louis vuitton monogram dentelle

I say classic Louis Vuitton style, you say Speedy. That is an analogy that is easy and should never be missed. Sure you may argue that the Alma is very classic too, but I am pretty confident to say that the LV Speedy is one of the most classic and easily recognizable LV bags. Available in many of the LV styles, one of the newest Speedys to hit the block is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Dentelle Speedy. Many people either love or hate the Dentelle line, either falling for or loathing the dainty lurex lace embroidery. I must say I am in the middle (which takes away from my statement previously, but I obviously am undecided). I prefer the Dentelle in gold (silver is also available), which matches better with the Monogram canvas rather than stands out. The rest of the stats are what we are all used to, yellow topstitching, microfiber lining, two patch pockets, and dimensions of 12″x 8.6″x 7″. There is never any harm in adding a feminine touch to your wardrobe. This handbag is classic and refined. Available for $1420 via eLuxury’s exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique.

As always, my LV boutique is the fabulous Bal Harbour! Stay tuned for Vlad and my latest LV shopping trip later today :grin:

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  • sansan

    i’m on the fence about the gold but the silver looks like fungus is taking over the bag

    • k

      I have the gold dentelle bag, and it is very pretty in person and I like having a bag that no has ever seen before, expecially not on the stands.. :smile:

      • brook

        So you still have this bag, and if so would you like to sell it or do you know where to get a used one at?

  • emlovr3689

    louis vuitton needs to stop it with these special edition bags. people are only gonna wear them for like a couple of months…they need to focus on classic styles that will last longer.

  • Christy

    I agree. I mean remember back wayyyy back in 2003 how the murakami speedy was soooooo hot! It was sold out like everywhere! Every star had it! Now the louis vuittion store would be lucky if they even sale. Plus the special edtions cost more. You can just get a good old speedy 30 for like $625!!!

  • Ana Feig

    :grin: I love, love this bag. I followed a person down the street to find out what it was. I own various Louis Vuitton’s some real ones (LOL) and some fakes and this one is a keeper. I ordered my from ELuxury and was so happy to wear my real one. It is sooooo dainty and beautiful. No Fungus on this one, I love the gold dentelle more than the silver. Thanks Marc Jacobs for making this Louie sooooo dainty and lady like.

  • Ebb

    At first I was not too sure about this bag…do i like it or not???

    But I decided to get it anyway. Now I am totally loving it. It is so classy and all my friends said it looks much better than picture.

    BTW..of course I got the pretty Gold one. :oops:

  • caitlin

    i adore this bag in silver…i don’t think it looks like fungus is growing over it i think that it just looks like lace is slighty spreading…i think that some of these pictures don’t give louis’s artistry justice and that in person they are absolutely gorgeous…this bag is amazing…i can’t wait til they go on sale!!

  • Densie

    How do you pronounce dentelle, can anyone tell me? Thanks :wink:

  • personally speaking, i don’t like this kind of Louis Vuitton Monogram Dentelle  Speedy