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  • Jimmy Lin

    Rei , frank and Louboutin are my fave =)

  • PJGambler

    None of them move me enough to take out my wallet.

  • Aliza Zibkoff


  • Averil


    I mean…. . . . . . . . . . . . What?!

  • Siah

    Ugh, I feel like this was such a total let down, this is what they came up with. The backpacks are probably the only things that someone would buy and use vs. something a collector would purchase just to have, I personally would have loved it if Karl did some sort of nod to Chanel, maybe a quilted speedy or something along that.

    • jordan

      you’re 100% right. The bag packs are somewhat sensible to use, but kind of ugly and the trunks are cool for collectors, but nothing is realistic or practical. And something that incorporated a little bit of Chanel into it would have be really cool, even a speedy w/Karl painted on it or like you said something with a little quilting.

      • jordan


  • Jal

    Karl and Rei killed it. Love a Sac Plat.

    • Sandybottom76

      Are you guys Serious ??? How do you not love the Christian louboutin shopping bag?? It’s ridiculous .. Just purchased mine and I can’t even walk ten feet in public without someone coming up to me to ask about it. Pictures don’t do it justice , it is gorgeous!!!! As for the rest of the collection …. Totally cool, they weren’t meant to look like something you can pick up at Macy’s…. Ever hear of “artistic expression” ????? True artists , all of them

  • AC

    I love LV, Louboutin, and Karl. But ugh! All of these are terrible. :(

  • The Louboutin ones were nice (apart from the red back) but as for the others… WTactualF?! Especially the last one ???? And let’s not even talk about the insane prices.

    • fiona

      Just purchased the Louboutin Shopping bag, it is beautiful just like the other Lv pieces, at £2910.00 it is worth every penny, the photograph does not do the item justice.

  • missarewa

    is this a joke?

  • marlene

    if nobody told me these were authentic i would assume they’re a bunch of made up fakes from canal. ugh

    • Aliza Zibkoff

      Agreed. If I didn’t know any better I’d say 1st semester FIT project. Except for the furry backpacks.

  • Dylan

    Need the Cindy trunks, but not a fan of anything else.

  • Brielle

    Utterly ridiculous.

  • abigail

    think i saw some of these on canal street last week…. oh wait…

  • cbl

    bag with holes. enough said.

  • kevinkim

    ….. jesus.

  • Or

    Sorrry but wtttf?

  • Jamie

    can they just bring the Epi speedy bags?

  • JJp


  • barbara

    These designers think Louis Vuitton is a Joke,they are all laughing in their faces

  • Heather

    Why would I punch my Louis? Well, I guess if it’s with LV punching gloves, it’s ok.

  • Ilene

    These are just plain silly.

  • Sofia

    I’m so sick of the LV monogram

  • Patsy

    Talk about eyesore…

  • Picjki

    I love louboutin and lv. Love this bag. Waiting to have mine

  • Cobear

    I suspect KL hates LV and that is why he wants people to punch it! Lol
    The last one with holes? And dust bag peeking out? Sign……..
    Good for my wallet though.

  • B

    These are so ugly!

  • Marian_IRL

    These are just suitable for the LV collectibles museum.

  • Pb

    Who would buy these things? I mean really??? That’s all that they can come up with?

  • Olivia

    I expected so much better from Christian Louboutin! Actually so much better from all the designers … Sigh

  • Casey

    I actually really love the Frank Gehry bag. I feel like most people were expecting something usable and practical but if you’re gonna be collaborating with some of the most creative people in the business, they’re not gonna want to create an item that everybody is going to want, they’re going to create an item that is avant-garde and geared towards a certain clientele, and I think in that sense, I really enjoyed the collection. It’s not to say I think they’re all aesthetically pleasing but I appreciate them for what they are.

  • Gia

    Ok, this collection looks like shit

  • Coney

    sad collection. i thought they will make a good comeback for LV monogram. I personally think they should stick to chic styles rather than contemporary. More of elegant designs please… its too playful.

  • ST

    Hi everyone i called LV, and they told me that if you want one of these pieces you must call asap and put down a DEP of 50%

    most of the items range from 3,000u sd to 6,000 usd … and the punching bag with trunk is around 175,000 … and yes they have already sold some!

  • Bex

    bag with holes.

  • ahhhsoneo

    I like the Gehry one and the colourful trunk, but I wouldnt use them, more as a museum pieces. And that louboutin/LV luggage tag, now that I would happily display on all my luggage!

  • Aly

    I’m sorry but LV prices have gotten WAY out of hand. It’s simply ridiculous.

  • carognm

    Jesus Christ forgive them please.

  • Jackie

    So many haters…I think all the bags r nice in their own aesthetic way. I would totally buy the louboutin one, but that’s my style, and apparently I’m not the only one as my SA told me the waiting list for this bag is crazy and they r on ebay for 10k already!

  • Kiddo

    I love the boxing gloves.

  • Dee

    I’m somewhat surprised of the let down of comments regarding the collections. I’m not impressed w/the backpack. I wouldn’t care too much for what looks like fake fur on a LV backpack! However, I do kick-boxing regularly & purchased the boxing gloves & punching bag handbag. I LOVE them!!! But I’m into the boxing thing, so it strikes my interest.

  • Jenny

    I am just in love with the Fleece backpack.

  • Soto Aivalis

    People What are you talking about? Are you telling me that you won’t carry around Rei’s bag or Frank Gehry’s box bag? These items are exquisite exactly like the designers who created them. If you want something for everyday you can shop from the LV boutiques the rest of the year. All these items were a celebration for the monogram, every anniversary is unique exactly like these diamonds. ^_^