A couple months ago, we brought you news of Louis Vuitton’s most expensive women’s bag ever, but the brand has already eclipsed itself handily. An ombre crocodile version of the popular Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag will now set you back a cool $60,500, easily beating the $55,500 City Steamer.

Although third-party retailers tend to cap their own stock under $40,000, brands that have a clientele willing to spend more often stock special pieces that exceed that range in their own stores. $60,500 is the highest public listing I’ve ever seen from a brand online–Céline and Chanel, for example, prompt shoppers to inquire privately in order to learn the prices of their most expensive items. That’s not the case for Vuitton, which brings us to today’s question.

If you were in a position to be buying $60,000 handbags, would you? At that level of wealth, you’d have plenty of money to make whatever charitable contributions you want, support any causes you like, have a number of beautiful homes, travel frequently–the expenditure wouldn’t put a dent in what you can spend in other areas of your life. It’s more a question of interest and personal limits: would you enjoy having a bag like this enough to justify in your own mind the price difference versus the regular leather version?

You can get more info on the bag (which is hand-dyed to achieve a unique range of color on every piece) via Louis Vuitton.

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  • Bubbled

    No. I’m probably in the minority on this site in that I don’t like exotic leathers at all. I don’t like the way they look.

    • Lily

      I do not like exotics, either. So, my answer is a big…. NO.

      • Sara

        Me too. Hate exotics. They always look cheap.

      • Bubbled

        I thought I was the only one here! Yay!

      • Lisa

        I’m not sure I’d agree with “always” but for some reason this one looks particularly cheap. Almost looks like stamped leather.

      • Lily

        Honestly, exotics just look gaudy to me.

    • JYK98

      Agreed for different reasons. I don’t buy crocodiles, ostriches et al., because I feel bad for them (being killed just for their skin). I don’t buy any snakeskin, because I feel like it’ll crawl out of my closet at night.

    • Jerri R

      I HATE exotics!!!

  • Smithy

    I love exotic leathers – especially Python in black, but I would never spend $60k on a bag. I would hope that actually having enough money to do so wouldn’t tempt me. Way too over the top and out of touch with the rest of the world for me.

  • The Ombre Capucines bag from LV costs at most $7,500 to make and import. The mark up is immense and not really justifiable on economic grounds. However, the exotics market continues to expand and pieces like this are used to provide a “halo” effect for the brand. If you are interested in acquiring a piece like this make sure that the material used is either Porosus crocodile or Louisiana alligator and ask an expert to assess the quality of the skin, cut and construction. Not all bags like this are created equal-even from such august brands as Louis Vuitton.

  • Yoshi1296

    YES!! If it does not affect my financial situation in any way then 100% yes. There is no reason for people to judge and get so worked up on the way other’s spend on material goods, If you like it and can afford it, buy it. If you cannot afford it, then don’t. That’s it.

  • James Firestein

    Totally! People of that wealth caliber spend much more on art, furniture, and other “luxury” goods, and I am under the philosophy that fashion is art. So I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the idea of spending $60,000+ on a handbag. It may be out of touch, but I would be rich, so I wouldn’t have to care.

  • Sparky

    That’s a different universe. I suppose I would because at that level $60,000 would be the equivalent of $1000 to me now. My most expensive bag is $2800. People don’t understand how I can spend almost $3000 on a bag.

    Oh… and it would be a Dior croc because they are the only brand who do croc well. I think the croc above is bang ugly.

    • Passerine

      I think Loro Piana also does croc well. I’m not crazy about exotics, but I like their Bellevue bag in “icing” croc and their Lune bag in a rich ruby croc. And the Singapore brand Kwanpen offers well made croc bags and other leather items in colors that really pop at a much more reasonable cost.

      • Sparky

        I just checked out Kwanpen’s site. The Pentagon clutch is really nice. I’ll check them out next time in Sing. Thanks!!

