I’ve been a casual watcher (although, admittedly, not buyer) of Louis Vuitton jewelry for several years now. My thoughts are normally mixed; they have some very chic, very wearable designs, but I’m not entirely sure that I’d want to buy a piece of obviously branded jewelry (this goes, as well, for Chanel’s beautiful but logo-clad costume jewelry line). I particularly like their resin bracelets as a cute pick-me-up to an otherwise basic casual outfit without piling on an inappropriate amount of bling.

Logos always present a sort of mental block for me – no matter how much I would like something otherwise, I always manage to talk myself out of it if it’s got an obviously displayed brand name. Perhaps it’s because it makes me feel like I’m being somewhat of a bad consumer; if a brand name is obviously displayed, are the odds higher that I’m paying extra for only the name? And as a serious fashion watcher, shouldn’t I be more conscious of such ploys for my extra cash?

More importantly, am I in the financial position to pay $400 for a resin bracelet? Heavens, no. But if I were, I think I’d get over my logo phobia and get the Louis Vuitton Farandole bracelet. I like the lack of sparkle, and I also like that it’s in the colors of their recent camo collection, which don’t often show up in high-end jewelry. This would be wearable during the daytime with jeans and a cute black top (or any similar variation on that theme). Is it subtle? Not particularly, but Louis Vuitton devotees (at least the ones I know) are not subtle people, and if I’m paying that much for something that’s not jeweled, I wouldn’t mind if a few people noticed it, logos and all. Buy through eLuxury for $400.

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  • I actually kinda like this one too. The colors are cool.
    I wouldn’t buy it even if I had the cash to spare, but it’s not bad.

  • miss_white_lily

    No, thank you. I stick with the bags. :wink:

  • That’s a pretty nice bracelet! So cute with the flowers.

  • lula_bernie

    I like the ivory color better. It’s cute. Perhaps, if it was on sale…

  • Rashmi

    $400 dollars for a piece of bangle?? You can buy five 24 karat gold bangles with that kind of money…

    ridiculous, I don’t like Louis Vuitton at all. Overhyped, Overpriced!!!

    • dela

      Really! I would like to know a place where you could buy five 24 karat gold bangles for $400. At that price sign me up for 50 bangles. I get various Indian and Arabic jewelery catalogs and I enjoy my vistis to neighborhood jewelers but for five 24 karat bangles you talking atleast two grand. Of course, wider the width and more intricate the craftmanship the more it will cost. Sorry for being so technical but comparing this to solid gold jewelery is like comparing apples and oranges.

      • Rashmi

        All I said Dela is that I’d rather invest $400 in gold bangles than this ridiculously priced LV bangle. I’m talking about the value. I am from Nepal and you can find very good gold jewelry for reasonable prices there.

      • dela

        Point taken. But, good luck finding a 24 karat gold bangle for 80 bucks anywhere in the world.

      • Mia

        P.S Arabic and Indian catalogues have differently priced catalogues for their native countries and countries like UK, USA and Europe.

        i.e Gold jewelery is a little cheaper in India (the craftsmanship charges are a little less).. but not so cheap that you could buy a bangle for $80(approx 4000 Indian Rupees)

        Anyhow gold at 24 karat is rather soft and tends to bend easily, hence it is mixed with other metals to give solidity to the design.I doubt that a lot of jewelery is made with 24 karat gold around the world.

  • hawaii2484

    i think the bangle is pretty (in a strange way), but $400 is too much money for plastic jewelry.

  • Amie

    Wow really, maybe I should book a flight to Nepal to pick up my $400 worth of 24K bangles. I doubt that you could even buy ONE 24K bangle for $400 much less FIVE–not with the price of gold now, please dont exaggerate. Just because you throw in the name of some far away place like Nepal, it doesn’t mean that you can fool us into believing your inane comment.

  • C

    hey hey hey, be nice. We’re not here to argue. But anyway, with anything LV, ur sure to be paying for the name of the product as well as for the quality. Unfortunately resin bracelets cost pennies to make and $400 is way out of my budget for a bracelet. Even with gold prices at an all time high now, i’d rather buy a piece of gold/precious stone.

    • Mia

      The current price of gold is USD 29 per gram (approximately), for $435 you could buy 15 grams of pure 24 kt gold.(not jewelery)

      Financially it is a much wiser investment than this piece of prettified plastic junk (or any other designer resin jewelery for that matter).I don’t care how nice its ‘design’ is

      good to watch, foolish to buy :grin:

      • dela

        On average, a bangle that size would probably require about 40 grams. Of course, the more dense it is the more gold it will require.

        I am with you that gold is a wiser investment. Then again, we can say that about almost all of the designer handbangs as well. Personally, I don’t think $400 is a too bad of a price in relative terms.

  • I agree, you are definitely paying an inflated price for the sake of the LV logo. I too dislike obvious branding, but this bangle manages to win me over with its camo colours and subtle integration of the LV in the design. It’s funny how design houses think they can charge such extreme prices for essentially cheap materials, but then there must be some rich people with money to burn that buy this stuff!

  • ijm

    I actually like it but at $400 for plastic it’s too much! For $85 more I can get an Hermes enamel bracelet, which I feel is more timeless.

  • Rah

    I currently own five of the assorted colors of the LV Resin bracelets, they are the best purchase I have ever made. If you are a Die Hard Louis Vuitton Lover Price is no object!!!!

  • lvoeit

    the bangle is not made of plastic!!! it’s acetate… a cotton-derived, natural substance! PLASTIC.. how appalling.

  • Brittany

    it would be alot cuter if the green was a pink color. like a bright pink.

  • glizando

    lvoeit, it makes THAT much difference…the reality is, companies who brand (much like the Chanel jewellery previously mentioned) market this stuff off just by knowing that having double c’s stamped on something will raise their price exponentially. and all they have to do it stick a logo on it.
    go with the gold, people.