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scarlett johansson louis vuitton3

Confession time! I have a girl crush on Scarlett Johannsen. I know some of you might not agree, but just look at that ad! The flowing blond hair, the gorgeous color palette; GOTCHA; this isn’t a celebrity blog, this is a Purse Blog, right? Well move your eyes down a little and check out that bag! My heart stopped a beat when I first saw it on the runway months ago, and now that the print campaign is here my bank account’s heart has also stopped.

The new Louis Vuitton Monogram Mirage line has done the impossible by turning the boring monogram canvas into a true work of art. Notice that the LV monogram pattern gradually fades the closer it gets to the top of the bag. This is a process in photography know as degrade. There are also a couple new styles of bags being released in this line, most notably the Griet, which is shown in the ad above.

Now is the time to break the bad news to you. Like everything else in the Louis Vuitton world, these bags are coming to a store near you with a hefty price tag! OK;.they are gorgeous bags, and yes they are limited edition bags;but I am still sticker-shocked by a price of (I’d advise you to sit down) $8,850 for an alligator trimmed canvas (say it with me people) yes canvas bag! But no fear, the average everyday person can snap up the Speedy 30 for a mere $1,800. Remember, these prices are subject to change (i.e. increase) before release. Sorry Louis Vuitton, I’m out! What do you think? Worth it or not?

Release Date: September 15th, 2007
Call 1-866-VUITTON to be placed on waitlist today.

All non-exotic trim bags released in your choice of black or bordeaux trim. An overview of a few Mirage bags below:

louis vuitton speedy mirage
LV Speedy Mirage

louis vuitton griet nonexotic
LV Griet Mirage (non-exotic)

louis vuitton musette mirage
LV Musette Mirage (non-exotic)

louis vuitton griet exotic
LV Griet Exotic

louis vuitton delft mirage
LV Delft Exotic

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  • MissPinkKate

    I don’t really like the fade… it looks like it was rubbed away by use.

  • william

    Scarlett does look absolutely beautiful, but I’m still no fan of LV.

  • purseloco

    I don’t like the fade either. I will stick with the traditional LV. :roll:

  • z

    i LOVE them. they look beautiful.

  • luce

    i don’t really like louis vuitton that much…i’m not huge into logos!! but i must say this bag is pretty stunning, but the price also stunned me so that is not good!

  • Dee

    Not a real fan of this pattern although I am a fan of LV… :shock: But Scarlett looks magnificent in that ad… :grin:

  • justified

    I didn’t like it..I think that bags are expensive :sad:

  • Bagenvy

    Scarlett looks amazing. But not a fan this time. Definitely not the fade, and it looks kinda ‘fake’ or “knockoff” :mrgreen:

  • travelbliss

    The Mirage will be Vuitton’s “IT” bag of Fall 2007. Absolutely Gorgeous !!!!!!!!

  • harleyNemma

    for 8800, I’ll get a leather H bag. But Scarlett is gorgeous.

  • Otter

    Don’t like the fade either. But, do luv the new hardware/handles/accents. Very polished. But, waaaay toooo expensive. The pricing is just getting too out-of-control.

  • Nicole

    i dont like the fadee either. doesn’t look right.

  • Glamazon Huntress

    That Speedy is hot! I love how the mono fades away. Don’t know if I’d pay $1800 for it, but it’s still gorgeous!

  • tiha

    the griet exotic is just out of this world. such an amazing piece of art. what r they thinking. lv is definately number 1 right now for fall bags aren’t they? compared to the fug fendis this fall. the price is high, but i think it’s worth it for such art work. i don’t know why, but when i saw it, i thought of picasso…

  • kayfab

    the black looks waaaay better than the wine. the best looking one is the griet mirage non-exotic [under the speedy] i think the hype will fade :wink: i lost interest in LV for quite sometime and fell for gucci but i think im back on the LV wagon again….

  • Margarita

    I agree, the fade just doesn’t look right to me. :neutral:

  • Odie

    The Griet Exotic is gorgeous. So is the Mirage. As always though LV wants you to pay top dollar for a vinyl bag that has 10 cents worth of leather on it just because it’s an LV. This is one brand that I purposely buy the knock off of.

  • Melanie

    I love it! I have never been a fan of LV’s just bc everyone and their mom owns one, fake or real. But this bag is definitely unique and I love the red accent agains the monogrammed background. hmm.. may have to save up a few thousands in order to secure one of these babies.. hehee.. love it!

  • Alexia

    the LV Griet Exotic is out-of-this world… except for the fade.. ruins the whole thing. duh.. WHYYYYY??? if it didn’t have the fade i would have sold all my miumiu’s, saved like mad and called LV str8away.

