Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kirsten After the mess that was heard round the world, the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag, LV is still trying to redeem itself with more limited edition handbags that they hope will sit better with the world. This is where the Louis Vuitton Dentelle line comes into play, the line touted as the lace underwear line. Oddly enough, Marc Jacobs named the Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kirsten after Kirsten Dunst. She is not in my mind what I would consider the romantic, elegant, prim and proper gal (that is unless we are thinking of her in Marie Antoinette), but Marc felt the need to pay homage to her, so be it. The Dentelle line itself has me on a fence, do I love the 18th Century inspired lace look or is it totally tacky? It is subtle, but I do believe to appreciate the beauty you would have to be up close. Under the lace is LV monogram canvas, which is not really fitting with delicate lace. But it does the job. Help me jump from one side of the fence to the next; Yay or Nay on the Dentelle line and WHY? Inquire through Louis Vuitton about availability and pricing.

Scarlett Johansson Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kirsten
Images via Louis Vuitton

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  • margarita

    this is DEFINATELY a YAY for me..

    the bag is absolutely gorgeous and flawless in every way…its unique, yet still has the classic and timeless look of a louis. they certainly HAVE redeemed themselves for that hideous patchwork bag!

    • inlovewithlouis

      i actually love this purse. seen it in person and adored id :grin:

  • shopdiary

    Ugly! They look moldy. :shock:

  • louislovesfendi818

    I love this bag. I hate the speedies and BH but this and the Fersen are TDT. :mrgreen:

  • MsDee

    I think the bag is UGLY!!!!!!!!!! It looks cheep to me!

  • Purly

    Delicate, luxe. Not my style but very pretty.

  • Effie

    I saw it in the store today–nice bag, but not my taste…especially given the price!

  • Superqueen

    I don’t like it. The Monogram Canvas is a classic pattern and I don’t really understand the reason why spoiling it this way :???:

  • Jada

    Ugly!!! The line looks like it has a fungus growing all over. Absolutely Yuk!!!

  • MarieG

    Sorry, not a fan :neutral:

  • Kelsey

    Haven’t seen it in person yet, but I’m already in love with it. I’m not a fan of the LV monogram by itself, but with the touch of lace and gold, it makes me want it!!

  • Sharla

    Love, love, love it!! :smile:

  • ashc

    I absolutely LOVE this line! I saw it while in Vegas and caught the speedy while I was there. I’m not sure of the name but they do a VERY large version of this bag with an outter pocket and gold chain long drop handle. It can be worn as a messanger bag. Anyways I thought it was somewhat tacky/gaudy. But as a whole I adore this new line!

  • AMLDAR1115

    I have the Speedy of this type of bag. I get stopped all the time for people to look at it. Also the lady in the one LV store by where I live (Garden State Plaza) who usually is a real bitch to anyone who walks into that store along with most of the people who work there, saw it today and came running over to me like I was carrying a golden ticket. Anyone else know of the store at Garden State Plaza IN nj?

  • Bonnie

    anyone knows the price of it?

  • Jen

    Yeah it’s around $1,400 but it’s sold out everywhere! I’m on the waiting list :-(

  • gala

    pretty I want one

    also not too expeinsive like recent lv inventions!

    only $1300

  • pREEYgRL!


  • Lily

    I personally did not like this bad when I first spotted it online…but when I saw it in LV it is very pretty. I would never purchse it myself but I think that the work done on it is so detailed and worth the money

  • franki durbin

    BOuy, this is tough. I saw them in the LV store on Sunday and although I love either pattern separately, the two of them just don’t look great together. Too ornate, too trendy, too dated. In six months you’ll be saying “how very spring 2007” – and that’s nice to avoid when you’re investing in a luxury item. I say stay clear of trendy and invest in timeless pieces…UNLESS you are loaded, then buy what you love! :)

  • 1SRJess

    Love dentelle line!!! I personally like the Speedy and Fersen. Went to LV store and saw this girl trying on Fersen. she was being treated like a star..or maybe she is? :roll:
    It has a very unique look and overall.. just BEAUTIFUL!
    Good Job LV..finally, free from an old, boring pattern. :lol:

  • Bianka

    This is such a B.E.A utiful handbag. Louis Vuitton has really out done its self. Not just with this bag but the whole Denrelle line. That lace and gold appliance gives it a really girly touch. I am going out to get this handbag it looks really durible and probably can match with any outfits in my closet.

  • uae

    i got the kirsten for about one thousand euros from dubai louis vuitton

  • Lo


  • Augusta

    lts cute..love it :roll:

  • Sasha

    LOVE IT!

  • paty

    La primera vez que la vi,me enamore de ella, estuve en lista de espera seis meses y ahora es mia. Love it! . Tengo una coleccion de bolsas de Louis vuitton y esta es mi favorita.

  • Naggy

    That is a pretty nice bag and Scarlett works so well with it. (ipad)

  • susanpst

    I actually really like these Dentelle bags as they are clearly LV but a little more feminine Little faces and cherries or patchwork will not ever work for me.