Kanye West is a man with many thoughts. Thoughts about art, thoughts about Kim Kardashian, thoughts about his own brilliance and, as it turns out, thoughts about Louis Vuitton. West once regularly referred to himself as the “Louis Vuitton Don” in his lyrics, but those days have passed us by. These days, Kanye thinks about Vuitton what many of you seem to think: that the brand could use a little price adjustment.

Kanye does this thing where he infuriates a lot of people by being right, almost indisputably right, but he’s right in such a jackass-y way that people get the urge to disagree with him on principle, as though agreeing with him on substantive grounds equates to some sort of tacit endorsement of his arrogance or his love for Kim Kardashian. Objectively, it is not, and just like he was more or less right about that infamous Jimmy Kimmel sketch at his expense, he has a point about Louis Vuitton’s price structure that will probably ring true for a lot of you, especially after yesterday’s post on Vuitton’s new line of part-monogram, part-exotic bags.

West is doing a post-Kimmel media tour lately, and his exact quote, given to Los Angeles radio host Big Boy during an on-air interview, was as follows. “If I had the opportunity to design for Louis Vuitton now I wouldn’t because the prices are just too extreme…” and that he doesn’t want to give a “message to have kids saving up that much to be a part of what [my] ideas are.” Kanye last collaborated with the brand on a swift-selling set of sneakers in 2009. Like most things he says, the quote itself contradicts some of his own ambitions, like the $6,000 shoes he collaborated on with Giuseppe Zanotti in the recent fast and his always-present desire to run his own fashion line.

Kanye’s internal conflicts don’t necessarily negate his point, though. Many consumers, even those who consider themselves Louis Vuitton fans, have expressed misgivings about LV’s ability to prove that its bags are worth their purposefully rising price points. Even before the company’s publicly stated intention to drive away entry-level customers, Vuitton was known for some of the most aggressive biannual price increases in the industry. If you’ve never found yourself agreeing with Kanye in the past, now might be the time.

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  • Averil

    He may be right about the over-inflated prices, but agreeing with Kanye West just feels SO WRONG.

    • Guest

      That’s a really mature thought process

      • Courtney

        Oh God, get a sense of humor. It does a body good.

      • amer

        i agree with you, but i also disagree about his point, kanye has made it his profession to spend his money over the most ostentatious and unnecessary items but that is his own rite (i meant rite nor right). so he can’t comment his own unsubstantiated thoughts on the expense of a brand like vuitton

    • Hermeslover

      I couldn’t agree more lol.

  • Kett

    He is right, and I agree with him – you can’t just raise prices and expect customers to think you have a better product because of it (or maybe you can – ask Starbucks). But it pains me to agree with him given that this is the man behind the $120 plain white t-shirt…

  • Elizabeth Máximo

    I NEVER agree with him, but I have to agree on this. There’s a lot of people who no matter how much they save they can never buy one of this bags, cause by the time they have saved enough to buy a handbag they handbag has up in price double what it originally was!

  • Spencer

    Since Kanye is so influential… I hope that the LV people hear him out and do something about this. Seriously, I would consider buying their stuff more if it wasn’t so overpriced. Some of their items are actually classy and I feel that having LV stuff won’t diminish my class or taste just because it’s mass marketed.

  • Crystal St James

    Louis Vuitton is affordable compared to Chanel. Kanye please go after Chanel so it will do a downward price adjustment!

    • This made me LOL!

      • Chantal

        I take back affordable, recently i just checked the items i already own and what do you know? The prices have been hiked up another 3 hundred dollars for a small bowling ball sized bag. Seriously there are way better bags to be buying. Designers like Prada, Phillip Lim, Zac Posen and Rebecca Minkoff are all on my it list ! Better prices and more styelish….. and not to mention no chinese people in my area have bought the whole collection!

    • Chantal

      Your right that its affordable but when you consider the materials, for a piece of cotton coated in plastic its pretty pricey compared to Chanel’s bags which are mainly all fabulous leathers. Even LV’s leather bags are hitting the mark for such a small bag your paying over 3000 dollars. ( CAD )

  • Paul Chi

    I think Kim is overpriced.

