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Louis Vuitton Outfits Bags in Shearling for Fall/Winter 2022

Shearling for winter? Groundbreaking...

Dressing for fall and winter is arguably much more fun than dressing for warm weather. When the opportunity for layering arrives, one can have a lot more fun experimenting with different colors and textures. Not to mention, the deep hues of the colder months, coupled with the rich textures of the season, make winter fashion feel inherently cozy, which is an instant mood booster, in my opinion. One of those cozy textures is definitely shearling.

And whether you like it or not, shearling has become a fall/winter staple. While it was once a trend that would ebb and flow, now, there’s not a fall season that doesn’t include the soft, luxe material in some capacity, and this year is no different.

Fashion is meant to be exciting and fun. Bags especially bring us so much joy (it’s why so many of us continue to buy and love designer bags), so once in a while, it’s ok to forego what is practical and versatile for what makes you feel all warm and fuzzy—both inside and out!

This year, Louis Vuitton taps into that cozy fall feeling, and one look at the brand’s latest bags will have you reaching for your warmest sweater and a nice toasty cup of hot chocolate.

Louis Vuitton Cozygram Locky BB
Louis Vuitton Cozygram Locky BB ($2,920)

Louis Vuitton Cozygram Capsule

As part of the brand’s larger Ski Collection, designed for style and performance, with an elevated spin on activewear, Louis Vuitton releases its Cozygram capsule. The Cozygram bags mark the first time in the Maison’s history that classic Monogram canvas mixes with soft, cream-hued shearling. These bags combine the best of Louis Vuitton’s signatures—staple silhouettes and Louis Vuitton Monogram with rich texture.

Perfect for après-ski and irresistible for the winter season, the brand chose silhouettes that offer multiple ways of carrying for maximum functionality, like the new Diane Bag ($3,050), the NéoNoé BB ($2,570) and the Locky BB ($2,920). While these bags are highly commercial and are sure to sell, the addition of shearling will add around $700 from each bag’s original price, with the Diane jumping into the $3K range, all for a bag that is a seasonal carry.

Would you cozy up to the Cozygram capsule?


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