The new Louis Vuitton Fox Bag Charm in Rose. Available also in Vert and Orange via

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  • Chelsea

    Fabulous! I absolutely adore the colour of the foxtail. I also like how it gives a nice pop of colour against your mono cheche bohemian!

    • S.N

      I’m living in Geneva in Switzerland and i got the foxy tail bag charm in pink!
      Are you interested?

      • sheenie

        yes i am interested in the bag.. how much are u asking?

  • carrie

    I don’t wear fur, ever. And, after this, don’t think I’ll be buying any LV again.

    • NANCYH

      its Fake fur forsure!!!!!!!!
      dont worry
      & keep on buying lv theyre great

      • victoria thomas

        These fox tails are NOT fake.


        they are DYED those cute colors, & you can also find them in natural colors. if you want a real fashion emergency, just go online and google how foxes, minks, sables, etc are “farmed” and how they are killed for their fur (usually electrocuted via the anus).

    • Nat

      i hope its a fake…
      it astonishes me that someone would want a real fox tail…

  • hect

    i have to say this belongs on the antenae of a hot rod i do not love it and i wear fur and exotics and this ooooo louis keeps falling if not for the classic trunks i would forget it was there not feeling mark is still on vacation or his mind seems to be!

  • hect

    the bag on the other hand interesting intricate and very unique not my style but unique

  • Anna

    its gigantic, gaudy, and stupid. and im not a peta member. why should a bag have a tail??? weird. does not look good and does not add anything to the bag. just makes it look stupid and as though it has a tail, and again, why would a bag need a tail??!?!?!?!??!?

    • CarolineLondon

      Completely agree.
      It’s also disproportionately maHOOsive for a “charm”!

      • Virginia

        yes, yes, & yes. it is bigger than the bag itself, just looks totally unnecessary and weird.

  • liz

    How could anyone ever feel right about purchasing this item? An animal was killed for this materialistic piece of crap. I love LV and this makes me absolutely sick and disgusted. I am not a member of PETA, but I do love animals. It definitely ruins the bag.

    • annaverseable

      Most LV bags use leather. If you have a problem with fur, you should also have a problem with leather goods. They both require an animal to die, and both animals are raised in what would be considered questionable living conditions at best. Just a thought. :)

  • Victoria

    Sorry I cannot help but think of the poor fox that it would look much better on. Makes me feel so sad looking at it.

  • megan

    just wondering….to all of you who claim you won’t wear fur, do you eat meat? another question, do you own a leather bag? does a cow somehow have less feelings than a fox? i find it interesting that people are complaining about a fox tail while i guarantee that the tag is made out of leather.

    • chloehandbags

      megan, leather is generally a by-product and the cow wasn’t kept, or killed, in an especially cruel way to preserve its skin.

      Nobody eats foxes.

      • gpc

        chloehandbags, I could not have said it better myself. personally, i find this repulsive. no matter how many of you want to justify that these animals are not removed from the wild, but instead bred on farms for their coats and that this tail may just be a by-product of that process and that this somehow makes this OK, it is still inherently cruel and not something that should be condoned by a civilized society.

      • mary s

        actually, thats not true.

        in most cases the leather is worth more than the meat and industrial meat farmers know this and treat the cow accordingly. in reality the meat is actually a byproduct of the leather industry. its not a pleasant thought. but you can look it up yourself and confirm. and if you want to be completely honest with yourself, you will know that that fox likely had a much better life than the industrial, hormone pumped, cow someone had last night for dinner. the fox likely saw SUN and FRESH AIR at some point , which is more than i can say for most cows eaten in america today.

        the reason i am posting is that you should look at your own choices before you judge someone else. i dont own fur, and i am no vegetarian either. but i know that we as a civil society could be doing a lot more good if we spent less time looking down on people who wear fur and more time actually taking steps to improve the lives of animals. particularly industrial farm animals, whose lives are so horrid as to make it inappropriate to go into detail about it here. taking action to change our own ways (of allow meat industry lobbies to do what they want with animals and our food without recourse or concern for the animal) is harder than going on soapbox about fur but it is actually more useful too.

        and thats all i gotta say about that…

      • Ashley

        If this is in fact a REAL Fox tail then fashion is disgusting. Why don’t we cut eachother open and where eachother down the runway! Sick…..

