Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedys

Ok so I realize that I have been MIA for a while. My apologies. Work was taking over my life but now I won’t let it. To start off on the right foot with my paying more attention to the site, comes a purchase of a new bag. Yes, I had to do it :-) Most and many are in the Speedy Club. Remember back in grade school when everyone got a Trapper-Keeper and you didn’t have a new hip one… well that is how left out I felt from the coveted LV Speedy. The Speedy boasts tons of exposure and is one of the most recognizable styles from LV. Right now, the Damier canvas Speedy’s are in stock and I just clicked on submit for my 30!!!

The Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy is trimmed in chocolate leather which flows perfectly with the Damier canvas. There is something about the Damier canvas that I love- very simple, but different in a way. The bag closes with a zip top and has a gold padlock. On the inside you will find red textile lining with a patch pocket to store some goodies. Available through eLuxury in the 25 (which measures 10″ x 7″) or through eLuxury in the 30 (which measures 12″ x 8″). I opted for the 30. Next week I will show you all some pictures (below is the 30)!!

Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy

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  • maria

    i love the sppedy bag :). while not the most expensive bag, i think it’s the best bag to have…it’s practical, roomy and durable. among all the bags i have, my speedy 30 gets used the most. sometimes, i even use it as a diaper bag when going out to restaurants.

  • haydee

    it’s funny when I got my Damier Alma last month, I asked if they have the Speedy in Damier. The lady told me I can have one customized. I’m glad they already have this out. it looks much better than the previous speedy

  • maria

    the one i have is in monogram canvas, but this one in damier looks very nice & elegant. definately a bag to have or consider.

  • Feity

    I think Damier Speedy is nicer than Monogram Canvas one. Is the price more expensive ? Is it also sagging like Monogram one ?

  • absolutanne

    I love the damier. I got the Speedy 25 and I love it: roomy, classic, matches with anything I wear. I get looks at the airport recently, maybe because they’ve never seen it in damier before? It was just recently launched in the US afterall. The price is the same as the monogram one. 565$US at boutiques.

    As for the sagging, I just put a flipped over mousepad at the bottom to provide some base and it completely works. I certainly hate for it to sag over time, so this can hopefully keep it in shape for a long time (it also depends on how much you carry ofcourse)

    • Jellibeans

      hahaha that is a very good idea u gave me there . I will try the mouse pad too ! I just got my damier speedy a few weeks ago and I put those empty boxes just to make it not sag LOL! I don’t carry much but I really love this classic look .

  • E!

    I bought my wife speedy30 both in monogram canvas and damier. Frankly speaking, these bags are shapeless. Her speedy30 in epi looks much better. Going to buy speedy30 in nomade leather and speedy25 in silver vinyl

    • T

      hahahaha Need another wife: – ) :razz:

  • Melissa

    I just got the Darnier speedu 30 last month. And i haven’t been using it much, it really does sag. I guess I like my LV sholder bag better because its more convenient.

  • Paulina

    The epi speedy hold shape ( heavy and firm) more than LV monogram or LV Damier (light and soft). I also have an EPI Jasmin (5 years old) in black with gold hardware still look like new, it’s little narrow than speedy but its shape last forever because its body structured rounded and sleek. How about LV Damier Duomo (I love it) but its price is $1,270.00 (more than 2x ) LV Damier Speedy is $595.00! Is any one has LV Damier Duomo? please let me know your opinion!

  • Jellibeans

    I got the damier 30 n mono 25 speedy . I like damier better . The mono handles gets dirty easily and its not really a nice sight not until it turn tan . For speedy style I suggest damier or minilin better .

  • Katharina

    i got the speedy damier 25 yesterday from the store but i just cant find the number inside the bag! can anyone help me?

  • Annette

    I just purchased my damier speedy 30 today. Something told me I should go buy one! I got to the LV boutique and incredibly all of the ones on display were made in the USA. Well, as much as I LOVE and support American made goods and am happy that things are being made here instead of having production for absolutely everything shipped over to China, I want my Louis made in France, than you very much. It’s a French bag after all. So…I expressed my disappointment to the SA, nicely, and she went to the back to check all the stock back there and she appeared back in a few minutes with one that was made in France. I was so overjoyed that I instantly purchased it. I’m happy I did! Everyone and their sister has the monogram speedy and I was lucky enough to purchase the beautiful Monogram Beverly GM when I was in Paris last year, so I felt that the damier would be a nice alternative for a speedy for me. I love it. If you run into the same “Made in USA” issue when you go in to purchase your next LV, just sweetly ask if they can search in the back for one made in France. I think a French bag should be made in France, especially when it costs so much. :) :lol:

