Louis Vuitton 14Between the half-shoes/half-claws shown by Alexander McQueen and Chanel Spring 2010 being show in a barn with smirking models, I thought I had seen every ridiculous thing that Paris Fashion Week had to offer.

And then at Louis Vuitton Spring 2010, creative director Marc Jacobs saw fit to attach furry tails to the bags. Yep, that happened.

As far as bags go, the show started…dreadfully. Most of them appeared to be made of dip-dyed cotton canvas in candy colors with coordinating fluffy appendages streaming off the back, which were sometimes bigger than the bag itself. After a dozen looks, I thought I was in for a very unpleasant show.

But after a little while, things started to look decidedly better. I’m not sure if it was just the fashion show version of Stockholm Syndrome, I guess that’s always possible, but things rallied a bit during the middle and end portions of the show. Instead of canvas bags with animal parts hanging from them, Vuitton returned to the leathers and embossed logos to which fans are slightly more accustomed.

Which is not to say the bags were boring – they weren’t. The opposite, in fact. And they weren’t entirely successful, but I appreciate the combination of colors, materials, and textures that Jacobs attempted in order to make something new out of one of the most recognizable logos in the fashion world. The collection was heavy on messengers, and the ones that combined logo leather with smooth in different colors were probably the best bags of the show, in addition to the duffel bags made of similar textures. Please, Marc Jacobs, if you’re out there: please give the tassel-covered bags a rest. Thanks.

The more I look through the bags from the last half of the collection, the more the eclectic ideas and influences grow on me, and I’m not sure what my final opinion will be once the dust of fashion week has settled. One thing is sure, though; adventurous collections like Louis Vuitton, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen are what make Paris the world’s reigning fashion city. New York has some catching up to do.

Louis Vuitton 1  Louis Vuitton 2  Louis Vuitton 3  Louis Vuitton 4  Louis Vuitton 5  Louis Vuitton 6  Louis Vuitton 7  Louis Vuitton 8  Louis Vuitton 9  Louis Vuitton 10  Louis Vuitton 11  Louis Vuitton 12  Louis Vuitton 13  Louis Vuitton 14  Louis Vuitton 15  Louis Vuitton 16  Louis Vuitton 17  Louis Vuitton 18  Louis Vuitton 19  Louis Vuitton 20  Louis Vuitton 21  Louis Vuitton 22  Louis Vuitton 23  Louis Vuitton 24  Louis Vuitton 25

Images via Style.com.

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  • Michael St. James

    i feel okay about 6, 14, 19, 21, and 23…but i wouldn’t wear or recommend any of them.

    • Sally

      I actually like #16…. but then, I tend toward simplicity in bags… the others have a bit too much going on for my taste; although I also like the duffle style #25…. I can see it going for a quick weekend jaunt!

    • Ronnie

      I agree. I couldn’t see myself carrying any of these bags in public. I want to find a bag that rivals my Philip Grene bag. To make me choose

    • l4die

      no. 6 is the only nice one in my opinion. the rest have too much going on for my liking

  • Handbag Lover

    OMG, Please give the tassels, straps and extra materials a rest! They seem like they could be really nice but over kill on some of the designs for real.

  • dierregi

    I am sure the LV Spring collection 2010 will be very successful :-) OK, just kidding, looks like it will go the Titanic way (sink and reach rock bottom) and rightly so.

  • Reese

    There has been a definite slide in design since fall/winter 2009. Shame.

  • Paulina

    I like #16…

  • My New Bag

    Well well, a few interesting looks, but more Juicy Coutoure style.
    Don’t think women, who could avoid good bags, would spend
    in this day and age, when there are so many other bags that
    will last more than one season. Oh well. Love Marc though

  • mellee

    Wow! These bags compelled me to write my first comment ever on purseblog. These are the ugliest bags I have ever seen! I feel like LV/Marc Jacobs bet someone that people will buy their products no matter how hideous and ridiculous they make them!

    • edwardy

      well mellee, indeed damn true….no matter what crap they design, ppl will still buy the bags…all of these look so ugly…no creativity at all….n most of them in messenger style, bet the folks at LV know how the asian market loves messenger bag, so dedicate most of the runway bag to messenger bag….

  • aidan

    love them!……but not for me :]

  • chirpy_gal

    Love all of ’em ………… fun n’ stylish n’ youthful … they are awesome …….. :) ……

  • kjg

    serious fail.

