louis vuitton damier canvas berkeley
Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Berkeley

The Speedy is undoubtedly the quintessential Louis Vuitton bag. I doubt that many LV lovers never owned one to begin their obsession with the fine brand. One downside of it to many is that is lacks structure. No matter how much you load in the Speedy, it sags to the ground, unwilling to hold its fine form. To friends of the Speedy, there is now a slightly flashier sibling called the Louis Vuitton Damier Berkeley. Its name is derived from a chic London neighborhood, the Berkeley Square. The materials are common to other Damier canvas bags, smooth leather trim, a red micro suede lining and a golden “Louis Vuitton Inventeur” plaque on the front complete the picture. Its handles are adjustable in length, two side outside pockets offer additional storage room for cellphone or keys. With 12.4″ in width, it is only .4 inches wider than the Speedy and .7 inches taller. Granted, at $1,420 it is twice as expensive as the Damier Speedy, I still think that this bag will capture a large following among LV enthusiasts. Available in Damier or Damier Azure.

louis vuitton damier berkeley plate

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  • foxyqt

    oh my, its gorgeous! i think i know what my first azur will be! LOOOVE IT! :grin:

  • hunniebunch

    eek! i have been waiting for this…

  • hunniebunch

    is it a shoulder bag or hand/arm held?

  • anti-fashionist

    The same boring LV designs at the same outrageous prices.

    • Dee

      I agree…some of their designs are boring…almost old lady like. I’m really picky.

  • Tina

    I like this much better then the speedy!

  • AJC

    Don’t like this big metal plaque but otherwise it’s a handsome classic bag

  • coachwife6

    I wonder if it hangs as well as my speedy 25. That’s what I like aobut the Speedy – it is comfortable on my forearm when I’m shopping, unlike the Alma.

  • passionforflashin

    I own the Speedy 30 and I absolutley love it. At first I wasn’t too into the lack of structure, but surprisingly it doesn’t sag as much as one would think. I def love the Speedy more than this new bag, and I totally prefer the monogram canvas to the damier. I also agree with other posts about the metal plaque — it’s not doing it for me. I think I’ll stick with my Speedy.

  • vivi6n6

    I love my speedy MUCH MORE than this new bag. I also agree, this gold plaque is too much for me

  • pursecrzy

    I agree,the gold plaque is too large and detracts from the bag.

  • Stephanie

    oh i disagree! i really like the plaque and think it adds a little flash to a nice, structured bag.

  • GeorgiaT

    It’s not a bad looking bag, but the speedy is nicer. My husband made me a custom sized wood bottom for my speedy and it NEVER sags. It would also be nicer in monogram or solid color leather…the damier isn’t my favourite.

  • ms.diamond

    its not that bad looking

  • Gloria

    I also think that the plaque makes the bag all the better. It gives tbe bag a more classic look. I love it!!!!!!!

    Oh and I prefer the Damier over the Monogram.

  • Louie Lover!

    I like this bag, but it seems better suited for a more mature woman :!: The Speedy is so young!
    For double the price I don’t think it is worth it. I’ll stick with my Speedy bags. I fixed the sag problem and got a clear liner (on ebay) and now people stop me and ask me how I get my bag to keep its shape.
    I have a Speedy in Red epi leather too and it holds its shape just fine with no liner, but I do switch the liner back and forth just to keep the bottom of the bag looking clean.

  • julietteb

    I am so over the speedy. I love this bag. I would love to have this bag.

  • julietteb

    Well I guess my wish came true because my husband surprised me with this bag today.

  • lisa

    OMG i want this bag. the price is a little steep. The plaque makes the bag looks more luxury like. it make it look expensive… thats what we all want, us women just don’t wanna admit it.

  • vickythong

    i bought this bag already.Its in azur.omg,i love it,like Lisa said the plaque makes the bag look more expensive and luxury. :wink: The price is acceptable.

  • benika

    I bought this bag in damier, and I love it!

  • Jackie

    My order of this bag and alexander (sp?)has just arrived and sorry to say that they are going back asap! I absolute hate the GOLD PLAGUE ,the gold studs and the gold zippers which brings me back to the 80’s., the wallet also failed my expectation. I love my Monogram Canvas Popincourt Haut and French Purse which I bought at LV boutique.

  • chi

    do they have this in canvas monogram?

  • chi

    do they have this model in canvas monogram???

    • ChiWalk

      Yes it would be a costume order and you would have to pay an additional 30% for the canvas monogram.

  • Nina

    No Chi this model is only for damier

  • cookies_n_cream

    I love this bag! I was starting to think that the azur range was a bit boring until this one came out. I love the plaque and the adjustable handles. I think it may be my first azur too..

