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Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2022 Bags Draw Inspiration from the Tennis Court


Louis Vuitton is one of those fashion Houses that is unafraid to break the mold. Once a heritage brand that shied away from overly trendy styles, opting for the classics and sticking to the “bread and butter” of the brand, that’s all changed in recent years. The changes began with Nicolas Ghesquière, who pioneered the Vuitton that we know today. We’re looking at the latest capsule collection from Ghesquière today, which includes a new rendition of his debut bag, the Petite Malle, and more!

LV Match Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

Described as an “invitation to both boldness and sophistication,” the capsule comes to life in new images, showcasing an array of bags both colorful and more traditional. Featuring deeper hues like green, burgundy, and blue that reflect the season, some of the House’s cornerstone bags are reinvented to feel modern and fresh while retaining Louis Vuitton’s most legendary House codes.

LV Match Speedy B
LV Match Papillon

The Bags of Pre-Fall 2022

Inspired by the sport of tennis as well as the colors directly associated with tennis courts, this collection contains subtle yet distinct nods to the world of tennis. Sporty silhouettes are at play here (no pun intended) when it comes to the RTW, which also includes a new playful reinterpretation of the historic Damier motif. As for the bags, the Maison’s contemporary staples like the Petite Malle, Speedy Bandouliere, Palm Springs Mini, and the Dauphine are given fun makeovers in bold, seasonal colors with some additions showcasing a stunning velvet Monogram jacquard that is woven from recycled, eco-friendly chenille yarns.

If you’re looking for something new, discover the adorable Ellipse BB handbag, which was inspired by a design from 1997, and is still popular on the resale market. Its distinctive curved shape is accented by white leather piping and a contrasting Monogram Zippy coin purse that pays homage to the colors of a tennis ball. Discover the collection below.

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LV Match Ellipse BB
LV Match Papillon Trunk

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