In a wild anticipatory stupor on the eve of tomorrow’s arrival of college football (I know it technically started yesterday, but it doesn’t start for me until my University of Georgia Bulldogs play), I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning last night reading Every Day Should Be Saturday and trying to come up with a football-themed version of “The Night Before Christmas” to share with you people today. My compositional efforts were mostly for naught, so I figured I’d write a post about handbags instead, since I have a sneaking suspicion that most of y’all don’t care about college football.

I’m not exactly sure how I came to be a football-obsessed fashion blogger, although it more or less ensures that I’m pissing off approximately half of my Twitter followers at any given time. But since it’s Friday and I’m feeling hopeful (or maybe I just shotgunned a beer while standing on my couch with my face painted red and black – you’ll never know!), I thought I’d pick some bags that fans of various teams might want to carry to their various tailgating festivities this season. If your preferred team isn’t represented here, let us know who you root for in the comments and whether or not you have a bag that goes with with your football allegiance. GO DAWGS. Sorry, I can’t help it.

I’m a proud alumna (ABJ ’08) of America’s #1 party school, the University of Georgia, so that’s where we’ll start. Finding a bag in Georgia red is difficult, not to mention finding one that’s both functional and attractive, but the Valentino Premier Bow Hobo is just that. I’ve loved this design for several season, and seeing it come in such a perfect, true red make me love it even more. Plus, it’s big enough to carry a fifth of Maker’s Mark (or your adult beverage of choice, no judgment here) comfortably, and that’s an important consideration when choosing a bag for game days. If you’re not lucky enough to be a Georgia Bulldog, this bag could also work for fans of Texas Tech, Utah, Louisville, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Rutgers. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1895.

When I think of football, I think of the SEC, but we have readers from around the country and I intend to share the football-handbag love with as many of them as possible. For Penn State fans, finding the right shade of blue can likely be as difficult as finding Georgia red, but I think the Salvatore Ferragamo Meditterraneo Sophia Satchel is pretty close. The blue is a medium shade but not too bright, and it could also find a potential home with fans of Florida, Kentucky, Boise State and Pitt. Buy through Saks for $1650.

Sometimes a bag comes along in a very specific color combination or material that can only be applied to one team. Last year, that was Alexander McQueen’s houndstooth tote for Alabama, and this year, it’s the Versace Leather and Suede Satchel for TCU. Black and purple is a bold color choice that not many college teams make and not many designers think to combine on handbags, but the underdog Top 10 team has a design to call its very own this season. Buy through Saks for $2950.

A good green bag is harder to find than one would think, but luckily for fans of Oregon, Michigan State and Marshall, the Tory Burch Dena Messenger Bag is almost the perfect color. Crossbodies are handy to have while traversing a college campus in search of your drunk friend who wandered off (why is this friend always the one who has the tickets?), but it also means that you can’t carry a whole lot with you. Your ticket, cell phone, sunglasses and keys are really all you need, though, right? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $365.

Since I’m a Georgia fan, orange isn’t exactly my favorite football color, but for fans of Tennessee it’s really the only gameday option available. For some reason, Longchamp thought that bright orange would be a perfect color for a handbag, and the Longchamp 4×4 Leather Tote was born. A basic tote in a solid color actually isn’t a bad game day option at all, so fans of Clemson, Florida and Oregon State might want to take note. Buy through Saks for $460.

Dark red is one of the most versatile and widely beloved colors in sports fandom. Whether it’s called crimson, scarlet or just plain ol’ maroon (boring), teams from coast to coast might be interested in the Givenchy Antigona Tote. I picked this one especially for the preseason #1 and defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide (it’s even in their name!), but it would also find a spot in the closets of Ohio State, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Southern Cal, Indiana and South Carolina. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $2268.

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  • Marcia

    Nice picks Amanda! I love your sports team choices and your blogs. I guess I would have to go with the blue since I’m a KY Wildcat Fan but I really like the green Tory Burch crossbody bag. I like her bags and they are not too pricey.

  • carrie

    Well, I don’t love that particular bag…but GO FROGS!!! Purple Reign!!

  • GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!

    • Pe.Riche.


  • Amanda R

    LOVE this post! I have two bags for football season, a bright orange Linea Pelle and a bright blue Be&D.
    However, the orange bag that you suggested might work for Florida isn’t quite Florida orange. Just like your beloved Georgia red, it’s a distinctive shade! (I’m sorry – I’m obsessed!!!)

  • Rachel

    As a Georgia grad who now works in a metro-area office, I’m a little surprised at the amount of UGA stuff I still see. You know, “G” logo bags and Bulldog lunchboxes and the like. I want to tell them there’s a more sophisticated way of going about this team spirit thing, so maybe I’ll print this post and subtlely display it in the company breakroom.

  • Elly

    I’m so glad you’ve included Givenchy and Salvatore Ferragamo in this post! Two of my favorite designers that I don’t think receive enough credit for their designs! If you want to see more GORGEOUS Givenchy bags, go to Barneys and look at the Dark Purple Nightingale. It’s my favorite bag.

  • PhotoGirl

    Amanda! Where the heck is the maize and blue bag???? So disappointed.

    GO BLUE!!

  • Urooj

    HOOK EM!!! ( sorry I think you might be an OU fan! ) but gotta represent! :)

  • hannah

    I LOVE the Tory Burch and Givenchy bags!!!
    I used my purple Marc Jacobs today at the ECU Pirates game!

    and I LOVEEE that there are so many purseblog/college football lovin people out there!! <3

  • Becca

    No Hokie love! It’s the biggest game of the week!


  • Sakyie

    Go GATORS!!!!!! Univ. of Florida Alum ’07 Here!!! Too bad Orange is not, nor has it ever been my color! So I’d have to go with the Ferragamo instead.

  • Catherine

    where’s the auburn tiger love??

    • My mom asked me the same thing this morning (she’s an Auburn alum). My response: Auburn’s not gonna win anything this year. She didn’t seem satisfied with that answer.

      Auburn is my favorite non-Georgia SEC team, but their colors of orange and blue don’t exactly match either of the bags we have here, although either could be usable.

  • Ashley

    How about garnet? Us Noles would love the Givenchy Antigona Tote!

  • !!!

    totally don’t care about the football part of this post (sorry! haha)

    but oh man is that givenchy gorgeous!!!

  • Jelita78

    me too!! sorry, me not a fan of football either!
    but ohhh myyy that valentino premier bow hobo is the bommmmbbb!!! lovveeee it!! (ipad)

  • Bag-nista

    Go DAWGS!!

  • bluelly

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