      • annaverseable

        You might want to look into how cows are raised. Especially feed lot animals. The conditions might surprise you. If you’re really looking for a sad story read about how we make veal.

      • CORRIE

        Chloehandbags” leather generally a by-product “”Nobody eats foxes” so its OK to kill for you to eat…sorry but if you understand fox farming a lot of animals eat fox meat…..but in your limited view its Ok to kill for you to eat ….but not for other animals to eat !!!

    • victoria thomas

      the only difference is that meat is food. some people feel that they must have animal protein in order to feel energetic. some parents feel that they need to give their kids some animal protein (egg, cheese) for brain-development and there DOES seem to be some correlation in studies i’ve read, that some animal protein in the diet, when the baby is in utero, and the first few years of life, does seem to bump up IQ scores and cognitive testing.
      the leather is a byproduct of the meat industry.
      cows are not raised and killed for their leather.
      FUR IS ALWAYS RAISED FOR FUR. no one eats foxes. or mink sandwiches.
      i do see your point. but an argument can be made that eating the animal is more ethically defensible (as all aboriginal people did) than killing it for its beauty and the pleasure of its skin on yours.

  • N

    I love the pop of color!

    ^Does anyone know how a fox tail is obtained by LV? Do they collect/breed foxes, kill them, and then chop off the tail? Is the fox tail real fur? *shrug* Are you changing your opinion about a brand b/c they use fur or a “cute” animal in general? What about Hermes then?

    • victoria thomas

      The foxes used by LV and most other luxury mfrs are bred and slaughtered in China. they are bred in outdoor cages. the electrocution technique (the place the probe into the animal’s rectum, then step on the pedal to send electrical current through its body to stop its heart) for killing is fastest, so they can process more skins per hour. this increases their profits / productivity.
      however, it takes electrical current (duh)- which is sometimes an issue if the farms are not wired to a generator etc. many are in rural areas. so they just grab the animal out of the cage, impale it on a meat hook, slit and roll the skin off it while it’s still alive. the still-living carcass, which may be still moving, is thrown into a dumpster with the rest. there are videos of this all over the internet. i’ve written about it for magazines.

  • dierregi

    What I cannot stand anymore is the expression “a pop of colour”. Cannot count how many times I saw it used to describe a colour clashing against everything else somebody is wearing-carrying. It’s a boring and unimaginative way to describe anything that comes in bright shades. Not to mention that I don’t wear fur and cannot stand LV – oh well, you can’t win them all……

    • uiggu

      THIS! I had the exact same feeling when I read “a pop of colour” for the gazillionth time – and I echo your sentiments about fur and the incredibly passe LV…

  • mc

    Not for me.

    Why ruin a perfectly good bag with this garish idea of fashion?

  • [coco]

    fox fur or fake fur…. it’s ugly

    • Susan

      I agree this statement…… the whole ensemble just doesn’t do anything for me. The tail is a cliche here and for what I just kept pondering. Frankly, the first time I saw this on VB, my immediate thought was ‘Oh, it’s so stupid!’.

  • Linda

    Wow, that’s tacky!

  • Jesse

    Love, Love, Love! This is what my bag needs. I love the color. Its a cute charm to add to my bag.

  • Alana

    It is very in your face, but I really like it. Mostly I like the pictures you took Vlad.

  • katkooty

    the bag is cute, the charm is so tacky( im indifferent about fur to be honest so its not the fur part). I hardly disagree with your taste Megs but this one is a no no for me….

    • Totally fine! The first thing I said when I brought the charm home is, “It is so tacky!!”. But to me it is tacky in a way that I kinda love it. I doubt I will wear it on the bag much, I love the bag as is

      • katkooty

        I agree, the bag is beautiful and lovely as it is :)

      • Thanks! I really do love the bag itself. The accessory, is just that, an accessory

  • Danica

    Hideously tacky and hideously cruel. This is a fashion nightmare.

    • sarafina77

      Completely agreed. BLECH!!!!!

  • Nee

    Even though i originally hated the bag, i have to admit that I have changed my mind – excellent photography by the way. The charm on the other hand, is hideous:( I do like the splash of colour! But other than that – bleh, totally tacky, a scarf in the same colour would have accomplished the same goal with a lot more class. And by the way, I’m a meat-eating, leather-wearing daughter of a cattle rancher so totally not disliking it on the basis of animal cruelty, just on its giant proportion and absolute fugliness.

