When I sat down to plan what I was going to write about for this week, I could help but feel a little…flat. I love shopping as much as ever, of course, and actually hit up the Net-a-Porter sale for one last shot of sweet sale-season goodness a couple days ago, but the Christmas shopping season left me feeling a little bit drained. Because of Thanksgiving’s ever-roving date, it was a week shorter than last year’s, and retailers packed a surreal level of stuff-hawking into that limited number of days.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled discussion of luxury accessories, designer brands and shopping in a couple of hours, but for the moment, we thought maybe you could use a breather as well. The Internet’s best palate cleanser is, of course, cute animal GIFs, so that’s what we’ve brought to the table below.

I’m betting this is how most of you felt when you returned home from your in-laws’ houses.


This guy’s adhering to his New Year’s resolution of getting more exercise.


It’s illegal to do this to your annoying little cousin, but I understand the impulse.


Go ahead and try to be in a bad mood while in the presence of a Frenchie in a swing. I dare you.


If these pandas can enjoy the snow, then I guess I can too.


Look, I know you mean well, but…


Who among us has not tried to do what this cat is doing, if not literally, at least metaphorically?


“Doooooon’t touch me.”


Sweep the leg, little guy. Yep. Yeeeeep. There you go.




Explain to me again why you chose to become a parent.


All of my weekend days until the weather warms up.


Look, calm down, you’re confusing all the puppies.


If you need a moment to collect yourself, just channel this baby panda, rocking forever in blissful solitude.


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  • Cute animal GIFs can cure just about anything.

  • Sara

    Thanks Amanda- having a rather lame day at work and that made me smile for the first time today!

  • MAC

    That legitimately lifted my mood lol. Thank you.

  • Chelsea Girl

    The ones with the confused puppies really got me LOLing – This post
    is so spot on, really lifted my mood on a day with the most depressing

  • dude

    omg I <3 all those confused puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The panda really cracked me up.