  • amy

    more like epic fail

    • Colleen

      Horrible designs… can’t believe something so ugly came from a designer who normally inspires pure beauty. My pocketbook will be taking a break this season.

  • Nicole

    I won´t ever understand why people are obsessed with this brand. These bags look like they were made for highschool girls not for working woman who can afford them.

  • cathy

    only one question: what the HELL is that green furry thing hanging off of 11? inquiring minds want to know.

  • mette

    Just what could be expected. Number 18 is the only one that isn´t a complete knock off.

  • AA

    I like #3. Those pompom thingys & tassels need to go asap!

  • amy

    does LV have a on going battle with Dooney and Burke? Looks like it from these pictures. I agree with Nicole.

  • Roxy

    I love LV, but I like more the classic, formal way, neverfull, irene, galliera, speedy, boetie, montergueil, totally, etc….
    This bags are focus on teenagers, not for woman who afford them…

  • Grand Mademoiselle

    I agree that the bags are geared toward a younger crowd. I just can’t see myself walking down the street with a LV monogrammed, yellow and purple backpack type thing with tassels hanging every which way.

  • Brittany

    in love. yep.

  • The Girl in Grey

    It hurts it’s so gorgeous.

  • Ping

    These bags are awful Even if Marc Jacobs is aiming this at the “younger” crowd, it’s still awful unless you are counting my 8 year old daughter…however, i doubt i will ever spend thousands or even hundreds on any of those for her:)…I’m sure there will be some people will buy some of these bags b/c of the LV brand, but i’m sure u will find them on the store shelves, as you have with limited edition bags in the recent seasons….i really miss the days when i used to salivate when i see the new season of LV bags and couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of the limited edition bags…

  • nielnielniel

    awful stuff….

  • Merve

    Well they are quite ‘busy’ to put it kindly. I very rarely see eye to eye with Jacobs so im not really surprised but still its a shame that he is taking LV down this route.

  • Wilson


  • MAX

    Oh Dear! What a mess. I fi had a chance to decide for LV i can do way way better than this one. I’m so sad that many collection now are just designed to make money no designed for passion (I can feel that somehow T^T).

  • Jessica

    I like 6 and 23. 1 and 24 both made me throw up in my mouth a little, and as for the rest? They could be MUCH better. Please redesign them Marc.

  • Linda

    Juicy Couture ugly for folks that want to spend mega bucks.

  • Mo

    Happy and relieved to say that me and my wallet don’t fancy any of them.

  • MandyMandy

    You sure can keep those, although some of the colours were cool.

  • QueenMAB

    I’m a HUGE fan of LV, but I’ve been sitting it out since Cruise 2008. I’m sorry Marc but these designs don’t pop, they PUNCH you in the face. Well, more $$$ for other brands.

  • kimmee1969

    I Kinda like 20, but I’m older than 12 so the tail has to go. I have to say I really prefer the classic, refined, beautiful bags. These new ones kinda look like the bags at Ross Dress For Less.

  • MilaniMartini

    Um….Im totally in love with the Brand and also MJ…..but um….I don’t see myself spending a single copper penny on any of these. What’s made LV so fantastic over the years has been the classic style – even the more outrageous (like the Mancrazy etc) still carry a classic vibe. These look like handbags the ‘Bratz’ dolls would wear in some teenie bopper movie on Disney Channel…or maybe Raven Simone on her show ‘That’s So Raven’ —- serious epic horrific unbelievable F-A-I-L! MJ needs to be captured and slapped.

  • Irene

    Oh, please don’t tell me this is where we’re going.

  • hect

    it finally happened the brand that fights knockoffs more than anyone in the world starts making their own i mean if they are not re issuing the good older pieces like graffitti or exotic apliances they are creating these non inflential and truly un original bags i find no class and and no true vuitton the brown bag with the orange atssles looks like a garbage bag and the green fur tail this brand is not a hot rod i wish mr jacobs can refocus on this the brand that has made history in the luxury world because truly my final word for this collection is disgracefull cheap and truly not vuitton . the theda the oscar bag the trompe the fringe bags now that was vuitton i guess it happens to all empires rome egypt and now vuitton .

  • Kamantha

    WTF?! Guess LV wont be getting my money this season!

    • Samantha Lee kue LOVES CUPCAKE KUE

      I agree for the fashion 2010, those bags are off the hook, ridicously horrible line of fashion this year..who’s to blame???