  • Jenn

    To each their own, but I for one don’t wear fur and think this is a piece of unnecessary materialistic crap.

    A fox was killed probably for their fur and had their tail chopped off so that consumers can have a “charm” that was a pop of color against their bag. I just cannot live with that. Sorry.

  • mary s

    me i dont like the bag, and would love the tail if it was not so giganticus!!!! (yes giganticus is a word, if not i just made it up)

    • Stacy

      I agree that I don’t like the bag at all because for my personal tastes it is too big, bulky, & just odd looking, but I don’t like the tail at all, even if it were smaller – it would detract from any bag it was placed on. As someone else said earlier…why does a bag need a tail?

  • Jenn

    I didn’t realize until now that LV is offering this horrendous eye sore in other colors. Doubt I’ll be buying any LV again. Ever.

  • ivana

    disgusting and totally unnecessarry, poor foxes…

  • Chris

    The handbag itself is ugly. The fabric and the shape looks cheap, the Logo is in your face, and the strange pink and blue stripes woven into the fabric make it look even worse. The fox tail does not improve anything, but does not worsen it either. Sorry, Megs, no offense, I usually love your taste, but this bag is just a no no.
    And @ mary s: I really like your comment. You really thought this through.
    In fact, I try to eat vegetarian whenever I can because I do not want to accept mass production of meat.

  • wgs

    whoa! double strike out for the bag and tail…. simply not a good look

  • SJT

    First, Megs I love the blog and I attended a CCL school as well so this is not meant to be disrespectful.

    The charm just detracts from an intriguing bag that should be shown off. Great bag, but the fur kills it. You stated you will not wear it much, then why buy it? I feel bad for the fox. When will people stop blindly following designers and their use of fur. Its old and dates the person.

    Again, love 99% of the blog, keep up the good work! GO BUCKS

    • Go Bucks!!

      Not taken disrespectfully at all. I understand where you and many of the other commenters are coming from. I know it would not be many people’s taste for various reasons, and that is ok.

      I actually like the fox tail itself. I don’t absolutely love it on the bag pictured above, but I really do like the accessory. I will try it out with other bags in my closet.

      I did not buy it just because it is a designer using it, the accessory itself i actually like. Thanks for all the comments!

  • Karolynka

    Love the bag, the fuxia tail, your taste and your blog – unconditional support from Italy! Xoxo

  • bisbee

    Oh dear. No comments on the fur – but I’m afraid this is just really unattractive, IMHO. And, although I normally love LV, this bag just doesn’t do it for me at all! At least my wallet is safe for the moment!

  • Carly

    I love the color but I would never be seen with one of these. They are kinda ugly but everyone has their own style!

  • maddie

    it’s different, unique… im not sure wether i like it or not.

  • Lisa E Staples

    It got everyone talking, LV acheived its goal, there is no bad press, I bet the tail is fake,

  • Allison

    The bag that it’s hanging on is adorable… but the fox… well the color is gorgeous but it’s very tacky and too much. Plus, I’d feel bad if someone killed a fox so I could have decoration on a bag so beautiful on its own.

    • Poor Fox

      Well, dont think this Fox bag charm is attractive at all and it is rather cheap looking. And hate that LV is now part of animal killer. Do they know how people China treat animals??? They dont realy care as long as they make some money. It is realy sad to see this Fox bag charm and much less interested in latest LV collection bags.

  • Emzy

    It’s like something my cat coughed up. Would never buy fur, it will spur cheap imitations from China where they skin cats and dogs alive. China has no welfare regulations and is the biggest producer of fur in the world.

  • Jessica

    I would never consider purchasing this item.
    It does give the bag a nice POP, but it should be faux-fur.

  • Saki

    First thing I thought when I saw the Twitter link was “Watch this be another poor dead animal killed for vanity.” and I was right. Good thing I don’t like LV and don’t own anything…otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get this poor animal out of my head and I’d have tossed everything on the good will truck…or burned it.

