Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The latest Louis Vuitton catalog was one of the best photographed catalogs I have seen in a long time. There was a holiday theme which was not over-the-top cutesy, rather sophisticated and perfectly fitting. One of my favorite photos was a fairytale-like forest scene accented with an array of Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bags.

From the minute the Louis Vuitton Neverfull hit the scene, it was a handbag lovers favorite. The design is inherently simple yet functional. And then Louis Vuitton decided to dress up the Neverfull with Crocodile skin, which had us at hello (though the $32,000 price tag is a bit out of reach).

The Neverfull is available in Monogram, Damier, and Monogram Roses right now (with new versions being released periodically). There are three sizes as well. Shop via Louis Vuitton online.

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  • Preloved Posh

    I love Neverfull, i can put anything inside it.

    • Lucy

      I like Neverfull. They are great in that picture. voguelande dot com

  • Laura

    I don’t really understand the Neverfull…the handles are too little for such a large bag!

    • AA

      Yea but it holds everything & looks great on it! I love the NF it holds everything! I love the pic very artistic!

    • CarolineLondon

      Completely agree about the handles.
      I prefer my Damier Hampstead MM, which is basically the same shape with, to my mind anyway, nicer straps (and poppers at the side instead of the drawstringy bit).

      • bunny

        yup IMHO the Hampstead is one of LV’s most beautiful and functional bags. love the way the MM has buckles which hold the strap to the bag instead of the MM which just has the usual speedy square whatevers.

        i love the speedy too, i have the damier ebene one, but unfortunately in my country there are fakes galore and also one out of every five ppl (im exaggerating, but it does seem that way) you see in a shopping complex is carrying a speedy.

      • bunny

        i mean, instead of the PM

      • maxine

        I love the hampstead GM. i got one from a good friend. She assures me its authentic, It looks totally authentic to me, and of course, my friend isn’t known to buy fakes. But there is no serial number tag inside!!!! is this even possible for an LV? Help!

      • Ashytheprincess

        Just wondering, is the Hampstead MM a large bag? I’m only 5″3 and quite petite/thin and don’t want it to overpower me. Tossing up between the PM or the MM….help!

    • KiKi

       I just got it for work to give my speedy a rest. The handles cut into my skin. I have to carry my “stuff”, lunch, and paperwork.

  • Aly

    I absolutely LOVE the neverfull – especially the all croc one in the middle. I wish the darn thing wasn’t so expensive. I LOVE the look of it.

    • Lucy

      voguelande dot com has Louis Vuitton Neverfullrfull

  • Maria

    Got it for Christmas and I love it

  • 19yearslater

    That picture is beautiful. A wonderful representation of the Neverfull.

    • Boky

      hy i am first time at this blog so i want to know price od neverfull because I live in the country where we have not LV store so I have to go to Wiena to buy it…I have PM and I love it

  • Al

    I hate the neverfull although that Croc one is enticing (way out of my price league). One of my friends has the GM and she’s like 5’0″ and it swallows her. It also looks just like a beach bag.

    • There are three sizes though. I like that it is super light-weight

      • Al

        I know, its just that everyone gets the GM, or so it seems and they’re always so petite! Well, call me a hypocrite, I think I’m going to get a Damier Azur NF GM for spring break (hopefully, Miami). It IS the perfect beach bag, not to mention, Isabelli’s spread made it look so festive and summery.

    • jayne

      I disagree with the beach bag idea. To me, it has the fashion model look and it’s like the olf original Louis bags, which I adore. The croc doesn’t interst me. Monogram are the best!

  • otter

    I have two Neverfulls and LOVE them. Was fortunate enought to get a Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art special edition. I never fail to get complimented when I carry it. Sadly, I left it hanging over the chair in a conference room an a client slightly vandelized it a bit by scratching part of the artwork (slight nick, but I know it is there). I wanted to punch her in the face — but I didn’t. B*tch.

    • bunny

      yea i know what u mean. i was walking out of the cinema one day and someone pushed pass me, causing me to scrape my vernis Wilshire boulevard against the wall. i wanted to slap the bitch too.

      • Lisa

        It’s a purse. It has to be able to take daily use or it should be put in a dustbag on a shelf and ignored. If a bag this expensive can’t go to the movies without worry, it’s not worth owning.