  • Annette

    To explain the “made in USA” thing. I asked the SA why LV would move some of its production to the US and she explained that a lot of the reason was due to shipping and importing costs from France. It seemed odd to me. It’s mostly the monogram and damier canvas bags that are made here. The simpler styles. She also explained that some bags are now produced in Spain and in Germany also. I’m just a total stickler about mine being made in France. The reason I don’t carry Coach bags is because they’re “American” classic bags that are sadly made in China. *sigh* I wish LV would go back to making all their bags in France. I just feel that it’s more special that way. Ok, I’m really going to bed now. hehe. ;) Love the Speedy Damier 30! So cute and you definitely don’t see it every day! :razz:

  • Roxanne

    I own the Damier speedy 30…LOVE IT!!!! it’s so much more classic than the monogrammed in my opinion…it’s Louis Vuitton without screaming Louis Vuitton, if that makes sense.
    i’ll definitely have to try the mouse pad trick. i had to get one of those clip key chains so i wouldn’t constantly lose my keys. it’s just such a roomy purse!!

  • Lexi

    SMH @ All of you fools who spend your hard earned money on a plastic bag. A plastic bag that droops at that :roll: I have had a Damier Speedy 25 for 2 years now and I paid only 50 bucks for. It looks just like the real thing. I wears like the real thing too. If your worried it won’t last like the real one, Buy 3 fakes. By the time they do wear out, the style will have faded.

    • j

      you’re just jealous you cant afford the real one. these are bags that are classic – they will never go out of style. way to fund and support terrorism by buying a fake designer purse.

      • ss

        !you are so freaking dumb for saying that! I’m an authentic shopper; however, ur comment about “supporting terrorism” doesn’t have to do anything with fake designer purses. If u want to act knowledgeable try it some other way, not by embarrassing yourself.
        P.S i have the white multi colored speedy and im in love with it

      • JL

        You’re right. It does support terrorism. To SS, if you want to act knowledgeable, please try to use grammar correctly. Thank you :)

  • lana

    :mad: your fake bags are made in the sweatshops by kids in Asia. I rather pay more money and have an authentic bag then to put my hard earned money to support illegal networks.

  • Lee

    Buying fake bags is immoral. You are supporting child labor, even drug trafficking. Buy authentic, or don’t buy at all.

  • Pri

    Hi all,

    is it true that LV is engraving the serial number for the damier speedy 30 in red?

  • Moni

    I brought my damier speedy 25 roll a week ago and I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it . I dont want a fake bag :cry: sorry I got a good job I can afford the real thing. and I love my bag . and I dont support child labor :razz:

  • Moni

    a round

  • Czarina

    when you bought your Damier Speedy 30, did it come with dustbag & authenticity card?

    mine was bought in Via Montenapoleone in Italy & it didn’t come with authenticity card. all it had was the invoice! i called up the store overseas & the lady said it doesn’t come with authenticity card at all! which is which? i dunno!!! this is my first LV bag & i found pics online with things that are included when u buy the bag (lock & key, dustbag, authencity card, dustbag).

    pls enlighten me.

    • Jojo


      I bought my damier speedy 30 at the local LV boutique here and mine is the only one that didn’t have the small card inside the bag ( I don’t know if it’s consider as an authenticity card it’s only a small card with the information of the material used)I still pick that one because it’s made in France , the rest are made in USA (all of those have that small card inside)
      So I don’t know…maybe the ones that made in Erope don’t come with it. Mine also doesn’t have the 30 stamp under the leather leaf.


  • V

    I just bought it yesterday!!! and I love, since I live in Milan and the 60% of the LV addict have the monogram canvas speedy, I’m happy mine is a bit different, was bought in LV Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle, so it came with dust bag, little card and pad lock. But since I bougth it in the real LV bouttique I’m sure is a real LV bag! What u girls think will be ur next bag?

  • Maria

    I was reading and saw that your speedy 25 was $565 ,but now the speedy 25 in now $660. Do you know if the prices go up each year.

  • nluvspeedy30

    I just got my speedy 30 in damier canvas, and I love it :razz: . It’s classy and roomy, just what I am looking for. I haven’t seen anyone w/ it here so I’m pretty happy.