    • Saki

      And worse part? I went to the website and double checked that it was real fox…and it’s not just real fox tail, it’s CALF leather. So not only did they butcher foxes…they aren’t even capable of making the argument that the leather was using up “all of the cow that was slaughtered for beef”. Nope.

      LV is a high price butcher.

  • Kimberley

    I dislike fur in fashion, thank goodness it is not as popular as it once was. Great to see Chanel and Vuitton use faux fur in their latest collections. The bag is lovely though, but the fox tail is distracting and something I personally could not stomach using. Three cheers for the bag though!

  • Sarah

    Eww! no, no, no.

  • Dione

    Disgusting and ugly.

  • Rebecca

    Tacky. Louis Vuitton is overrated and is for people that like to show off their status. What is funny is that I know of PF members who do not own their own home or have savings, but they of course have their LV bags. To each their own.

    For those of you that use the term “pop of color”, it is annoying as hell.

    • Chris

      Very true indeed. Some people have strange priorities.
      Anyway, to each their own.

  • jess

    It’s ugly and, if it is a real fox tail, kind of gross. And I don’t really care much about animal cruelty.

  • Danieli

    Not for me, does not match, it just looks wrong on that bag. I see all the anger (in all these comments)over your choice and perhaps it would have been a better choice to not to share this mistake in fashion that you made. To each his own, I don’t expect everyone to like my choices, if you love it, great… must be bold to wear it, I could not do it.

  • I don’t buy fur because I like the fake stuff just as much, but I wanted to add something – anyone who thinks that animals that are killed for meat are treated “humanely” is sorely mistaken. When I went to UGA, I lived in a dorm next to the teaching slaughterhouse (UGA has a large agricultural department on one end of campus), and those are not noises that humanely treated animals make, let me tell ya. It was enough to turn one of my roommates completely vegetarian. Unless the farm is one of the few that takes their animals’ comfort into account, farm animals are treated despicably.

    Do a little research online – the videos are too gruesome to link to from here, but they’re enough to not make me buy the argument that leather is somehow several orders of magnitude less terrible than fur. I think everyone should just buy what they’re comfortable with and what makes them happy, and not necessarily cast judgement on others that have decided differently for themselves. But hey, I guess it wouldn’t be the Internet if we weren’t all tempted to call each other names!

    • Zoe

      I’m not going to even start the debate about fur vs meat slaughter houses, because you dormed near one.

      TPB is well aware how strong the feedback for this topic can be. Ex. when the log about Hermes farming crocs.

      You knew it was coming.

      You really think no one in real life will make a comment in person?

    • mary s

      i agree and i stated earlier that we need to do something major about the treatment of farm animals.

      but i call names to people who wear/use/buy/dont completely hate fur is A LOT easier than calling your congressperson and telling to put some controls and less subsidies on the meat industry. its far easier to sit in front of a laptop and call people all manner of names.

      i still dont like this tail thing though…. now the F/W 2010 LV collection looks really amazing.

  • sandie


  • Nata

    I think people will always have different views on the consumption of fur, meat etc. But I am asking a question, was it absolutely necessary for this painted charm to be made of natural fur to start with? It does not look natural, even the natural colors are not preserved in it, and so my answer is NO, it could very well be made synthetic and have the same (arguable) appeal.

    Personally, I find this charm childish. Unless a harajuku girl, I don’t envision an adult lady sporting it around.

  • sunflower

    Like the bag, but the foxtail makes me feel sad :(

  • BB

    I would like the charm if its wasn’t made from a “real fox tail!” or any fur kind! Poor fox…

  • jane

    No fur ever.

  • Thewave1969

    Cute, but useless.

  • Ann


  • david

    i like it! and i agree with the part where it’s kind of so tacky, you like it all over again.

    if you think this is disgusting over consumption…then what is this entire blog…? and the fur debate makes me so tired…

    anyways, love it!

    • Lisa

      It really does come down to consumption, of something most likely skinned alive.
      Fur to have a function would be on the inside of the coat, for warmth.
      It’s luxury for the sake of excess. It would be fashionable and to die for in fake fur.

