Louis Vuitton Crocodile Neverfull

Ladies, I have to tell you, I had a great weekend. I was lucky enough to get to meet about a dozen of our wonderful Atlanta-area (and beyond!) Purse Forum members this past Sunday, and I couldn’t ask for a group of nicer, more awesome handbag-loving ladies. We all had a wonderful lunch, and then a few of us ventured over to Saks for some shopping (or, in my case, drooling – I left everything but money for lunch at home to stave off temptation), and we hit the jackpot inside the Saks Louis Vuitton boutique.

The first rare treasure that I saw was the trend-setting Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse leopard print cashmere-silk stole. When I saw this online when it first came out, I couldn’t help but think, “Uh, it’s…just a scarf. Kind of a big scarf, but for $725, I’m going to need miles of scarf.” Well, sometimes, things just don’t show up as glorious online as they do in person, because this thing is beautiful. It’s much wider than the average pashmina, and it lit up my outfit of black empire-waist top and skinny jeans as soon as I wrapped it around my neck. It felt lush and luxurious, like I would happily wrap it around myself every single cold day of the year.

Stuff like this? Why I left the AmEx at home.

The next thing we saw, however, not even my AmEx would have been able to accommodate.

As it turns out, the store manager is familiar with our little forum, and he was tremendously friendly and helpful while we were pawing the goods. Right before we left, he said that he had something in the back that he’d like for us to see that he doesn’t show to everyone.

What was it?

The $32,000, Louis Vuitton Crocodile Neverfull in chocolate brown. It’s exceptionally rare to see such a fine crocodile skin in person, and he said that there were only two or three of that particular bag in the whole United States. The texture of the material was so perfect that it almost looked fake (in the best possible way) – the scales were even in shape and size and had a wonderful distribution and arrangement. The color was deep, even and saturated – it was also almost the exact color of milk chocolate and even more delicious.

I asked him if I could take a picture to share, but I knew before I asked that the answer would be that it’s against company policy (can’t blame him for that!). So instead, our lovely member Veez found the above picture for us to illustrate just how gorgeous the bag really is. As with the Stephen Sprouse scarf, pictures do a poor job of capturing the clean, chic elegance of the piece – what may appear simple at first is actually much more upon further inspection. Buy Louis Vuitton through eLuxury.

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  • Gasp!!!!!!! This is the first LV bag I love. love, love.
    I can live without the scarf though…

  • Graciella

    I dislike LV. Well, actually, I right out hate LV – the monogram stuff that is. I really can’t understand why anyone would want to own anything with the (tacky) LV logo on it (no offense to anyone who does!). But this is something else. This bag, which I despise in monogram canvas, is absolutely stunning! WOW!

  • The bag truly is the casual elegance that I seek out. LOVE IT!

    And amanda, I love the scarf too. Actually, I think I would love one! Which color option would you go for??

  • pursefan

    Just love the shape of the Neverfull. Since I´m not into logo all over, I waited for the damier and now I´m not sure whether to finally get it or still go for the speedy. Well, Christmas is coming up (faster than we want it to) and I guess, I´ll let my husband decide… As to the croc, it´s just a tad bit out of reach for me ;-) but I think it´s just gorgeous. Also like the scarf, of course. Great choices!

  • Megs, the one that they had in Saks was the traditional leopard print color, and I LOVED it. That’s what I’d personally go for. It said ‘Louis Vuitton’ in fuchsia.

    And this bag was totally out-of-this-world in real life. We also saw a $41,000 Chanel croc tote at NM, but IMO, this bag was a lot nicer and a better design. I also liked the texture of the croc better!

  • I love the bag; its so classic and indeed, never full! =)

    I can only imagine how cute the scarf would look in a rock-chic type look; the print itself seems a bit odd at first, but the more I look at it the more appealing it becomes!

  • Sara

    Skin is sooo in. I think fur is next. I love the Be&D patent croc hobo that i saw on http://www.Sparklenpop.com. It’s the perfect size and shape and style is immpecible. I neeeeedd this bag so bad. I want it in my collection lol.

  • emily*

    Absolutely great!

  • ellen

    i die!!!

  • MsTina

    I am literally drooling.

  • Wen

    The croc is absolutely breathtaking!!! But interestingly, I eyes gravitate towards the Damier Neverfull in the second picture.

    Beautiful ladies – do any of you know when the Damier is coming out???

  • Olivia

    That bag is beautiful.
    I would wear the scarf too.

  • Truly a stunning piece to enjoy forever and ever. Nice!

  • pursefan

    To Wen (11.) I was wondering about that, too. Looking at the french homepage didn´t really help either. They said it should be there before christmas.
    The Neverfull damier looks great, but I´ve totally fallen in love with that croc “mousse au chocolat”- bag. Well, another picture saved in my collection ;-).

  • Tella

    Even if I do not particularly like LV bags, I LOVE this scarf, I actually have it!! (the traditional leopard one), and it’s simply gorgeous…

  • cvu79

    WHAT!?!! TPF had a Atlanta outing and I didn’t know about it? Awww…I’m so sad I didn’t get to meet up with you guys. :(

  • Robyn

    Where can you get the neverfull in damier canvas?? I love it! Does anyone know??

  • Stephanie

    I called the Louis Vuitton Store in Charlotte about the neverfull in damier canvas bc i loved it too and the women told me that it came out a couple of months ago exclusively to the LV stores in Japan and the stores every where else won’t get it until this time NEXT YEAR! I already have the LV neverfull GM but my mom is going to Japan at the end of October and I am very tempted to get her to buy me the damier canvas bc i already use this one everyday and its perfect for travel…should i? and will everyone in the states think its a bad knock off?

  • Bonnie

    Has anyone else noticed the LV Neverfull and the Nancy Gonzalez Shiny Crocodile tote look very similiar? Only $3600 for the NG but their skins are rarely ever up to par.

  • pursefan

    To Stephanie (18.) It´s funny, how the informations differ. Fortunately, I don´t mind waiting. If you want the bag now, have your mum get one in Japan. I wouldn´t bother, what people think. You know it’s real, that´s all that really counts.

  • Veez

    To see this purse in person was such a real treat!! Absolutely stunning! Too bad we couldn’t spare $32,300 to buy this exotic bag. LOL.

  • over studying

    i dislike the neverfull.. but this bag is STUNNING I AM SO INLOVE.



  • robyn

    the neverfull will be available this year in November!! I sent the website an email and they just got back to me… I absolutely love that bag. It’s great, I have the monogram canvas and I use it everyday.

  • Nat

    Hi, Damier Neverfull MM is it available in Paris?

  • Amy

    Bonnie – what don’t you like about the skins that NG uses? I’d like to know what I should be looking for. Thanks in advance!

  • Lindsay

    I heard you can get the Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull MM Bag in Japan & Hawaii now . Not sure how many are availble ?

  • KathGrace

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Heart the scarf, too.

  • Veez

    Man, more I look at that Neverful, more I want to get it in Damier! It is coming soon… November…. one can dream ’til then. :D

  • Esstella

    All of u should start looking for a LIFE looser

  • Ms Rie

    Beautiful the neverful MM is for me!!