Louis Vuitton Speedy size comparison. Contenders in this iconic trifecta:

  • 25cm LV Monogram Canvas Speedy
  • 30cm LV Damier Canvas Speedy
  • 35cm LV Watercolor Speedy

Which size do you prefer?

At PurseBlog, we prefer the 30 centimeter Speedy to pack the daily essentials. Not too small, not too big. The most popular flavor of Speedy.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • mel

    ugh I hate when people call Louis Vuitton just “Vuitton”.
    I had the 25 for a while and thought that was perfect… had it for about 2 years. Then upgraded to the 30. And now lately I’m really liking the 35, I don’t think I’d ever like the 40 though, its just too big. I love the character that the canvas has with the larger sizes though because it has that nice slouch.

    • Don’t ever say we are not accommodating. ;)

  • Mel – I like it to be called Louis Vuitton too!

    I don’t think I’d ever do the 40 either, too large and too slouchy for my liking.

  • Kimberley

    30 Speedy in Damier Ebene is perfect and ages beautifully.

  • vicky

    For now, because of my petite frame, I prefer the 25.
    And with the trend towards smaller bags, the 25 is still on the big side :)

    • Irra Ismail

      Yeah, i can’t agree you more,

      For most Asian like me, I prefer the 25. Mine is Ivory Epi Leather. Its not as slouchy as the monogram :)

    • Kris Chen

      i couldn’t agree more. i am also petite and just got a new damier ebene speedy 25 and am loving it!

  • stephanie

    I have the mono 35 and love, love love it.

    • Robbyn

      Just got the mono 35. I love it but am thinking of getting a shoulder strap so I can also wear cross body since it does get heavy. Does anyone own the shoulder strap and use it?

      • Rebecca

        I bought the Speedy 40 and the Bandouliere 1.6 strap. I preferred the canvas strap because it shows less wear than the leather version. The price was $225 – best investment yet.

    • Morgan

      I am 5’2 and have the 35 in the regular monogram i hate it its way to big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jessica

        Are you planning on selling it? If you are you should sell I on Craigslist. And let me know. I’ve been looking for one.

  • Sasha

    I have three speedies: damier ebene, damier azur, and monogram and they are all in size 35, my favorite size for an everyday go to bag! When completely filled you can get a little workout for your arms :)

  • Regina

    I own a monogram 25. But I can now see the benefit of the size 30.

  • LAltiero85

    I own the monogram 30 and I am absolutely head-over-heels for this bag. I usually get bored with handbags quickly and get another one, but this one I can’t seem to stop using! And I am thrilled that it’s such a classic bag (donned by even Audrey Hepburn herself), and I can use it for years to come! Great topic!

  • nmilne2001

    I have the mono speedy 30 and I find it to be the perfect size to do everything I need it to do. I can pack all my essentials plus a well sealed water bottle and a sweater (and even a book if it’s not too wordy :) ).

  • Gina

    I have the monogram 40 and I really like the extra room. I am 5’7” and it doesn’t look to big on me. To each his/her own I guess….

    • mary

      I also have a 40 … You defiantly notice it… But, thats what i love about it..

  • Gina

    oops that’s “too” big….

  • Samantha Lee kue LOVES CUPCAKE KUE

    I like the speedy 35, I don’t think I want to carry a bag too big for 5 special reasons >
    not to offend anyone.
    1. it is harder to keep clean and away from touching people by accident.
    2. Weather conditions, on a rainey day, all louis vuitton bags must be covered under no circumstances because it is a pricey bag. We would still love a brand new bag no matter what, especially for louis vuitton bag lovers.
    3. It is best to buy an expensive louis vuitton if you know you are not going to ruin it by accidentally dropping it , getting rain on it, or falling down with it. Prepare to be the carrier with care. The bigger the bag, the harder to keep it clean.
    4. Setting down while drving your car or being passager, inordr to keep our bag clean, the car must be clean or set on a clean seat, not the ground. There must be room, especially when traveling.
    5. Eating out or going out, if you know it will be hard to keep your bag clean, don’t bring it. For example, the beach. Is your bag doing to have it’s own towel? What if some accidentally spill sand ovr your bag or you accidentally drop it. In a restraunt, we must make room for our bag, so keep it in a clean chair, not on you lap, because you can possibily spill food or a drink over it. It is harder when ther is only you and you date with two seats, none for your bag.