    • Lisa

      Get over it! It’s an ostentatious purse that seems to be causing you a little too much stress.

      • bunny

        well im more stressed over rude people pushing pass me than the bag. but it’s ok, i guess if u had an expensive purse and i shoved u into a wall and scraped your bag you’d get over it so fast and wont be angry too. zzzz

      • bunny

        sorry we all cant be as accomodating as you.

      • Erin

        Why are you on the purseblog if you’re making comments like that? She’ll get over it when/if she wants to. And I’m quite sure she’s also capable of deciding what is “worth owning” for her, although it may not be for you. How would you like it if someone damaged something that you loved and paid a lot for, whether it was a purse or any other item? Consider that.

  • Louis Vuitton

    I like this bag very much!

  • MG204

    I don’t have one but I wish they would produce it in my favourite epi leather..then I’d get one.

    • bunny

      you are so right! if it came out in epi leather it would be great!

      vernis cant, can u imagine the scratches it would get. =.=

      btw, the neverfull just came out in Damier Azure

    • CarolineLondon

      You can have LV handbags made in any material you want… if it’s a straight canvas for canvas swap (i.e. Monogram to Daimer or vice versa) they charge about 30% more than retail, although I guess trading up from canvas to Epi leather would cost more…

      (I looked in to it seriously a while back – I was going to have a Damier Multiplicite made as I love my Monogram one so much, but then they took the Multiplicite out of production before I could get my order in and they wouldn’t do it for me any more. So I ended up with Damier Hampstead instead, which I love too!)

      But basically it’s worth asking what they would charge to make one in Epi – it might be more reasonable than you think!

  • Loquita

    To me, this is an LV classic, and every bit as much a staple as the Speedy. I will be probably be purchasing one sometime soon…and the photography here is incredible!

  • whatdialike

    very beautifuls bags.

  • Pigeu

    I got one for Christmas and I absolutely adore it <3

  • outpt

    Is the second from the right a Damier Graphite neverfull? I’ve been crossing my fingers that Graphite would eventually also be used for women’s bags.

    • Pigeu

      It’s Damier Ebony GM size. The bag is only out in Mono, Ebony and Azur.

  • neli

    I love the Neverfull PM and MM. Especially the former. It’s so cute in its small size and looks great as a handbag. My favorite out of the ones in the picture is definitely the Croc too. Looks great as a work bag, imo. I would love it if LV ever makes one in Azur. It would be perfect for summer!

  • Work It

    The handles are thin but it has pass the weight test for lifting something like 80kg! so it’s very tough and guess what? Neverfull in Azur will be launching in a store near you on the 14th of Jan!

  • tina

    I just bought a Neverfull bag.Although it is not an originals,but it looks so so like the original bag.And it is also very cheap,I like it very much too.

    • Zoe

      Tina, where from did you buy it?

    • Lvlover

      you basically just bought the bag because of the name, not also because of the quality. I doubt that the fake you got would last you as long as a real louis vuitton.

  • luxury_999

    I LIKE IT!

  • ayresey

    I must admit I’ve never been keen on the Neverfull & always preferred the speedy as my staple Louis, (i have
    Am lucky enough to own 2, damier 35 & stephen sprouse grafitti!) however, its my birthday next week as was gonna get the speedy mono
    25 but am suddenly tempted by the Neverfull, have now realised how classy it is, my only concern is
    It doesn’t have a zipper closure like the speedy & I’d be worried I’d lose stuff, anyone else found this a
    Problem? By the way, I’ve only just joined this site 2day & am very happy 2 have found like-minded
    Louis lovers!!! Lol! X

    • Erin

      I just got my Neverfull Damier GM, and I’d read a lot of comments about how people felt that it was too “open”, like they would lose things…now that I’ve put my things in the bag, I don’t think that is a problem. I just clip it, and wear it with the draw-cords cinched, and it feels secure on my arm. Its not “open to the world” like a lot of people seem to think. I like it!

      • PRICILLA

        hii… is better have neverfull GM or MM size?? i;m thinking to buy and a bit confuse.. about the size.. and is damier better than monogram??



