but that just comes with the LV ownership territory. It bothered me at first, but I have learned to get over it and just let it happen! It’s not super obvious to people not looking for it, and it’s just a bag, after all. At least that’s what I tell myself to sleep soundly at night.

My Mon Mono Speedy has two vertical stripes running down the front center of the bag (I chose Fuchsia and Vert Clair for the colors), with my initials “LP” featured on the front center of the bag. The interior of lining is a beautiful turquoise color that is a perfect match to the Vert Clair stripe, and the bright interior has to be my favorite feature of my Speedy 30. The stripes are cute and have held up nicely, but that interior really pops. The lighter interior makes it easier to find my belongings inside of the bag, which sounds like a small thing, but trust me, it makes a huge impact on the functionality of the bag, particularly since the Speedy can become a bottomless pit at times. I was wary of the printed stripes showing wear with chips or color fading, but I’m happy to report it looks the same today as the day I brought it home.

Storage has been the key to keeping my Mon Monogram Speedy in mint condition. If you have ever purchased a Speedy before, you know that it’s standard for the bag to be folded flat when you buy it from an LV boutique. While this is fine for your average Speedy bag, the Mon Monogram version will come stuffed with plastic stuffing, keeping it in its naturally intended shape. My sales associate explained that you should always keep a Mon Monogrammed piece stuffed, as the print can get warped and chipped if it gets folded flat. I still use the puffy plastic from the boutique to stuff my bag, and when this bag isn’t on my arm, it lives stored safely in its dust bag. I baby this bag more than the rest of the bags in my collection, but my Mon Mono Speedy sure is worth it!

If you want to learn more about the Mon Monogram process, check it out here.

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