    Just in case anyone wants to know how I will maintain my speedy 30 from sagging by using a shoe box lid. Luckliy I just bought some shoes and the lid fits perfectly.

  • lvrocks

    the speedy is not as nice as the red one, but, very affordable

  • remy

    hi. just want to ask about the damier speedy 30, there are two squares on the canvas bearing the word ‘LOUIS VUITTON FRANCE’ right, is the position of these squares in the front side in relation to the ditance to the handle consistent with all other pieces of speedy 30 or it may vary? thanks. need to know asap.

  • george

    LOS ANGELES, CA, Aug 14, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — A malicious prosecution lawsuit against Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior was filed today by downtown Los Angeles shop owners George and Marijeanne Antounian, charging the companies and their attorneys with bringing an unlawful lawsuit against them for selling knock-off products (Antounians v. Louis Vuitton et al, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No. BC396340). The malicious prosecution suit alleges that Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and their respective lawyers knew the allegations of copyright and trademark infringement were not true but continued with the litigation, ultimately forcing the shop to close and the owners to liquidate their inventory.
    Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior hired a private investigation company, Investigative Consultants, in 2005 to determine whether stores on Santee Alley in downtown Los Angeles were selling counterfeit Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior wallets, purses and other goods. After nearly two years of investigations, the suit alleges Investigative Consultants wrongfully concluded that the Antounians, owners of the Bijou Palace at 1116 Santee Alley, sold fake Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior products. An investigation video showed the counterfeit transactions occurring at adjacent stores and in the alley itself but not at Bijou Palace.
    “The Antounians’ store, Bijou Palace, sold only costume jewelry and was not in the business of selling purses and wallets,” says Sean Macias, managing partner of Macias Counsel, Inc. in Glendale and lead attorney representing the Antounians.
    William Salle, co-counsel for the Antounians, says a member of the investigation team, Arianna Ortiz, admitted she provided false testimony in identifying Bijou Palace as one of the stores selling knockoff products. “Ortiz alerted Kris Buckner, president of Investigative Consultants, and lead counsel Janine Garguilo for Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, of the errors in the investigation reports months before trial, but legal action still proceeded against the Antounians,” says William Salle. During trial in July 2007, Investigator Buckner testified that he never saw handbags, wallets or sunglasses or any Louis Vuitton or Dior items for sale at Bijou Palace. “These were the same items that the Antounians and Bijou Palace were to have allegedly sold,” says Salle.
    “We understand the plight of companies as they try to protect their brand from counterfeiters,” says Macias, “but doing as they did in this case is unjustifiable. Maybe they wanted to send a message to would-be counterfeiters that they mean business. Instead, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior succeeded only in destroying a small business.”
    Co-counsel representing George and Marijeanne Antounian is also Armen Shaghzo of the law firm Shaghzo and Shaghzo.
    Sean Macias, Esq.
    Macias Counsel, Inc.
    425 East Colorado Blvd. Suite 710
    Glendale, California 91205
    Tel: (818) 265-0025
    Fax: (818) 265-0035
    Email Contact

    Diane Rumbaugh
    Rumbaugh Public Relations
    Tel: (805) 493-2877

  • sheena

    i purchansed the pochette accessories bag 5 years ago. that was my first louis vuitton and just recently, my aunt gave me the monogram speedy 35 as a graduation gift. my pochette as the “made in usa” stamp in the inside. is the speedy supposed to have the stamp also?

    thank you

  • mjohnson

    i am a little confused with some of the posts …regarding the serial# …my LV DAMIER AZUR does not have serial# engrosed anywhere.? It does come with this white card (lable) inside pocket SPEEDY 30 DAM.AZUR with N41533 and barcode then DAMIER. It comes with hardware. Also, I had it about two weeks and handles have not turned….can I speed up the process bc to me it looks so much better..idk? The inside also is canvas material about the same color of the handles/tan.

  • Mroma

    I love my damier speedy….the serial number is in the inside of the purse if you pick up the flap you will find it..

  • Pamela

    I got the Damier Azur Speedy 30 last Christmas and love it! It is like a black hole, tough to find things…but that’s a small price to pay for such a beautiful bag. Just put it on a shelf in my closet in the “graveyard of bags” as my boyfriend calls it. It needs a rest, and I got the Damier Neverfull GM to replace it =o)

  • elle

    i can’t decide whether to get the 25 or 30, i would go to the store and stare at them for an hour or 2 but i want one NOW! please help… give recomendations or even pictures. i’ve never had a louis and the sizes mean nothing to me so i’m in desperate need of help. i want an every day carry, and i like the ones the celebrities carry. please help!