  • Nancy

    Does anyone know if this is hand held or can it be carried over the shoulder? I have heard some say that it can be carried over the shoulder but I just want to make sure because the straps look kinda small to me. TIA!

  • Andrea

    I just bought this bag in the azur..

    The Berkeley can be hand held and carried over the shoulder. The adjustable straps are great. I don’t like carrying it over my shoulder because the structure of the bag makes it slightly uncomfortable.

  • Catherine38

    Berkeley is classic. Show pics of new Damier speedy 35,
    coming Sept 15th. Goyard is classy also. Show pics anyone.
    Both LV and Goyard are comfortable hand or shoulder carry.

  • Vanessa

    I am in love!

  • gigi

    just exchanged the azur to ebony and i think it’s a better choice since i don’t have to worry about stains or any unpleasant dirt on the leather. I LOVE IT!!!

  • Shamiliah

    I just bought my Damier speedy. Should have buy this LV Berkeley instead. Sooooo gorgeous. But it cost more than SGD3k. OMG.. need to save up!!

    • iryn

      i just bought it in singapore .. at ION Orchard … it costs S$2440

      • Shamiliah

        Yup.. I bought this bag last month. Costing me total SGD2440. So glad that I bought this bag. It’s really worth it.

        I got mixed up with the LV VERNIS ALMA that cost SGD3200. This is a really gorgeous bag but I have got to buy a bag that is more for work. Finally, i got my LV Berkeley. Love it soooo much. Hope u love yours too..

      • iryn

        Yes Shamiliah … i’m so in love with it .. ^_^

        demi .. of cos buy LV Berkeley .. u will love it … and wont regret it ..

  • Viv

    i just wanted to post on here about my experience at the Louis Vuitton Saks Fifth Avenue in troy, michigan. i want to say that the customer service is exceptional and amazing. one person in particular helps me when i shop there…martin is his name. he is very knowledgeable and always knows the answer to every question i throw his way. i live in michigan but travel a lot for my job, i can give martin a call and he’ll send me anything i need asap. so even if you don’t live in mich, you can still order from LV saks troy…i can’t stress enough how amazing the service is…please work with martin if any of you ever go to LV saks 5th ave. in troy, michigan. you’ll be absolutely delighted. thanks!

  • Toran

    Purchased the Berkeley at Saks in Huntington, NY a week ago. Used it once and noticed the stitching on the strap that goes down the front of bag unraveling. Immediately took it back to the store, only to find they had one left, the demo model which I did not want as the gold plate was scratched. Replacement being sent from Manhasset store. Can’t wait! This bag is gorgeous!

  • Valerie

    I bought this bag and its freaking gorgeous. My fourth LV bag and my favorite.

  • karis

    got this as birthday gift for myself =) love it
    can anyone tell me how to clean the detailing if it ever gets dirty?

  • Shamiliah

    I’m saving to OWN this bag. LVOE IT!!

  • candice

    can i ask hw much of tis berkeley?
    in rm..any 1 can tell me..tq

  • ella

    Just got berkeley dm from LV chapms elysee store and loving it!!! Had a hard time choosing between berkeley and trevi, but in the end thought berkeley felt/looked as better and more detailed workmanship than trevi for about the same price (EUR 1,040 v. EUR 1,070). Was getting lots of compliments and stares on it already while still in Paris! very happy with it!

  • angelica from sweden

    hahahah i have one !

  • Emily

    Can anyone help me decide whether I should get the Damier Trevi PM or the Damier Berkeley – pros and cons of each? I’m very attracted to the way the Trevi looks. I wear a lot of business suits, but also want to wear this casually, of course (anytime!), so I would love some feedback! Thanks.

  • Suniyadione

    I hav Damier Azur Speedy 35 & matchin wrislet hangin of the side !! OMG luv them 2 bits !!I got in St.Thomas (no tax grls) !! I lov the sagg it holds all my stuff !! I also hav the LV monogram Speedy 30 !! There my babies !!

  • iryn

    Candice .. it is abt almost RM 6k ..

  • demi

    have saved up for a LV bag…. pls help me decide.. speedy 30 or Berkeley…

    • irene

      demi, this is way, way better!

      • iryn

        yeah berkeley is the best ..

  • susy Q

    Can’t wait to bring all sorts of fake LV from China!!!! Same quality at cheap, cheap prices!!!

  • Cookie

    how can you tell the real thing from a replica?
    can’t imagine same quality at a “cheap,cheap price

  • Kaycee

    There is a HUGE difference in the quality of a replica and the authentic Louis Vuitton. Beware of scammers on ebay and other such places. Sometimes they can be just as expensive and you don’t know for sure that you are getting an authentic item. Buyers beware !

