When I first started PurseBlog, I was super into Louis Vuitton. I remember getting my name on the list and securing a few sought after bags, including the Watercolor Speedy (which was only $1,270 when I bought it in 2008!). I didn’t fall out of love with Louis Vuitton, I just moved on a bit. I got hooked on Hermès then went through a major Céline addiction as well. But lately I’ve been drawn back to Louis Vuitton and I’ve been eying the Twist.

As with many other popular bags from the brand, the Louis Vuitton Twist comes in a variety of different options. One of the newest versions of the Louis Vuitton Twist MM caught my eye with the braid work on the bottom corners that is reminiscent of baseball stitching.

Along with the braid work, the bag features lambskin leather, Epi leather, the now iconic LV Twist lock, and a double-strap chain to carry. The dimensions of the MM are 9.1 x 7.1 x 3.1 inches. If you give the bag a closer look, you can see where the grained Epi leather meets the smooth Epi leather which is separated by braiding. The interior is lined in microfiber with leather trim and features an inside compartment and flat pocket for a pull out mirror.

While I do think the next LV bag I’ll purchase will be some version of the Twist, I don’t know that this is the Twist bag for me. What do you think, love it or leave it? Buy via Louis Vuitton for $4,050.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Lina Lee

    Leave it.

  • JAMH

    Leave it.

  • Lily

    Leave it. The stitching reminds me of a baseball….so I guess love it if you are a baseball fan.

    • Kathycmejia1

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  • Lisa

    Leave it.

  • Harry

    All of these commenters must not realize how many bags Megs has???? I say get it! It is a fun play on the traditional twist and it’s not like she will carry it daily!! Maybe to a few baseball games!

    • Ha! I do, but I want a more classic version of the Twist, this one is a little outside of my liking as well. But I’m sure made well!

  • leaving it. outside. in the rain.

    • Mya Wilkes

      Ouch! Lol

  • Febe

    Reminds me of a baseball . . . are you a baseball fan? If yes, get it . . . otherwise . . . leave it.

  • Rada

    It’s very Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leave it. Or maybe for Halloween?

  • Smithy

    It looks cheap to me.

  • Gigi

    Looks like black underwear

    • I just LOL’d

      • Gigi

        Now I want a cute pair of lace up undies!

    • Sara

      Lol. With pleated grey pubic hair!

  • Lori

    I like the colors, just not the stitching. I would leave it for that price.

  • Lori

    Looks exactly like one coach put out in the fall

  • zoopath

    Leave it

  • Sara

    If you like it, you should get it. It’s LV, so you know it is flawless inside & out, regardless of style & design :-)

  • FashionableLena

    I love the Twist but not this version. If the bag was in a solid color with the contrast stitching, it would be really cool. As it is, it looks too busy and cheap.

  • Sparky

    From the image it looks like the twist is covered in leather. Won’t the lambskin become totally scratched after a few twists?

  • Tinsley Proust

    Reminds me of the hockey mask from Friday the 13th. Not my taste.

  • chae

    argh…. enough already….

  • Ruby

    This purse looks derivative of Coach’s Rip and Repair Messenger bag, no?

  • Imgoingbroke

    Torch it

  • Bruno

    I’m not loving all the new designs and specs that LV is putting out. Over kill.

  • Sparkletastic

    Leave it.

    Second option: hit it with a bat since it looks like a hideous baseball gone wrong.

  • On a more minimalist bag, that stitching could look *amazing*

  • ye

    I bought this bag a month ago, I can’t tell you how many complement I got when I wear it. This bag in person is stunning and easy to match all my outfit. Get it!!! or you will regret it.