I know you come to us to see the latest and greatest in the designer handbag world, but sometimes there are trends that simply do not work and are so ugly that they are asking to be called out. For this fall and winter season, many designers brought both real and faux fur to their collections. The bad news is, most of the renditions fell short of our fashionable expectations.

I have compiled six of the worst fur bags for fall, because a what the hell were they thinking post is the perfect midweek pick-me-up. Sit back, sip your coffee, avoid other necessities in your life, and laugh at these atrocities.

1. Jimmy Choo Leah Fox Fur Crossbody | $3,650 via Neiman Marcus

This bag looks like a little fox fur baby with an oversized belt cutting the fur ball in half while simultaneously creating a saddle top.

2. Henry Beguelin Fur Flap Crossbody Bag | $1,190 via Neiman Marcus

If you mix an animal hide rug with a crossbody bag, this is what you get.

3. Lanvin Fur Trousse Shoulder Bag | $2,900 via Bergdorf Goodman

This bag may be the most decent of the group, but it still scares me a little.

4. Prada Montone Shearling with Fox Trim | $3,850 via Neiman Marcus

Seriously? Prada infused UGG boots with fur trim for one of the worst offenders on this list.

5. Arnoldo & Battois Ariete Shoulder Bag | $1,760 via LuisaViaRoma

I AM AFRAID OF THIS BAG. It is certainly alive, with really long monster hair.

6. Miu Miu Pelouche faux fur and leather shoulder bag | $1,250 via NAP

Miu Miu tried to be young and fresh, and we might consider wearing this once it our lives, but it still is super tacky.

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  • suz

    Loved the Ugg reference on the Prada. My first reaction was the same….OMG..a boot with a handle.

  • Ruhee

    The first one looks like the ugly sibling of an ewok:)

  • CG

    The Arnoldo & Battois bag looks like Cousin ITT. You have every reason to be afraid,.

    • Lisa T

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Looks like it would get up & walk away.

  • Ali

    As I was scrolling down to #5 I am pretty sure my eyebrows raised 5″!!! What were they thinking haha!?

  • sunflower

    #5 is a Wookie cousin of Chewbacca

  • Kat

    Maybe, this is some stunt to make us hate fur even more, so that people will stop wearing it?… If yes, then these ugly bags totally make sense!!!


  • Caroline

    #5 is an overgrown tribble. Watch out or they’ll multiply!

  • G

    miumiu is the worst. its like someone spilled cheezels over it.

  • louch

    # 5 reminds me of a silk terrier in need of a bad haircut.
    The rest just hurt my eyes.

  • AstaK.

    Tacky things in bags:
    Snakeskin- it allways make you look like trying it too hard
    Leopard- its your call if you want to look like a prostitute
    Furbags-no words to describe how stupid they look.

    I live in Finland and believe me I really need my furcoats. So Im not an animal activist to say these things.

    Sorry Megs, cant really laugh for it its just SO UGLY..and dead.lol.

  • Blaine

    #5 Somebody scalped Aunt Maude!!

  • kelly

    # 5 looks like a pekingese with handles……

    fur just looks wrong on a bag…=_=”

  • Chele

    The sooner this fur bag trend dies, the better.

  • Lorie

    #5 looks an awful lot like my Aunt Carolyn’s hair.

    OMG!!!! They killed Aunt Carolyn!!!!!

  • Rashida

    Pretty terrible… that Arnoldo & Battois Ariete bag looks like a fluffy little dog :( and the Miu Miu bag is SUPER TACKY!!!!

  • rose60610


  • AW

    …. they are all eyesores but that orange one … *bleches*