  • mia_uno

    the purse in the ad looks much better. Don’t like fade either, but it doesn’t matter anyway, cuz the price has already killed me.

  • eunice

    I really dislike this collection, especially LV Delft Exotic. The only decent one for me was LV Griet Exotic, but the prices… are ridiculous to say the least… Usually, I’m not really anti-Vuitton, but this collection made me shake my head… as soon as I saw it in Harper Bazaar’s “It Bags”…

  • Kosin

    I actually like the fade and I LOVE the bag Scarlett is showcasing. I think you really have to see the non-exotic in real life to see whether it’s worth the hype…because really, are any of us going to actually get the exotic for THAT price???

  • Aidan

    I actually think the bag’s gorgeous but that’s probably because Scarlet’s holding it. Goddamnit but I’d turn straight for Scarlet.

  • bette

    not a big fan of LV, but that bag is really something!

  • Sheriann

    I heart that Speedy!!! LV hardly ever disappoints me. :grin:

  • devone

    everyone is talking about the degrade effect and the pricing. I have not seen an LV done in such classic bag shapes before. These bags remind me of a genteel era where our grandmothers carry one proper and very expensive bag. The trimmings are grown up ( but if you are the funky type there is always those mink trim ones on the catwalk with the griet shape) the bag screams polish and posh and last but not least, you would be laughing all the way to the bank at the resale value. wink wink. (beyonce and that montrosity of an LV :roll: comes to mind)

  • gigi

    Yes, the fade is definitely “different” but these pictures do not do these purses justice. i believe they are stunning in person. I happened to walk into the Louis store in Vegas when a part of this collection was there. It seems they were on some type of national “roadshow” for people to view before waitlisting themselves to buy.

  • Elverta Whitaker

    Fab bag but the price! Guess I’ll be just getting a keychain this year :sad:

  • Phillip

    That’s pretty cool, The speedy is neat, it’s great to see it done each time a new pattern comes out, I think they should really do a speedy in the new amarante color of the vernis.

  • noof

    i like them … CoooooL :???:

  • nathaniel

    :razz: other than this few bag they also available in alma voyage and sac plac i wonder how can i post the pic to show everyone here ? i have the pic of it :razz:

  • nathaniel

    :grin: anyone here know how to put pic in here ? i really wanna show everyone the pic of it

  • nathaniel

    :grin: hi guys i have post the pic in this mirage monogram forum you guys can go check it out :grin:

  • Ele craveforbags

    Hi there, I’m writing from Italy as I’ve just discovered this blog.
    I really like this collection, I want a dégradé bag soon!
    I think I’ll go for the Speedy, I have a few in other patterns and really like this one.
    Could you tell me what the problem is with the pic?
    The logo seems to be upside down, which is just not possible.

  • Ele craveforbags

    Ok, I just spoke to the customer service and realized that I’m so, so distracted…I’ve got 4 Speedys in my wardrobe and never realized it’s one single piece of canvas, therefore the LV logo appears upside down on one side :roll:
    Anyway, I managed to get hold of the first Speedy Mirage which has been delivered to the Rome shop! :grin: :grin:

    • LuvLV

      How do you like your LV Speedy Mirage. I am on the wait list at Neimans and LV store. I am not so sure now after seeing some clearer pictures. I am leaning also toward a Bottega Venetta at Neimans. Let me know thanks. :cool:

      • LV Addict

        LUV IT
        LUV IT
        LUV IT

        I got mine from Neiman’s in Houston. Good luck.

  • le fabuleux

    Love the GRIET Exotic, but not the non exotic one coz it’s too regular mode for me. The price of Exotic is more worth for H Birkin which presenting high quality leather.

  • DiorKiss

    I like the Speedy, but not feeling the others so much. Can’t help it, but I just do not like them…

  • Hello All Fello LV fans!!

    I am a huge collector of LV bags to the point where I own all mono and epi bags made. I am constantly in the 5 LV stores in my area and found out that the Griet bag is also coming out in regular mono with the vachetta leather trim. I am not sure of the model # for this bag or price but as soon as I heard about it I had my saleswoman put me on the waitlist for it. She had to do some digging fot this through there computer system as this bag is not advertised in the look book for this season but the sku for this bag is somewhere in retail pro (computer program they use). I have no idea what the definate price or release date is but the rep said that the bag should be around 2K which is much cheaper that the leather trimed mirage bag above. I just thought that some other LV lovers would like to know because knowing LV this will be limted and collectors like me might want to get on the list asap.
    I hope this helps someone.

    LV #1!!!!!!

  • LV Addict

    I just bought the black LV Mirage. $1870.00! The price hurt, badly, but the purse is beyond glorious. Wait until you see the “fade” up close and personal — it is awesome! It goes from a dark, almost black background to the standard brown. It doesn’t look used or worn at all. The black background with the black patent trim is a knockout! Stand in line, girls, when you see it — you will want it!!!