  • Amina

    i will buy my first LV bags and i dont know which one shall i buy the damier canvas speedy 25 or the damier neverfull pm ???
    can u help me decide!

  • Marissa

    Get the speedy in 30.. My first lv Was a 25 very light weight but just way to small the 30 is a better size not to big not to small.. trust me!!

  • vanessa

    I was considering purchasing the Damier Speedy 35 or the Speedy 30. Is the Speedy 35 too big? What do you guys think?

  • K

    Get the speedy 30 is the PERFECT size. The 25 is too small and the 35 is too big. I have the 30 and I can fit anything in there and at the same time it doesn’t look it.

  • erika

    i purchased the speedy 35 yesterday but i feel it’s too big but when i look at my purse collection all my bags are the same size, is the 35 popular as a day to day handbag? i know that everyone has the 30 but i felt im more of a 35 kind of girl, but a part of me tells me the 30 was fine too. what do u think? is the 35 a popular purse as well?

  • Vanessa Ang

    Erika- I purchased the damier 35 yesterdays as well as a birthday present to myself…i don’t know. i thought it was too big too, but then when i was the 30 i thought it look too small, plus for 25 dollars more, i figured i the economical thing would be to go for the 35. i loveeee big purses, but then realistically, i dont want to be carrying all my junk in my louis..ahh!

  • Vanessa Ang

    when i saw the 30 i thought it looked too small**

    wow. i cannot type.

  • erika

    Vanessa Ang,
    thanks i found another blog on here regarding the 30 and 35 lol the girls on that blog convinced me that I made the right choice in selecting the 35, i agree with you, it seemed more economical to get the 35 for 25 more. Plus for the past two days my coworkers think it’s big but they love it. I’m more of a big purse kind of girl and as the girls on the blog said, people seem to take a second look with the purse because it isnt often seen as the 30….here’s the other blog incase you’re confused too lol http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-reference-library/louis-vuitton-speedy-35-a-47780-7.html

    now that im not confused, i totally love my ourse!

  • LV bag lover

    too all that spend hundreds of dollars on a LV bag you are so screwed up in the head its unreal, really and all this bullshit talk about child labor trafficking, where do you think authentics are made???? in the same shop dumbasses
    and you obviously care too much about what people think about you if you are willing to drop hundreds on a real bag, if you care SO much about child labor laws and trafficking are you donating to charities with your hard earned money? are you helping Darfur where people NEED food and water? are you volunteering yourself by helping the kids that are being taken? No, you are prancing around carrying your hundred dollar bags hoping that someone will notice and go “wow, she must be happy, she must be rich, I wish I could be like her” and you are full of it, youre fake and unhappy now go to Starbucks and drink your latte and think about your next shopping quest you sad pieces of crap!

  • LV bag lover

    and no, Im not jealous, I have money in my bank account and Im so glad I am not like you all, very very sad.

  • Trixie

    I dreamed and dreamed of having an LV bag for years and could not wait for the day I would be able to get one for myself…not a used one on ebay but a brand new one. I initially wanted the monogram speedy 30 but as the years went by, I fell in love with the damier canvas speedy 30.I purchased one from eluxury yesterday and I am very happy and proud of myself for working hard and being able to finally get my dream bag! Classic, luxurious and timeless!! i get criticized for spending so much money on a bag and no one can understand the value of this and how it can be used for years and years and never go out of style.

    • Your superior

      (I’m super late) Wow, someone is upset. You screen name says LV lover but you’re mad that we choose to spend OUR— that’s right, OUR hard earned money on the bags of our choice. Then, you had the nerve to immediately say “and, I’m not jealous….” because deep down inside you really are. You may have money in the bank but honey, pennies aren’t really considered MONEY :-)

  • Trixie

    LV bag lover I see your point, but why so bitter. You don’t know how people spend their money…How do you know they don’t help out people in Darfur?
    A lot of things in life are not innocent and happy….and you are in no position to judge



  • natasha k

    I found it at a really good price $349 Louis vuitton speedy 25. M

  • natasha k
  • Jasmine K

    Hello LV Lovers!
    I have found a Speedy 30 Shaper for around 30 bucks on Ebay. It gives the bag the shape it has on the Lv websites and prevents sagging. I plan on buying one ASAP.