  • Michelle

    I hate the fur, but actually adore the bag to pieces. It’s a sight for sore eyes. The colors look wonderful together, and the bag itself is unique, yet not tacky looking… just fun! I approve. :)

  • Dabuni

    I love LV. That said, my collection is more understated as I bought them as staples for my wardrobe for life. The foxtail charm is cute, but not for me. I do find it interesting that the cruelty people are more concerned about a fox than a dying child in the third world. Eat your veal and my Alma in Vernis wears the hide. Love or hate LV, they gotcha talking didn’t they?? Score.

  • Hedy Dee

    I like it. My mom is a hunter and a taxidermist, and when I was a young girl, she made me a deer tail key chain that looked very similar to this LV charm! When I see this, it makes me think of my mom. :)

  • m

    If it was fake fur. Maybe it would look good on a girls back pack. not really for the older generation . IMO…..


    i dont like this bag
    but the tail chain its great
    and reading all this crazy comments id like to make happy everyone saying that
    well the leather question ive saw its right throught if have lvs made of leather you should shout up bout this tail but its fake so chill down!

  • Gia

    I love it!!!
    My clothing is mostly greys and blacks. And I dislike shoes so colorful purses are a must for me! This is a love. It just looks fun and happy.

  • Candace apples

    LOVE it! I think it is a super cute combo. This is why I love Vuitton, there is always something different. This spring summer collection was so far out, next season we can get a more toned down look. Its not always the same like some brands do. And all the bleeding hearts in the world wont bring this fox back anyways… it would probs be cute on lots of different bags too! I would clip it to a black birkin if I had one…

  • Trend Barbie

    I LOVE THE FUR PIECE! If it’s real, even better. Being from Eastern Europe, where it’s cold, everyone (whether you are 7 or 70) rocks fur, so I have no qualms about it. Everyone should all shut it about animal rights and enjoy fashion. No one kills the fox just for the tails. I actually found a fur shop that speacializes in custom jackets, etc, who had no use for the tails, and are selling it to me. So I will be the crazy chick rockin 5 fox tails on my bag this season. And why are there ppl on here talking about other peoples homes and savings? Get a life! This blog is about PURSES! And when it comes to those, a girl always forgets her savings.
    Anyway, back to the LV bag, I love the cream color and the print, but not a fan of the light blue htag. But again, LOVE THE TAIL!

  • bonybynatur2003

    This is a purse/fashion blog. That includes all aspects of it. You dont have to agree with it or like it. The rude comments are unneccesary. It was just a picture. (fb)

  • Elyse

    so fun! I think it’s fantastic. (fb)

  • Jose

    Amazing! Loves it! (fb)

  • Deb

    I DO NOT like this one at all… just looks a bit scary for my liking anyway… (fb)

  • kellyx

    i don’t get it, what’s with that pinkish fur tail?

  • Eric

    i am completely “CHARMED” by it ;-) i am under its’s spell – (fb)

  • Jocelyn


    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Debbie

    I find this to be incredibly disgusting and disturbing, moreso than the use of fur. You literally have an animal’s body part hanging off of your purse. I do not get it. (fb)

  • Paula_Rose

    I dig the funkiness of it- but don’t like the fact that it’s real :( (fb)

  • hannah

    erm… not my thing. but cute nonetheless (fb)

  • Karen

    I’m so torn seeing these around, on the one hand i LOVE it because I’ve been rocking a faxtail charm on my keys and bags for years now, so in a way it sucks to see it EVERYWHERE, but then again, I like the option of being able to buy a big ‘ol swanky one… oh well, i’ll still be rockin my tails when the trends fade!

  • Samantha

    It’s cute– you’re rocking it! :) (fb)

  • Nola

    Ths is one motherfugly bag

  • marosaika

    it look like a mans thing, if you know what i mean!

  • Joy

    not a fan of the fox but a fan of the bag
    whats the bag caled and how much??

  • Adrienne Zedella

    OMGosh, I thought this was a skinny purse hanging, but now that I see it’s a charm, that is the COOLEST!!!! I want it!!! please send me one! I’ll show it off for you and then EVERYONE will want one! (fb)

  • marosaika

    omg it totally looks like a mans thing, it makes me so hot and sweaty~ *drool*

  • ad

    ok, this is not working for me. its like there are two foxes staring right at me now. please make them go away (fb)

  • sheri d

    Ok, I like this one. It is a little big, but cute though (fb)

  • labellover81


  • Sylvia

    I don’t like it. I think is way too big and expensive lol (fb)

  • Morgan

    I guess you fans don’t mind that a fox was skinned alive and suffered (skinless) for about ten minutes before dying – just to make one of these TACKY charms. Shame on Louis Vuitton – I own several, including luggage and will be writing the company to express my disgust. Shame on the fans – not only for supporting animal abuse but also for your terrible taste in accessories. Try not to be so trendy.