    • Tamyra

      I agree! It was the only Mirage bag left at the Saks in downtown Pittsburgh & I snagged it!

      • Tamyra

        Oopsies! I have the Noir Griet though.. I wanted something different because I have a speedy already!

  • Angie

    I am in LOVE with the Mirage Girect, I was never a LV fan at all, main reason is there are way to many fakes out there. ( of curse I could tell the difference) But the fade on this bag make it almost imposible to copy and thats why I love it sooooo much. The price is really a shock but because of the fade and will be a big noticable difference from the fakes I will find away to fitt it in the budget.

  • louisnvy

    the speedy is beautiful. you have to see it in person. it’s lovelier than the ombre look of the prada’s this season. it’s sure to be a classic.

  • cruzan


    I just bought the LV Musette Mirage in black. I am not a fan of LV (due to the huge number of fakes and just not all that impressed with LV), but when I saw this bag in Saks (NY), I could not stop looking at it. In person the fade is a piece of art and the bag is unbelievable. Yes, $2700 hurts, but there will only be 200 shipped to the US so at least I won’t see everyone with one..That’s also the reason I did not get the Speedy…Here in NY, everyone has a Speedy (some real, most fake):-)

    Get yours!

  • Catch

    just bought this speedy mirage. i didn’t wanna buy anything today (just looking :wink: ), but then i couldn’t get on without it :twisted: it’s more beautiful in real than on the picture. yes, price hurts, but it’s better to have one great thing than lots of others. and the fact that there are only 4 pieces of them in my country makes me kinda proud of it!

  • Ieda Andal

    When I saw the new line of Mirage bags I was fascinated, it was like looking at a piece of art but come to think of it most of the limited edition items from Louis Vuitton are designed by artist. These limited edition are like diamonds, I believe they are the only bags that go up in value. I have been trying to find a burgundy Speedy Mirage for weeks I finally ordered the last one today which was located in Saint Thomas Virgin Islands LV store, I had to pay shipping and customs fee but it was worth getting the last one. Ladies I don’t think they have the Mirage Speedy available in the U.S. Louis Vuitton stores but you can always try Ebay they are selling them for $400 to 600 above the LV price.

    Louis Vuitton Collector

  • Kelli Tinker

    Is the LV Speedy in Multi color black just out- I just got the mirage and love it but I do want the fun colorful multi – it makes me happy to look at and i can carry it while wearing blue jeans- stop me if I am crazy or else i am going to buy it right now!

  • Tamyra

    I have the Mirage Noir Griet & it is to die for! I love it & use it everyday! The black leather needs wiped occasionally with a babywipe or it gets cloudy looking from fingerprints, etc. But it is money well spent I think! :)

  • lori albanese

    does anyone know if they made knock off’s of the griet mirage bag – i am about to buy one on ebay and although it says authentic she says she cant be 100% sure because it was a gift.

    • Dawn

      yes, I got min from a real repubatle site. You cannot tell it is top quality more beautiful in person. people never cease to stop me and comment on how beautiful the bag is


    Hi, i hope you can help me with this. :) I hope someonw ill reply! anyway, could someone please tell me if this item is authentic?http://mikehe888.multiply.com/photos/album/29/AUTHENTIC_LOUIS_VUITTON_SPEEDY_MIRAGE_BURGUNDY_SOLD#1
    I’m hoping for your help. Thanks!

    • Catch

      compared the pictures with my bag at home. think it looks authentic. but i have the one with the black fade and i don’t know the red one in real.
      (you can never be sure, until you feel the leather & see it in real)

  • Kimberly

    ewwwwwww, so cheap… I don’t like this at all !

  • Laiza Santana

    I got the LV Griet Miraged (non-exotic) last December and one of the handles broke off. I took it to get it repaired (under warranty <1 yr) and it tooke them 3 months to let me know that they longer carried the handles and couldn’t fix it. I was glad that it broke before the one year window so I got my money back. I was really disappointed that it was such a poor quality bag.

  • divvaa

    This bag is HOT and not for the ordinary, it represents a unique piece of art and is priced perfectly, when you carry this bag, you swagger!

  • bianca

    Soo I got a speedy for my bday.. And the lv are upside down? Some people are telling that its real.. I don’t use it becuase I don’t want to be seen with a fake speedy.. Help me! :(

  • milly J.

    Hi can anyone tell me Louis Vuitton on sale it isnot a coopy

  • milly J.

    My firnd sold me lv i am notthink is leal how can i check!!!!!!

  • self ish


  • dic

    why you choose LV? $100——–>$9000