  • Frank

    I hear that lazata.com does not sell authentic LV. You should try a site like Fashionphile or Ebay.

    I am a guy and am obsessed with LV; have two bags already. I actually take the keepall 45 (Damier Graphite) to work. I guess for men it’s different though. I wish there was a size 40 for men. I like the look of the luggage more than I do the bags! Oh well…

  • Catherine

    I am considering the purchase of the LV Damier Speedy 25 or 30. In the past I said that I would never purchase one because where I live so many females have them (which is why I purchased the Damier Alma bag, a friend of mine also has one and we’ve NEVER seen anyone else with it where we live!). I have a few questions for all of you speedy owners. I’ve been reading comments about how the speedy bag sags, which is BIG concern for me since I love a lot of structure (another reason for the Alma bag). Does the 25 not sag as much as the Alma? Is there any difference in material of the damier speedy than the regular monogram speedy? Last week I purchased the monogram roses speedy, which comes in 30 only, (Stephen Sprouse collection) via phone, and I sent it back because the structure was absolutely horrible. So I’m hoping that speedy damier might hold a little better, especially the 25 since it’s smaller. If anyone reads this I’d appreciate a response ASAP if you can help, I’d like to go to the LV store today but it’s more than 30 minutes away and I don’t want to waste the gas if it isn’t going to be worth it (gas is $2.49!).

  • Catherine

    Also, if anyone has any pictures of them holding their speedy 25, I’d love to see them. I’ve only seen people with speedy 30. It seems like my size, however, I’d still love to see the speedy 25 on someone’s arm.

  • Catherine

    Also, the person who suggested that you buy 3 fake bags, you sound absolutely ridiculous. Why would I spend $150 n something that’s fake? For $150 I can go and buy something authentic, even if it’s not a LV bag. I just don’t understand why people would want to buy something that’s not authentic, and whose poor craftsmanship will show over time. I have a thing for expensive handbags, they are more creatively designed and wear better. I’ve purchased handbags from Aldo before, and the lining always ripped, or the seams on the handles unraveled. That has never happened to, for a few examples, my L.A.M.B., Juicy Couture, or LV bags. The only thing I’ll buy from stores like Aldo are clutches since I don’t use them often enough to spend a lot of money on them. I remember in high school a friend bought a fake LV handbag, and her handles started to come apart, etc. After that I said that when I could afford to I would only buy the real deal. It’s not cute when you’re walking around with a LV that’s falling apart. What if the actual handle falls off!? LOL

  • Cookie

    I just got the Damier 35 and it is ridiculously adorable. My husband bought me the Galliera PM earlier this year and I love it, but I had always wanted the Speedy. It’s roomy and somehow more dressy than the blue or monogram.

  • meeeeeeeeeee

    i loves this bag

  • cherysewilliams

    hey i have a speedy 35 monogram, speedy 25 azur damier, and the speedy 30 brown damier….i got those sizes to see which i’ll be most satisfied with..i like the 30 personally more. i wish i would’ve got the white in the 30 but its ok!! i suggest everyone get the 30 but they are all so classic and timeless..

  • Lady V

    Hi All It’s my birthday today and I have just been given a speedy 30
    fae my darling husband this is my 3 rd bag that I own todate I am very lucky !!!!!!! I don’t feel guilty for owning such classic !!!!!!! ..

  • Karen

    Hi, Went to LV store to buy speedy 35 brown damier but then saw the damier brown in the saleya mm shoulder bag and bought it.Next day changed my mine and exchanged it for the speedy 35 brown damier. Today again I’mm rethinking it again. Should I keep the speedy 35 or go back and get the saleya mm bag? I’m 5’10 and I’m so used to carrying the large bucket monogram canvas.

  • Claire

    Hi Guys, My Amazing parents just sent me a Speedy 30 for my Birthday, it arrived today and i could hear angels singing when I opened the box!!! Im so pleased they sent me a 30 and not 25 or 35, its the PERFECT size!!!! This is my first ever real bag and Im 32 hahahahaha!

  • Thaesler Martina

    louis vuitton damier speedy

  • Anonymous

    I just had to leave a comment here about the Chinese children working in the sweat shops. I think it’s ignorant for people to say that by buying fake LV’s you are supporting child labor, when everything we sell here in the US comes from China. Take a look at your coffee mug or pillow case. Everything we use here in the US is imported. I’m pretty sure I can find something in your home that was made by child laborers.

