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  • ola

    Interesting. It seems as though some of the designs are hermes and chanel inspired. One of the designs is very much like a structured victoria tote, the quilted alma seems chanel inspired as do the vanity case handbags. But in all fairness Nicholas Ghesquiere does a much better version of the vanity case handbag.

    • Edia

      the quiltings origin is the quilted lining of louis vuitton trunks

  • Par

    love it! they are of course inspired by others (how many new design that hasnt been done by now) but most of them have classic and elegant vintage fume…especially the 5th from bottom!

    • Edia

      inspiration is the first alma bag, speedy and obviously trunks :3 i loooove how he translated the quilted trunk lining onto the bags

  • Guest

    I’m not sure how I feel about the one handle on some of the bags. Does not seem functional in my opinion.

    • Edia

      in ref to louis vuittons steamer bag

  • Guest

    are those 1 handle bags? interesting

    • Guest

      the ones that look like small croc bowlers.

  • marc

    what are the 3 x’es on the petite malle?

    • current biology major

      haha they look like chromosomes :P

  • Anjum Hameed

    Dislike the bags, INTENSELY dislike the clothes…I am shattered, I don’t know if I’m going to get over this..in the past 14 years I have bought at least 22 Loius Vuitton bags, they have been my favorite brand..seriously I don’t know how I’m going to cope…

    • shueaddict

      Take a small dose of Hermes. It’s been known to work wonders ;-). And then, there’s always the next season.

    • Edia

      you know they still produce their regular line right?

  • kindled

    I like the little trunks but the use of the logo canvas feels awkward on pretty much every piece.

  • JaneH

    I personally think they’re lovely.

  • Mich

    Bella! Brava!!

  • bir

    i adore it i mean beyond perfect amazing soooo cool because he played wit the one icon of the house that i have worn for years the only Louis item i still wear as a day bag ! the TRUNK !!! so happy i can now have my favorite iconic brand heritage marks on my bags the quilting made to resemble the trunk string card and paper holders the coverson the bags as the old trunk canvas protective covers the one handle bags like the one handle on the steamer bag initially designed to go inside a trunk and the mini trunks i just adore !!!!!!!!!!!

    if anything i only have one doubt what are the three small X like marks on all mini trunks ????? hope someone can help with this

    in general from the clothes to the bags with the decco looks and motifs LOUIS best period i just i LOVE IT !!!!!!! thank you NG i LOVE YOU !!!!!

    • Edia

      not quite sure about the actualy meaning, but marks on trunks were put on by hotel bellboys. they had special signs that told other bellboys wether the customer was generous, stingy, nice or rude. according to the signs they treated the customer

  • dinabobina

    I am loving the black/white quilted alma. I think I need to see a few of these in person. All I know for sure is I will miss MJ for a VERY long time to come!

  • alice

    Sorry I do not like the whole collection (bags and clothes). Is this their new direction? Marc was really the moon…

  • Marina Harbor

    loved the clothes!, but not blown away with the bags! will have to wait and see how it all develops!

  • kemilia

    Those little “x”s look like when DNA chromosomes are sequenced, or at least that’s what they remind me of.

  • Rashida

    I like them. Looks different!

  • kiwigirl

    I actually genuinely love most of these! And I’ve never loved (or even liked) LV before!

  • Elizabeth

    I love the new collection. I’ve followed Louis Vuitton for many years because my mother purchased a few bags from the house over the years. However, the collections were often hit and miss for me. Marc Jacob’s collections could be a lot of fun with their pop culture influences but sometimes I felt his point of view didn’t jive well with the fashion house.

    I am supremely excited to see Nicolas Ghesquière take over. While I didn’t follow Balenciaga as closely, I generally prefer Mr. Ghesquière’s aesthetic over Mr. Jacobs. I absolutely must see the

    Petite Malle (the miniature trunk bags) first hand. I also really want to see the two-tone bag that was shone. While my first instinct is to empty my bank account on the small trunk bag, I think the two-tone bag could be more practical and is far less likely to become over exposed.

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  • The cantilevered one sided one handle bag is a design marvel. Pure genius. And it is absolutely easy to carry. More of an engineering marvel really…..