  • Lisa

    Even if I could afford it, I don’t like the bag enough to covet it at any price. But if you’ve got the money — and hopefully you are also giving to charity at a significant level — then why not?

  • Jennifer McGee

    No! I would spend $60,000 on diamonds though.

    • Yoshi1296

      Oh boy $60,000 in diamonds sounds amazing lol!! Too bad I can’t wear diamonds but they sure are stunning!

      • Sparky

        For $60k in diamonds you can get one pair of 2ct each (4ct tw) solitaire earrings. One diamond can easily cost $30,000 depending. (Of course you can get a lot of other stuff instead of solitaires)

  • Passerine

    No, never. The maximum I would spend on a bag would be somewhere around $7000 and that’s only for something special from Chanel or Dior or possibly a customized Fendi Peekaboo (medium). Fortunately, I have no real interest in the Hermes Birkin or Kelly and I’m not a huge fan of exotics. As for LV, the most I’d spend on one of their bags would be in the $3000-$4000 range. I am planning to buy a GM Montaigne in Empreinte from them this spring and that’s about $3K.

    • Pamela

      like that bag! good choice

  • Karina

    Still no. My vanity does not merit the death of an alligator even if I have millions to spare.

    • Chelsea Girl

      I agree!

      • fudgeicecream


    • Jerri R


  • laura

    Yes, of course.

  • If I could buy such an expensive bag and still live a wonderful lifestyle, then of course I would do it! Why not? But it would have to be a GORGEOUS bag… not some hideous POS like the LV Tribute Patchwork (look it up)… I believe that monstrosity was $45K

    • Fashionky

      Omg I just looked it up…. I wish I could un-see what I just saw!

  • No. I don’t think I could even if money wasn’t an issue like that and dropping 60,000 wouldn’t be a problem. But who knows.

  • FashionableLena

    As much as I love the color and dye job, the answer would be no. While I find LV to be high-end designer, I don’t consider them to be luxury. For that money, I would want something custom made/bespoke. Not something that you can get in store or online.

  • Absolutely! It would have to be Dior though…

  • lavinia

    I would if it could be a good investment. But carrying the bag on the street could be a big problem, it wouldn’t make me feel safe at all.

  • Sandy

    No, I do not think I would. I actually prefer the more understated non-exotic versions.

  • Sweet baby

    Have you seen the costs for a matte croc Birkin? For a 35 cm poro, it will set you back at least $65k.

  • Breakfast Tiffany’s

    Croc or gator leather. No thanks. A dime a dozen in the state of Florida. In my opinion I would spend $60k for a bag but just not a croc bag. I have seen my friends who wear $80k to $150k watches, jewelry, etc. BT

  • Suzanne R Brown

    Why not if one can afford it. But I wouldn’t spend it for this bag which I dint particularly like. I’d be more likely to buy a black porsorus croc Kelly as it’s a timeless classic that if cared for properly would still look good decades later.

  • lulilu

    Not this bag, but on another, yes. But it’s hard to imagine money not being a consideration.

  • Vigee

    If it was for an Hermes B/K exotic, then yes is my answer. Any other brand, no way.

  • Monime

    Absolutely Not, I can have my own custom made croc bag for a fraction of the price. Just visit Indonesia or Vietnam to name a few, you can get the bag and a wonderful vacation and still not spend anywhere close to that amount.

  • Jay

    I would never spend that much on a purse, when hard working Americans have to work hard for a year for that – and some struggle on that

  • Raquel FG

    By no means.

  • Jerri R

    I would rather buy a beautiful rainbow sapphire bracelet with this money. A bag that screams wealth is just too out there for me.

  • Ruby

    No. In no way, shape, or form is it worth it and I can afford it.

  • Vicky

    I couldn’t get myself to go over $4,000.- for a bag, so I know I wouldn’t want to get this bag.
    Plus, I don’t really like exotics.

  • Maya

    the answer is…nope! I do like exotic skins but 60k for a bag…it is a bag at the end of the day…as much as I love bags!