  • foxtails

    What do you guys think if a guy rocked his louis vuitton renzo damiere graphite messenger bag with a silver fox tail?
    silver fox tail is gray and black and has a white tip.

  • DJ

    The designer bags are crazy, many of them are not beautiful, but it eats humans in price!

    They also do not allow us to discuss about other bags, simply treating as SPAM. Purse blog means, people can discuss about any purse.

    One day no one will purchase these designer bags! These people do not have competitors; business without competitors is like beating a DEAD snake!

    Anyways, I do not run behind these bags. I like simple bags which are of acceptable price!

    I DO NOT thank Purseblog.

  • Nat

    i dont like it. it looks like daniel boone.
    not just ugly. horrendous!

  • trendygirl

    The fox’s tail is way too big and tacky. You might kill animals for meat (but that’s for survival); however, it is disrespectful and distasteful for you to kill animals to show off. How would you feel or think if an anaimal killed you off and then displayed your head, huh?

    Nobody really thinks you are “cool” or “elegant”. They just think you are an overspender who needs to get a self-esteem.

    The designer Marc Jacob for Louis Vuttion needs to find better designs. I have several Louis VUitton bags and will think twice when I buy anymore of their items; as for marc jacob, never will I touch any of his items.

  • Droogie

    I love this bag & charm!!! I think the idea is ingenius and obviously so does the rest of the world since fur is definitely “in” this year. Everywhere I look people are wearing fur. The colours are great! This is a set that will draw a lot of attention to it’s wearer! I agree with the comment if you have a problem with skinning foxes, then you should also have a problem with wearing leather, since cows are killed in the process. Meat is meat. Animals are animals, no matter what level of the food chain they are on. People have been wearing animal skins since the dawn of time….cavemen, Vikings, Romans, Indians….the list could go on & on & on. GET OVER IT!!!! :P

  • void

    At first: my english sucks (I’m from Europe)
    Only because foxes are wild animals doesn’t mean they have a better live than cows. “Industrial” foxes are dumped in cages. The “farmers” are beating the animals to break their spirit. Like circus-elephants, the foxes begin to move neurotic and repetitive and develop an abnormal behaviour. They can’t even turn themselves, so small is their prison.
    Is this cycle required for YOUR fashion addiction? Why not FAKE fur?
    And yes, cavemen have been wearing fur too BUT…they had a diferent understanding of mother nature. They were hunting and not collecting x animals to suffer for a reason like being fashionable. How dumb are people.
    To everybody who is accepting that crap, please do some research and think about it. Is your look the most important thing in world? MOST PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, and pelts aren’t making you more “kinky” or whatever. Be more creative, think with your own head and ugh, don’t copy that much (in the end, every dumb hipster looks the same – wannabe creative = spoiled and material).

    • Dave_Bernazani

      Vold: Amen! Your English is as excellent as your message! I hope some of the self-absorbed people here read it and rethink their choices. Buying things doesn’t make your life richer. But it can mean life or death for other beautiful animals. Please DON’T support cruelty by buying leather or fur. We are not cavemen. There is no need, when there are plenty of better materials around.

  • Droogie

    If people didn’t want to wear fur they wouldn’t be buying the products, and obviously they are; otherwise, why would LV waste their money creating items with fur? In the end, people are going to wear fur because they have been doing it for FOREVER. The best thing to do is accept that fact and, like I said, GET OVER IT!

    • Dave_Bernazani

      Droogle: “Just accept it?” What if people had “just accepted” the holocaust? Or slavery? Or women’s disenfranchisement? Because of people who fought what they knew was wrong, bad things stopped. What if they had followed your advice? What would the world be like now?

  • Jelita78

    love the creativity for just bag-charm-accessory..
    but one question, is this REALLY fox tail/ fur?
    or is it just named after?
    kinda scary.. (ipad)