  • Bru

    I love my Neverful bag.. but there are so many fakes that look exactly the same that it just lost a little glamour..

    • yuki

      True. I die a little inside every time I see someone in Chinatown toting an obviously fake LV around.

  • MichyML

    I want 1!

  • Roxy

    I like mine too! I have Neverfull GM monogam canvas…
    it’s not a problem for me to put my stuff ’cause inside i put the pochette in the D-ring for my little important things, then my wallet and my phone. You cannot loose this way your things!

  • Ally

    I am in such a rut because I cant figure out what size neverfull to get. Im a full time student and I have yoga and gym class during the day along with all my other classes. Im going to be carring my 13″ mac book along with books and other things. So I can’t figure out which bag to get. I want to use it as a everyday bag as well. So please I need help, which one do I get!?!?

    • FT

      The GM may swallow the tiny laptop, but it will certainly be big enough for a laptop, books, your yoga mat, and a change of clothing. The MM is sufficient for just a small MacBook (not my 17″ MacBook Pro) and a book or two, plus a change of clothing. If you intend to travel heavy, get the GM.

      • PRICILLA

        HII.. me too im bit confuse about size of neverfull. i love this bag and wanna buy it but which one i need to buy GM or MM? i have macbook air is the GM is so big? and which one is better neverfull monogram or damier?? please i need a advice



  • opilier

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  • p-gatto

    I have the Murakami one from the LA Museum, I love it! I just wish I bought the MM instead of the PM.

  • Erin

    oh, how i wish that lv would use damier graphite for women’s bags! its very limiting of them not to offer it! all my clothes are black, so the damier graphite would be perfect…although i do admit that the ebone and the azur look good with outfits of any color, including black. but still, they should offer graphite to women! i’m buying a neverfull gm soon, and i can’t wait! i know lots of people don’t like the thin straps, but i love them! they make the bag look very sleek and minimal. imagine how clunky it would look with thick, wide straps! plus, those thin straps are said to be very strong, i’ve read that they can hold more than 200 pounds, which is quite impressive! i just love the idea of a huge couture bag that i can put all my stuff into without having to try to minimize what i carry.

  • ying marie

    I had Neverfull Monogram and Monogram Roses PM size and try to the new (damier) 5555

  • Elyse

    i want a neverfulllll. so so badly (fb)

    • Max

      Go to ioffer.com to get one.

  • Eric

    this bag is great when you are traveling, you can use it as a hand carry and your bag throughout your tour, the space gives you room to junk just everything you need without going bag to your hotel for changing clothes-(fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    here i am (fb)

  • julie

    hi there, i recently purchased a neverful bag from the store in Rome, can anyone tell me whereabouts the serial number is? thanks

  • Klara

    Hi girls, I really hope you can help me. I bought the neverfull GM yesterday, but I’m just worried that it’s too big for me… I’m 5.5″ tall and pretty thin… I want to carry my bac book 13″ and some books, water bottle and small makeup pouch… Would the MM be okay in size for all those things?

  • Nancy

    Hey everyone.
    I just purchased the Neverfull MM about three weeks ago. I have noticed that there are little “markings” on the inside of the leather trim. It is also on the little leather strip that holds the clasp. I have no idea what this is. It doesn’t look like it’s been rubbing on the other side because there are no markings on the opposite side. Plus, I don’t think it rubbed against anything that I put inside the bag because it is on the top leather trim. I have no put anything inside that is taller than the bag. I know that the leather will soon change color, but is this the beginning stages of color turning? I also have the Neverful PM and don’t recall seeing any markings before changing color. Please help!

  • Tiffany

    Can someone help me out? I bought the Neverfull MM today and I totally love it but I’m a bit apprehensive about there being zip. And what do you attached on the D ring? (first LV!!!)

  • Daniela

    Please help me!! I bought my neverfull 2 years ago at the LV store of Buenos Aires.
    Unfortunately the gold hardware is loosing color in some parts… Anyone with the same problem?

  • Jelita78

    this is the best neverfull catalogs ever!! (ipad)

  • Yadira2234

    How much does añ authentic Louis Vuitton damier neverfull retail for ? I’d really want one for school helpppp please :))

  • i like Louis Vuitton neverfull so much