    So ladies, keep up the good work keeping those bags looking luxerious.

    Out of ALL BAGS, as a beginner, 3 bags for great city use:

    Monogram Canvas speedy 35, for quick trips, big enough !
    pm never full, for quick access to money and checks
    and the alma, for carring important documents or a whole bunch of stuff every girl has. .. perfume,make up etc.

    ALL THESE THREE BAGS LOOKS RICH, GORGEOUS AND SEXY. Very will made. Anyways I am going to collect more! smiles, nite* people are welcome to take my advice.

  • mary s

    i have the 30 but i wish i had a smaller one… it seems like the bigger the bag the more i carry and maybe having the 25 would help me to carry less…

  • FrankieP

    35!!! I had one and it was the perfect size, just brilliant. I love the 40 but think I’d rather pay the extra and upgrade to the Keepall 45 – it just looks much better with the support straps around the canvas, and would help prevent stretching and tearing of canvas by the handles when you have a heavy load. But 35 was perfect – you can fit a full sized [eg.Vogue] magazine into it, which I couldn’t in my exactly-speedy-30-sized Mulberry Euston!

  • CARLA H.


  • Classic Chic

    i have both 30 Azur and 35 WC, both are fantastic and not that much of difference IMO. I like the wide opening of 30 & 35 so the zippers won’t scratch my hand, they are the perfect size for me :)

  • Berlin

    I have Speedy 25 Damier Ebene: i only carry it, when i go out. Its big enough for my essentials, but too small, when i go out with my children or go shopping.
    My Speedy Mini Lin: I dont have use it yet. I wait for better wheather!!
    And my Mono Speedy 35 is the perfect size for my daily use. it holds all I need and more. Its not too big.
    its the perfect size for a mommy.
    I love Speedy bags. they are so classic and chic and always an IT-Bag. Its worth to buy.

  • Fiona

    I have the 25 cerises, very cute, although a little small for the day.And the 30 graffitti which is perfect for my daytime needs.The big advantage of the speedy is you can fold it flat when carrying in the lugage.

  • Amanda

    Mono Speedy 30! the perfect bag

  • AA

    I prefer the 30 or 35 in mono or damier. That picture is so artistic!

  • Anne

    I have Damier Ebene 25 Speedy and it’s perfect for day to day use. For air travel I use a vintage Mono Speedy 30, perfect carry on size.

    I disagree with the concept of babying the LV canvas bags, they are durable and resistant to rain and snow, the weather wear ages the bag beautifully as my mono 30 speedy is 16 years old and looks great.

  • Lianne

    I’m carrying a 25 this week (I change which purse I carry each week – I can’t afford expensive but I love end of season sales at Danier Leather. My current purse is a shallow crossbody in dark red, with a strap made from the same material as seatbelts, and it’s great for keeping me to minimum junk).

    But if I were to buy one of these, I’d probably go for the 30cm. Big enough to carry a lot of stuff, but not big enough for things to either rattle around or encourage me to carry more than I really should.

  • ivy

    i sued to have the 25 and even though i love big bag, i think speedy 25 is good for me. i dont like sagging speedey

  • Shan

    30 Damier Ebene !

  • feistycat

    mono speedy30! its my first LV & It’s just perfect for me! i must admit though that i had a bit of difficulty deciding between a 25 & a 30. and after seeking the opinions of fellow LV lovers at the purse forum, i was able to decide on buying the 30., coz it suits me better, but i would love to have the 25 too . =)

  • daisyp.

    my secong lv is the speeedy 30 damier azur. i super love it and almost carry it every day. im going to singapore this march and planning to buy the damier ebene, but after reading all the comments, im left undecided what size to buy.

  • LadyJC

    i’ve got the 30 mono and 30 epi in toledo blue – absolutely love them both! i think the size is perfect – already big enough!

  • deka

    i love my 30 in damier ebony
    just ordered a base shaper from ebay – cant wait to get it!
    dont love the sagging

  • mary

    i have the LV mono 35 & 40 . i love them both. but, carry the 35 mostly . i used to carry coach bags. and, used two switch my bags with every outfit. lets just say when i got a LV….bye bye coach’s …I like the 35 because it’s not as common as the 25 or 30. now i’m saving up for the damier azur…

    • emmanuel

      if you decide to sell the monogram let me know.interested having one which the color turn to honey patina not the brand new don’t like the light color even though its new
      thank you

  • melissa

    I have the 25 mono speedy and I adore it!!! I’m petite and 5 feet tall and I think it is perfection! LV speedies in all sizes are just classic. I know some people may disagree, but I think you can go too large with the speedy. I hate slouchy speedies too, when I see one, it makes me cringe! LOL.