  • Claire

    ugh… not too excited abt these.. #3 is prob the only thing I’d consider…
    the rest is very MJ but besides the logo.. not very lv at all!

    come on marc… you can do better!!

  • peterpan

    i’m not a huge fan of MJ, but i always quite liked his own collection and despite hating LV in general i actually thought MJ did a goodd job in recent seasons. however this new collection is just awful!!! in my opinion is the worst colletion in s/s2010. i know YSL got loads of bad press but frankly i think LV should got the biggest slam. hope he can do better next time.

  • peterpan

    p.s. i meant clothes actually. but bags are not great either, better than RTW though.

  • avant-garde

    Like #12 for everyday .. but# 17 is to die for! Louis is sure going outside the box! I wonder how the classic Louis lovers think of these bags? Comments please …

  • Diane

    Has Marc Jacobs completely taken over Louis Vuitton? I’m seeing much more MJ than LV! Agreed??

  • lyns

    Shame on marc jacobs.

  • lyns

    sorry for posting twice, but I am a classic lover/owner over LV. The most ‘over the top’ I’ve ever gone is ther vernis line. these bags are unrecognizable to me. They look like some hideous creation that you would see at a craft market or something. These really devalue the brand in my mind. I think this might just be the last of marc jacobs and lv. At least I hope to God it is…

  • Lisa

    Well I totally have an opposite comment of 2010 spring season. Gosh it is an impressive new page of LV. This time it is designed for young people and with brilliant, exotic, creative designs!Well maybe classic lover/owner can’t accept the new trend impact, however, I believ it would be popular among young asian world! And marc jacobs did do a joke on LV this old, historical brand.Nevertheless he did sucessfully express his new idea;) Congradulation! I think the worst work in 2010 spring is Chanel…what the hell….those dresses and bags are totally old fashion….maybe lagerfeld wanted to attract fans for spending coins on his own brand lol.

  • All About Louis Vuitton

    I like Louis Vuitton very much!Special the 1,4,7,8.Louis Vuitton designer can be described as under the foot work, and launched a number of backpack styles, packs on the change in the style more and more color more and more colorful, I believe that set off a new wave of next year.

  • Sofia

    I love the new youthfullness to the LV Design. I wish I could get one of these bags in replica.


      pls let me know your email address will give you some idea where to get it
      alexenata at yahoo

  • ViktorMari

    I like the concept. You can see Marc was definitely inspired by the Japanese culture, especially with the oversized Rabbit-feet/Raccoon tail, fun color combination, and animated models. Past Louis Vuitton show pieces have been so serious, which is understandable. It all about the mood of the world; we are in a depressing time and he’s trying to lift us up with his work. very girly, very fun. got my thumbs up.

  • Samantha Lee kue LOVES CUPCAKE KUE

    UM, the 2010 fashion show was not all that this year! The shoes killed me. We can’t wear fur and expect it to match everything, especially when we know if it snows, rain or is sunny here in Orange county! But I have to mention the hair styles were pretty cute with a bow! I love it. I think it is to match the bag. very stylish. but I think this may be the turning point for luois vuitton to change the way of how fashion handbags looks and shoes. Yes, that is what fashion is all about, CHANGE, SOMETHING NEW, SEXY, CUTE, AND GORGEOUS EVERY YEAR LUXERIOUS HANDBAGS FULLFILLS MY NEEDS NOW. i SIMPLY have no other collection must have!!!!

  • p-gatto

    I think the runway bags are always a little more “extreme” to create a sensation! That is what the runway is for. Look at the LV website, there are always classic styles available, the seasonal collections are supposed to be different.

  • may may

    my bf just bought me LV19~ =) useful one! u can just put everything in it!

  • Sharon

    Does anyone know the name of #14????

  • Radhika

    Well, I like it. It’s different and unusual and this is all about fashion, isn’t it?

  • Marcia

    Hello theer i was wondering if someone knows where i can buy one of this purse?. I would love to know thanks you.

  • Marcia

    I’m really interested in get one of those purses that are in the FASHION WEEK HANDBAGS: LOUIS VUITTON. So i just couldn’t find the prices of them neither where to get them online.

  • bagsoutlet

    Really Louis Vuitton bag as a fashion week handbags. it is also classic looking and stylish designable.

  • beanyce126

    i am going to stick with the classic collection. (ipad)