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This Louis Vuitton Coussin Is Reminiscent of LV Multicolore

It feels like a version of the wildly coveted color-way is back

The House of Louis Vuitton is known for seasonally releasing many bags and collaborating with artists to create highly coveted collections. Arguably one of the most sought-after lines from Louis Vuitton was the Multicolore monogram release, which reinvented Louis Vuitton’s Monogram print in a rainbow of colors that sat atop a white or navy blue canvas.

Though under the helm of Creative Director Marc Jacobs at the time, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami created Louis Vuitton Multicolore and became the mastermind behind other hits like the Cherry Blossom and Monogramouflage lines. When I saw these new versions of the Louis Vuitton Coussin, it felt reminiscent (in the best way) of the early 2000s Louis Vuitton fandom.

Blast from the Past

The Louis Vuitton Coussin was released to much fanfare, and it is a bag I see very often in the wild, in its many renditions. But this latest release speaks to my 2003 soul, the version of me who just entered college and was obsessing over bags and cutting out images of ads and celebrities and their bags between classes and swim practice. That version of me squealed with delight and this newest version. This colorway was so iconic, that we still have an active 288 page long thread dedicated to it on our forums.

The New 2022 Updated Version

Louis Vuitton Coussin Multicolor 1

The difference here is that the embossed Monogram motif features a discreet multicolor floral pattern inside the LVs and Monogram flowers, resembling the famed Multicolore from afar. There is a white leather option as well as bnavy blue leather. Again, this suggests a kinship to the Multicolore.

The Coussin features puffy lambskin leather and is quite the multifunctional bag, with a chunky chain strap and a wide textile removable and adjustable strap. You can also remove all the straps to carry this bag as a clutch. There are two sizes available: PM, smaller, and larger MM. The interior features two independent inside compartments separated by an inside zipped pocket.

I want to say I need the white version, but I have two small kids and seem to always find myself in trouble with color transfer, so the navy leather is a safer bet. The size price varies by $650 and is on the steep end, $5,000 for the PM and $5,650 for the MM.

Shop the newest Louis Vuitton Coussin now!

Louis Vuitton Coussin MM Multicolore
Louis Vuitton Cousin PM Multicolore
Louis Vuitton Coussin Floral Detail 2
Louis Vuitton Coussin Floral Detail 1


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  1. M3L Avatar

    FYI – the darker colour leather is navy, not black.

    1. Vlad Dusil Avatar
      Vlad Dusil

      You are right. Thank you for correcting!

  2. Nad Avatar

    These prices are absolutely ridiculous…

  3. psny15 Avatar

    This is equally ugly in black and white 👏🏼👏🏼

  4. PeggySue Avatar

    It’s stunning and breathtakingly beautiful! It reminds me of a rainbow with all of the gorgeous colors!

  5. Archie Avatar

    I bought this bag but it’s hard to maintain its shape. The corner is curved….it’s nice to look but not nice to use or better not put many stuff inside of a bag.

    1. Gayle Avatar

      wish this came in another style. I love multicolor (i have a multicolor speedy) especially this one since its in empreinte leather however i really dont like the coussin. I dont like bags with compartments inside makes it look fat for me especially if you wear it crossbody. This is a first for lv releasing in only 1 style of bag? Usually if its a limited release its usually in multiple and popular styles like the speedy neverfull onthego and noe.

    2. Blankie Avatar

      Thank you for that information. I was thinking of buying a used one from TRR

  6. FashionableLena Avatar

    A lot of bags grow on me. This one? Not so much. Looks like a toiletry bag.

  7. Ellen Blomberg Avatar
    Ellen Blomberg

    The prices are making it really easy to say no to so many of these bags… I know the brands want to be more exclusive, and pricing a bag like this at $5k will do it for sure.
    I think it’s modern and fun, but the shape isn’t that inspiring… it’s a flat pouch and a chain? maybe it’s for a younger demographic? For OG it bag lovers, I’m sure they rather have the vintage versions.

  8. Kiara H Avatar
    Kiara H

    Thank you for the close ups— nice to see the floral coloring!

  9. J H Avatar
    J H

    I have seen this bag “in the wild” and in a LV store and I like it but there is no way that I will pay $5,000 for it. The pricing is outrageous for what you get IMO.