  • Erin

    i love the comment by LOVES CUPCAKE KUE: “if you’re at the beach, is your bag going to have its own towel?” i busted out laughing when i read that, because i could totally see somebody with a high-end bag doing that at the beach! personallly i’d never bring an expensive bag anywhere NEAR a beach if i could help it! that’s a great way to ruin it. and my pet peeve when i’m carrying one of my nicer bags is when i have to use the restroom. i HATE having to bring my nice bags into public restrooms; yuck! if i’m out with some friends i’ll ask one of them to hold it for me while i go in there. but if i’m by myself i have no choice. there are so many ways that a bag could get messed up in a restroom. and omg, what if it accidentally dropped on the filthy floor! that’s my worst scenario! ICK! anyway, i like the speedy 35, nice and big. that’s the one i’d get. big enough to carry everything, but not so big that it looks like luggage. i don’t care about the trend toward smaller bags. i have stuff i need to carry, and it all just won’t fit in a little bag like a speedy 25. the 25 size might be good for evenings, but not daily use; at least not for me.

  • Milah

    If you’re tall or fat, then go with the larger speedy.


    The Speedy 35 hands down, I had the Speedy 35 Monogramouflage but that pattern bored me to deaf so I sold it on Ebay in like 2 hours of listing, but now I’m missing the Speedy, not the pattern, so I’m going to get the 35 Ebene Damier, but waiting to catch a good one one Ebay!!!!

  • Jessica

    I have the monogram Speedy 30. I love it! It’s classic and will never go out of style.

  • wee

    i have the speedy 30 perforated in orange and damier 30 ebene…i was thinking of getting the cerises 25 — someone is selling it to me brand new —- should i get it or not??? thanks ladies :)

  • Jeab from Thailand

    Speedy 30. I love love love love it!

  • leilapei

    i have the monogram speedy 25. it’s a good fit for me because if i have a big bag, i tend to pile on my stuff and then the bag gets heavy.

    i do love the neverfull though.

  • Bulabalabibi

    My mum got me the 25 in the purple epi… it JUST fits all my stuff inside (koala wallet, pm agenda, makeup case that comes with the petite bucket, AND a fujifilm instax 55 camera), so I would probably prefer the 30 really. the opening of the 25 isnt quite wide enough either =P

  • Martha

    Louis Vuitton bags are made in…………………

  • Erica

    I just got a Damier Ebene 25 this week and love it. I like the smaller one because it holds its shape and still holds a ton. The larger speedys dont look attractive weighted down and flatened.

  • MizzCool

    I LOVE THESE.. i like the white 1’s … but i like all of them

  • Margaret

    how much do the speedy 30 & speedy 35 cost?

    • Myakel

      I just got my classic speedy30 it was $690+tax for LV store in Soho NYC.

  • ying marie

    30cm LV Damier Canvas Speedy is my favorite bag!!!

  • Marianne

    can anyone please tell me the prices of each of the bags?? doesn’t have to be exact but i’d like an idea ! thank you :)

    • GimmeBags!

      have you considered looking on the LV website?

  • Jada

    I upgraded from the 30 to the 35! Love it!

  • JennXOXO

    I have the Speedy 30 in Damier Azur & Speedy 25 in Damier Ebene. I love the 25 over 30. It’s the perfect size for me and it’s just so small and cute!

  • Deb

    i have a speedy 25 and 35 and i find use for both of them! 25 for shopping and 35 for everyday (fb)

  • JJ

    I have never owned a LV but if I could get my hands on a Watercolor Speedy I’d grab it in a heartbeat!! LOVE the Speedy 35!! (fb)

  • Elyse

    what a great pic! Way to go Vlad! (fb)

  • Eric

    reading this article really hlped me alot to decide what speedy bag size would i buy.. i believe that this is perfect for work, for casual wear for traveling its very versitile, size i would suggest consider your height.. because the size will compliment your body physique..-(fb)

  • Kathryn

    love love love all the speedy bags!