    • MzDominican

      right, so i feel ppl just need to quit talking about it period-

  • RunAway Bride

    Just need to know, where are the clues that the Speedy is not fake and authentic. I bought mine in Vegas at a LV store in Caesar Palace, so it is 100 % LV, but I would like to know. Thanks.

  • chellieow

    i love LV..i already have a PALERMO and i sooooo love it that was my first lv, now im planning to get a speedy 30. u may see a lot people using a fake one of this style but i bet once u own a real one u know how to spot a fake lv. Cant wait to finally purchase a speeeeedy!

  • lv lover

    hi.. would someone please enlighten me … i have been told that many LVs are manufactured in USA (+ any item with leather) as usa have laws prohibiting imports of leather good = so to protect their own leather industry !! is this correct because if yes how come some items with leather on them or full leather from authentic LV stores in US have made in france or another country which has LV licence manufacturing of LV… thanks T

  • Rae

    I love ready the comments on this site, so enlightening. Anyway, just wanted to give my two cents regarding real/fake, WHO CARES!!!! I say purchase what YOU want! We shouldn’t judge on another for what we want to do with our hard earned money. If you like replica do that, if you like authentic do that, guess what in the end it really doesn’t matter, because nowadays THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME, and we surely can’t take them with us when we die!!!
    Life is too short to argue over this nonsense, and just because someone doesn’t buy authentic doesn’t mean they don’t have it – trust me, I own my own successful business and would not dare spend a ton of money on a handbag (and that’s my decision) real or not, it doesn’t make anyone less than! Let’s think about what’s really important in life and though we luv em – its not handbags – lol!! Luv ya!!!

  • Michelle

    Hey everyone, I just bought my first Speedy 25 in damier canvas. I have some questions though – is the Damier Ebene 25 suppose to have the number 25 under the leather leaf? 2. is it normal that the leather leaf says Made in U.S.A instead of France? and lastly 3. two of the squares bear “louis vuitton france” but does the other two bear the same but upside down? THANKS!

  • Shelby

    I just picked up the Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene from the LV store and checked:

    1. Mine does have the number 30 under the leaf.
    2. The leather leaf does say Made in the USA
    3. The squares with Louis Vuitton is right side up on one side and inverted on the other. However, mine says “Louis Vuitton Paris” instead of France.

    I hope you’re enjoying your Speedy!

    • Ashley Wardlow

      Mine is the same as Shelby’s.

  • AHN

    i wonder where to find the serial number in myspeedy damier 35?my sister’s bag is 30 and it can be found in between under d litle purse inside. with different leather. pls help me!im bothered!can u post a picture of yours?thanx!

  • Disappointed Speedy Owner

    I ordered my Speedy 30 thru the Louis Vuitton site. I recvd it today and was really upset that it was shipped FLAT as a pancake leaving it with creases. For the $ I can’t imagine why it was not shipped with filler inside of the bag to keep it’s shape! Any comments would be appreciated.

    • hunnymeeh


      i think all bags purchased from any LV boutiques will be given to the buyers folded,same way you got yours. My husband took me to LV boutique to choose a bag for our anniversary and I saw firsthand, that all the bags are folded. The associate even taught me how to fold it properly. I think the best way you can do is to take the bag out of the box and properly keep it unfolded (stuff it with filler) inside the dust bag.

  • Naggy

    I do sometimes wonder just how indestructible the LV canvas really is. (ipad)

  • Tish Waldson-Villa

    I brought mine from DesignerDowned.Com, it arrived in 2 days. I absolutely love me new bag………. It had the lock even the original inside padding… I’m having a great year now lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tish Waldson-Villa

    brought mine from http://www.DesignerDowned.Com, it arrived in 2 days. I absolutely love me new bag………. It had the lock even the original inside padding… I’m having a great year now lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melody

    I like this style ,and I brought one last week, I absolutely love my new bag………

  • lily

    Is my louis vuitton 35 suppose to have a serial number on left side under leaf and 35 on right side?

  • i purchased my damier canvas speedy 30 last week, really perfect

  • Amonikld

    I love this bag. I have not gotten to that point just yet in my budget. But I’m getting their. All the ladies that have one…YOU GO GIRL!!!!