  • GB26

    LV has become such a mass market brand. I’d rather have Hermes any day.

    • Edia

      which is just as common as LV depending on where you live…srsly

    • amer

      why because Hermès isn’t? come to dubai! brikin bags are flying here like they are birds migrating to the south

  • Edia

    …but he didnt actually say LV was too expensive. he just said he doesnt want his broke fans to break a leg just to get one of HIS designs

    • Lala

      He said the prices are too extreme. So yes he did say LV was too expensive

  • Rashida

    There are other brands who are lower priced with better quality. I don’t want to spend so much on coated canvas logo printed items. Period. The vachetta leather gets worn and in my opinion, it isn’t much of a true investment. I will pass.

  • Chantal

    Hes right about Louis Vuitton’s horrible price structure. Especially for a piece of coated fabric…. Should not be thousands of dollars and not to mention the extraneous price increases every year. You get more bang for your buck at places like Prada, Gucci or Marc Jacobs. Louis is gonna be dare I say it …. out of fashion soon if they don’t stop their ridiculous price hikes.

  • Guest

    seriously… there’s a debate about what this guys says? He is all about the bling… his whole lifestyle is over priced… doesn’t have anything to do with LV.

    • Casey

      I’d say that was how he lived at one point but in recent years, I think you can see a huuuuge difference. He wears plain clothes and it almost looks like he just wears a bunch of the same stuff every day. The labels and the diamonds and everything are pretty much gone. Although he still drives a Lamborghini.

  • laura

    I hate to say this but “he’s right” I never thought I would agree with Kanye West.

  • pixiegirlie

    Maybe he’s no longer into LV since his boy toy is no longer the creative directer? I have no problem agreeing that the prices for LV items are too high. I do have a problem with a multimillionaire who owns thousands and thousands of dollars worth of LV items(including that LE bag in the pic) all of a sudden crying wolf, he unlike the general public can easily afford it.

  • Candace Elliot

    this I have got to agree with Kanye. I think these handbags are overpriced. Are they made up of gold? for sure in the years to come, the leather and metals will tarnish.

  • jesse

    i agree with him and the fact that he thinks about his fans in that way makes him a genuine person, he influences his fans cause lets face if he has a big foot print in the fashion industry designed for lv, g.zanotti, and his own brand wants to keep it affordable… i have always been a Louis Vuitton fan since my first bag and the only brand I’ve ever bought as I’m older now i think its bull to spend so much on canvas printed items I’m about the materials and exclusiveness and history about the brand LV is garbage to me now.. ima fan of chanel,hermes and celine. yes their expensive if not more but think of their materials. its not wonder marc jacobs gave up on them.

  • LNatureblush

    I am long LV lover, but I completely agree with him (even though he is d-ckish). I think if LV was going to raise there prices then they should have better customer service like better repair options with out charging an arm an leg. I think some of the LV bag lines have great quality, but the lower end bags speedy and neverfull) have such poor quality. The hardware looks soooo cheap and the gold plating tarneshes so quickly- thin gold plating. I recently bought the new model neverfull (the one with the extra pochette inside)…brought it home and the squares on the sides are completely misaligned-did not match up and looked like a fake because of it. I brought it back and the sales associate pulled out whatever was in inventory which is only one…that one was misaligned as well. So I went to another LV store 30min away and picked the best out of the two that was brought out…and it happened to be made in Spain!!! Btw all of the other bag that was misaligned was Made in the USA!!!!! I know the speedy and neverfull is at the lower end but it still averages $1000!!!!! Come on now LV!

  • DEE P

    I bought three bags from LV, two small ones and one larger. They are overrated and overpriced (entry level ones at least). The bags that are under $2K are a mess. They feel like plastic on steroid and the they change color eventually that makes the bags look like poop. I can’t speak for anything else that costs more than $2K, though.