  • Adrienne Challinor

    give me the biggest one! Love it! fb
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  • swank

    I own the Damier Azur speedy 30 and love it. I buought a long strap to wear it cross body or over the shoulder when I need hands free or don’t want to set it down, it can just drape from my body. I used a speedy 30 in the LV monogram for about 15 years before i finally dumped it !!! I have had other LV items too and love LV, which is somehow satisfying long term when other bags aren’t satisfying beyond a few weeks.

    • Jen

      Where did you purchase the cross body strap? Apparently, the strap that is sold at LV stores are comparable to the price of the bag itself!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    here i am (fb)

  • suki

    waweeeeeeeeeeee mi piacciono le borse di louis vuitton sono bellissimeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  • Ayin

    I agree with Ying Marie, LV Damier Speedy 30 is the best! Size is just right for everyday use…but planning to have the bigger one 35 in Monogram.

  • Didi

    I’m thinking of purchasing a Speedy…but what size to get?…I think probably the 40 . I am 6 ft tall..I dont want to look silly with a tiny bag.
    Any reccomendations?

    • JussJazy

      Hi, I’ve had my speedy 40 for about 2 weeks now and I live it! Mind you, I’m only 5’2 but I love BIG BAGS! Go with the 40.. It goes with EVERYTHING! It can go from a evening bag to an overnite bag in a blink of an eye!!

      • jeanguru

        I have the 40, im 5’2 about 105 lbs…I LOVE it!! I just dont want it to look like im carrying a luggage all the time. I was thinking of also getting the 35. I tried it on, I love it but it feels kinda small!!LOL. Should I do both? Ps, I also have the Arsty GM which I love. I feel like I need a “medium” size one.

  • Karla

    Well I really want the speedy 35 but Im 5’2 which one should i get speedy 30 or speedy 35?????

  • ryna

    hi, i just bot a LV Artsy MM. i m not sure how best n appropriate to carry dat big bag. i tried it over my shoulder n it looks like its squashing my armpit! then i tried it over my arm/elbow n it looks too big ….HELPPP!

    • jeanguru

      I actually have the Artsy GM. Im 5’2, I carry it on my shoulder w my hand under strap…it can get kinda heavy so the support of my hand helps. I think it looks too big carrying it off shoulder like a speedy. LOVE the ARTSY!!

  • Sugar

    I’d like very much to own a speedy but am really confused between the monogram and the damier,, i have the damier neverfull bag and OMG,, i loooooooooooooove it,,, any recommendations on which type of speedy i should go for (damier or monogram)?!

    • nelly

      Well I have a 30 damier & 35 mono! In my opinion 35 is too big everything gets lost, good travel bag. 30 is a great everyday bag. I’m 5.4 & 190lbs. Hope I help you some

  • maria dominguez

    hello everyone.
    I love louis vuitton bags but i can bye one because is to despensive and if anybody generous like to offer me used one i will be at women more happy this world.No matter the conditions i still very gratefull.
    maria50at live co uk

  • Got me a 25 mono and simply adore it!

  • Marivi

    is the 35 too big for daily use? (ipad)

  • Dewi satria

    I’ve got speedy mono 30, neverfull damier pm and gm artsy mono and i love it all!!

  • Flo~

    I purchased a possible real speey monogram from a yard sale. If its not real then its a great knockoff. can u tell me if youve ever seen a speedy with leather trim coming up from the bottom for straps. I’ve never seen one but all the eather on the bag is real with the beautiful patina color, but not th usual lining either its suede, but the same color. The lady said her mom had the bag forever, can u give me some info?

    • blog123

      A speedy of any size should have brown cotton canvas lining.

  • jaspreet

    i love LV BAGS

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  • Sara

    I have the 25 and I LOVE it. It’s perfect for what I have to carry with me.

  • Marilu

    Does anybody know which one is the “medium speedy” ?

    • nelly

      The 30

  • Hi, I´m a new reader so I was wondering of you ever did a post with the sizes of speedy and keepall. I´m trying to deside between speedy 40 with strap and keepall 45 with strap and I´d like to see the difference in size?

  • dana

    Does the Speedy 25 monogram have the number 25 (for size ID) marked under one of the tabs at either end of the bag? i bought this second hand and i thought i had verified everything but i saw one site reference that all speedys have the size imprinted under one of the leather tags at the end of the bag, my bag does not have this and i am afraid i have gotten ripped off :( please help

    • Luxe

      If you have the classic speedy 25 then it’s under the pull tab.

    • Luxe

      If you have the classic speedy 25 then it’s under the pull tab.