  • Vera

    I bought a hand bag – N52000 Berkeley Damier – on March 3rd 2010 at a Louis Vuitton store in Italy, started using it recently in Brazil, where I live, and noticed that one side was different from the other. The side of the bag where the logo mark is placed does a fold, which does not happens on the other side. It seems that one side is bigger than the other or there is a bad distribution between the two sides. I presented the bag to one of the Louis Vuitton’ stores in Brazil (see address and phone number below) and the bag was kept for evaluation by an expert, according to the seller, on June 5th. After three weeks without any return, yesterday I got in touch with the seller, who said nothing could be done. According to the seller, the expert reported that the problem happened due to use (in the arm with the log side to the outside to show it – it is really nonsense!) I asked for the manager but the seller told she was not available. I asked for the expert’s evaluation in writing and they told me that they might not give it to me since it is not in their procedure. I’m very disappointed and unsatisfied with this position, first because if the product loses shape with the use (and with a short period of use, it is worth saying) it does not have quality; secondly because I was very badly attended. I have other Louis Vuitton products and have never had problems. I hope to continue a client of Louis Vuitton, but I’m extremely surprised with the bad quality of the service and nonsense explanations I was given. For this reason I’m contacting you, believing that this is not the position of Louis Vuitton.

    • Lovely Reyes

      hi! im just wondering if your berkeley has a small leather tag sewn on the inside lining written Louis Vuitton made in France? or is it printed directly on the red lining? thanks and if you dont mind. can you email me the interior of your bag pls. someones selling me this bag and i need to make it sure its authentic. thank you

  • Crishah75

    My husband just bought the berkeley in damier ebene for my birthday and I am absolutely in love with it!! I really like that it is a fancier (and more elegant, in my opinion) version of the speedy and that it holds its shape. I also like that the straps are adjustable, although I probably will not be using it as a shoulder bag as it seems to be a little cumbersome. The gold plate is a beautiful addition and I think it adds to the classy look of the bag. It is pretty expensive but I definitely think it’s worth it as it is a classic that can be used for years.

  • j

    lots of people prefer the speedy bcoz it’s wayyyy cheaper! but honestly without lookin at the price tag this Berkeley is much nicer than the speedy!

  • Ann_knee

    I’ve had my eye on this bag for months, but due to the price i was hesitant. For Christmas my loving hubby got it for me!! =) I LOVE THIS BAG!! It’s Way more classy then the speedy by far.
    The only thing i don’t like is that even with the adjustable handles on the last setting, it’s still not long enough to carry as a shoulder bag. It’s very uncomfortable so i carry my Berkeley on my arm or by hand.

    • Nancy

      Can you please tell me where on the bag you can see where it was made? thanks!

  • JP

    Does the Berkeley loses it shape (sags) like the speedy?

  • Toran

    Have this bag for two years and only saw two other ladies carrying it. Love that I don’t see it on every other teen in the mall. This bag is very classy yet it is appropriate with jeans as well. Many double takes and side glances when carrying this lovely bag.

  • Arie

    I just got this bag from my auntie before she passed away. Can someone kindly to tell me where can I find the authentic serial number of this bag? Because I can’t find it inside the bag. Tq

    • Star

      Inside one of the red pocket :)

    • elvira

      You can find the authentic serial number at the side of the big pocket almost near the cell phone holder .

  • samantha

    I actually just purchased this bag in Ebene and I LOVE IT. it is my FAVORITE BAG I have EVER owned, hands down. This was also my first designer bag purchase outside of Coach purses. YOU WILL NOT regret owning this bag. It is an investment that will last FOREVER. It is a beautifully constructed bad, that is perfectly sized. amazing! anyone who is contemplating saving for a speedy or this bag, save for this one. you wont regret it. and I agree with whoever said this bag is more “mature” i agree, this bag is mature and classy!! i love it!! you can’t go wrong with it!

    • ph

      i am interested with this bag and i want to know if the bag is heavy?

  • SabineDoev

    I want this bag! OMG, what’s the price? xoxo 

    • I paid ZAR 13.900 for this bag in May 2011, but after using it a few times the material is cracking, have to bring it back but I am afraid they will not do anything. Heard about poor service. Now it is cracked you can see the red lining and it looks so tacky like I am wearing a fake one.

  • I paid ZAR 13.900 for this bag in May 2011, but after using it the material is cracking. Maybe because of the heavy metal plate on one side. Have to bring it back but I am afraid they will not do anything. Heard about poor service. Now it is cracked you can see the red lining and it looks so tacky like I am wearing a fake one. It started as a like crack but it is getting bigger.

    • CScond

      Mine did the same thing! I’ve had it for about 2 years – so I’ve got a lot of wear from it. I’ve taken to two LV stores, including the one my husband purchased at and they didn’t do anything to replace… The crack is between the handles on one side.

  • Bagaholic TV

    That’s a beautiful bag! If you have a chance to buy it, take it!