As enormously popular as Louis Vuitton is with women (In case you doubted that popularity, LVMH posted double-digit revenue increases in the most recent quarter.), the brand doesn’t have a reputation for being incredibly feminine. The color most commonly associated with the brand is the chocolate brown of the famous Vuitton monogram and damier fabrics, and most of its epi and vernis leather bags tend to be made in either brights or neutrals. The designs are classic and widely adored by women, but most of them don’t have any characteristics that make them particularly girlish, like Valentino’s flowers or Gucci’s flora prints.

Enter the Louis Vuitton Monogram Transparence, which debuted on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 runway and is about as traditionally feminine as it gets. The three bags – the Lockit Clutch, classic Lockit and Lockit East-West – are fabricated out of pale nylon voile embroidered with the traditional Vuitton monogram logo and trimmed with tonal white leather. Be careful what you put inside, because whatever it is should be pretty enough to do its gauzy Vuitton container justice. Check out the bags and prices after the jump.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Transparence Lockit Clutch, $1880

Louis Vuitton Monogram Transparence Lockit East-West, $3600

Louis Vuitton Transparence Lockit, $3450

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  • Nyorkeratheart

    These are definitely the most danty purses I’ve ever seen! I do love them, the white leather the material. Just feels pretty and so Summer!

  • mlle p

    How many of us only put pretty, perfect things in our purses that we want everyone else to see?  It’s nice empty but I’ve never seen a clear purse that looked good with stuff inside.

  • Or

    Ridiculous prices for plastic with a bit of leather! Seriouly, unless your name is Petra or Tamara, would you buy it?

  • suz

    Ridiculous, impractical and tacky…..not even at Walmart prices…..

  • ElleOnWheelz

    Dainty maybe…cheap looking definitely. It reminds me of the transparent pouches cashiers used to have to keep their personal belongings in when they were on the floor. 

  • XXL

    looks like they used unwanted nude stockings to make this.. i first thought the monograms were lasercut leather & maybe that was why its so expensive.. but on a closer look, i guess not.

  • bir

    i love it, only wished Vuitton could have given these bags a silk lining perhaps all in white i find that to not interrupt the beauty of these bags i would end up purchasing a small white silk or cotton drawstring bag or pouch because if i don’t the bags look. would be compromised other than that its beautiful. but ….  to me not as feminine or perfect as the pastel color thedas in silk from 2004 !!!

    • Shayna

      I like your idea…. Thats a great suggestion!!!

  • Tiffany

    It’s cute! But a bit pricey! For a clear bag!

  • KathyB

    A transparent bag for that kind of money? Not me. As much as I love LV and own many bags and accessories, I don’t like this style much at all. I’m not crazy about the idea of people being able to see what I carry in my bag.

  • chucciu

    … every LV lover must have cosmetic pouches, toiletteries, LV sunglasses cases, etc.
    that way everything will look clean and organize inside. The bag is beautifully femenine, romantic !

  • Emmy

    Thought this transparent collection bags come with a pouch as I can see it from ad, but obviously it is only for promotion purpose…….thought it should come with a matching pouch, otherwise am not willing to pay such crazy price. Also due to the nature of material, you have to very careful about things you want to keep inside of bag in order to avoid damage!!

  • 19yearslater

    They’re pretty. Useable? No, but there will be enough very girly women to buy them and for the rest of us they look nice in advertisements.

  • Alena

    astronomical prices for a clear plastic bags! that’s insane!

  • Sil G

     i don’t see the appeal. i dont think they’re pretty or practical.
    and way overpriced!

  • nice one! but thishandbag has no privacy

  • Quetzalia

    Absolutely love the super feminine style. It’s a girly girl’s dream come true. I’m not too crazy about the clutch as it looks like it’s a make up bag. But the East/West is too adorable. This will be my most expensive bag to date.