Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Bags
Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Bags

The artsy accessories are in full bloom. And do you know which line I am loving most? Louis Vuitton! From the Watercolor Speedy to the Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Bags, Louis Vuitton has taken a light and fun approach on their spring bags. I’ve caught the LV bug. The Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Bags are hard not to love. They are monogram, but not overly splattered monogram. In fact, while the logo is large, it is still hard to decipher for many that do not know the new items from the brand. The bag is designed with woven cotton canvas and a monogram print with a hand painted effect inspired by a 1924 LV catalog cover. The inside only brings more fun, with smaller Tahitienne print. The shape is perfect for me and the feel is perfect for resort and summer. Actually, I look at this bag and picture myself with my bikini on headed to the beach or out for a day on the boat (or even better on an exotic island vacation!). The rich, vibrant colors are inspired by Paul Gauguin, a Post-Impressionist painter who is known for his bold use of color. Another perk is the adjustable leather shoulder straps and interior strap that can be adjusted to change the shape and capacity of the bags. Ok, I am kind of obsessively in love, I’ll admit it. While the prices are not super cheap, ranging from $1200 to $1600, the bags offer a great summer feel.

Buy the Louis Vuitton Tahitienne GM in Rose through eLuxury.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tahitienne Cabas
Louis Vuitton Monogram Tahitienne Cabas GM

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  • Laura

    PRETTY! :razz:

  • Jeffer

    my mom bought the bag for me the week it came out here in paris=) it is THE perfect bag for the spring.

  • Marissa

    The GM is $1200.00 not $1600.00. Anyway its a very hot bag!

    • Sorry, Must have got prices mixed up!

  • Anoukaimee

    I adore LV but hate these bags…(now, that is partly a relief, given the prices :wink: ) I shall stick to damier azur and epi ivoire for the summer months…

  • Brooke

    I want this so bad, but I just bough the manhattan GM, soo yeah..

    I would love it, except I think in beige, bc it matches everything

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    I really don’t care for this collection. I’d rather buy a white Goyard St. Louis instead.

  • SKelly

    hmmm. Not really loving it; as with a pp., I’ll stick to the Damier Azur and/or the new watercolor style.

  • Noufa

    I love the pattern but not the colors , it’s pale and boring , maybe in other colors :smile:

  • Lori

    I really don’t understand these handbags or the price for them. I just don’t like LV bags.

  • emotus

    Its kinda cute! But a little pricey for canvas right? lol

  • ohnini

    I love this bag. I always feel awkward carrying my LV bags when I’m in summer dress at the beach (I live in SoCal)…even my denim, it just feels too “heavy” for summer. This is the perfect answer. My favorite color is lavendar, so it would be hard for me not to pick that color although the beige would make more sense…I’m going to my LV store to try them on! Maybe a mothers day gift to myself???

  • Jahpson

    suitable for a high school student. It just looks so Laguna beach. not really feeling it.

  • michelle

    I just bought the beige. It is so cute for spring/summer! I love it!

  • tine

    not feeling it whatsoever….i hate logo designer bags….

  • GeorgiaT

    I love these! Perfect holiday totes. I’m impressed…

  • Leisa

    It’s a refreshing change for spring from LV! Doesn’t look like my Grandma’s bag but still refined.
    Love them!

    • barbara

      :smile: I hve to agree with you. I was in the LV store and about to buy the denim bag when I saw the pink sandals in the new design. They didn’t have the tote except for te large one which was way to large for me…need it in pink. Will be perfect for summer with the sandals and matching tote for the beach or summer travel. Bye bye denim!

  • Ria

    I used to like LV, however I find it too mass market nowadays… I read a comment made by some fashion advisor before saying LV is like McD’s of fast food chain… it’s everywhere and everyone has it… So why do I want to pay thousands just to be the same as everyone? Sorry to offend LV fans.
    :oops: :wink:

    • maria

      Couldn’t agree with you more, also I find they do not stand behind their products and with the prices they are charging, they certainly should.

    • barbara

      Everything is mass market these days…no matter who the designer. You name it Chanel, Coach, Dior, Burberry. It is a personal choice.

  • Merisha

    are these bags similar to the neverfall bag do they fold in on the sides? they are still stunning and the azur is also a great summer bag good work Vuitton!

  • Chel

    Like this range of bags :smile: . Finally a few LV pieces which we can carry comfortably on the shoulders. But kinda worry for the white strap. IT bag or not, it’ll look awful if it gets dirty. :cry:

  • MizzTissa

    Liking some of these. There have been a few lv styles I wasn’t a fan of, like the white with neon logo/symbols, but that’s me.

    These designs are fresh and fun!


  • Rosie

    I look at these bags and see tacky beach bags from Priceline. I just can’t like them- even the colours are off. I couldn’t think of a bigger waste of money– in 12 months they will look truly cheap and nasty.

  • Forint

    I think this is a super cute bag and I’m a guy! Saw it here on the site and ordered the PM in Lilac for the Wife. It came today and it’s better than I expected

  • Mistii

    looks cheap and looks like a bag thats going to get faked alot :neutral: , dont really like it but its a nice colour :shock:

  • thanni

    I like it, esp the lavender, very cute :grin:

    • barbara

      :razz: Pink for me!!

  • caren

    do you know the louis vuitton antigua line is discontinued :shock:

  • Sandy

    i just got this bag its so hot in beige the larger one is huge small one is perfect i want all of them hehehehee

    • barbara

      :lol: They have matching beach towels too!!

  • sherrie marland

    i love the shoes and the shades they are so sleek and hot!!!!!

  • keller

    i love the bag very much,but the pirces is very high for me,i find a site:[url=http://www.favorluxury.com]favorluxury.com[/url]

  • keller

    i love the bag very much,but the pirces is very high for me,i find a site:favorluxury.com

  • tweety

    small bags : 1250$,big bags :1400 or 1500, i dnt reamember ;) anw it’s lo0ks so cute,do u guys know abt cost of tahituenne slides shoes ?? i wanna buy it ^^

  • Bagmania

    I like LV but for this one i should think many many many times to buy with that price. Better if i buy Tivoli.

  • ladybag

    Pretty and artsy, i like this one, it has the feel of funtote bag i have.

  • Ashley


  • Kimberly

    I’ve got the GM in rose, absolutely pretty for the summer

  • Shamiliah Aidillah

    Juz bought my 2nd LV. It’s Popincourt Haut. Actually prefers the LV Bagtinolles coz it’s roomy. But, Popincourt Haut is the winner due to it’s zipper and cute balls.

  • Sharen Santoro

    my husband just came back from Florida on a business trip with the pink one — so cute! It’s a shame summer is almost over but it is so nice I will use it while I can and am thinking it will be a perfect vacation bag!

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  • shaima♥nick

    i think im addicted now in LV’s bags and sandals…i really love it but i can’t have it..so sad:((

  • Dimitri

    Very nice product Mr. Dimitri Butler

  • kelly

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