Bottega Veneta HandbagSometimes you can never truly appreciate a bag and really understand its beauty until you see it up close. While I spent all of August in Europe, I indulged myself in shopping and browsing which helped me truly understand many designers and the workmanship that goes into their pieces. A key example of this is Bottega Veneta. They are a fairly new company, but their bags have made a loud entrance into the purse and handbag market. When I went to their stores around Europe I could see the intricate design and feel their product up close- let me tell you something- it is divine! You have never felt such a soft supple leather until you feel some of their bags- not to mention they become softer with time!

While not unpacking my new place, I ran into this Bottega Veneta Intreciatto Leather Floral Leather Applique Bag. Quite the long name for quite the beautiful bag. This bag is a limited edition sienna intreciatto leather bag. What I happen to love are the floral leather applique and really nifty leather chain strap. The strap just seems so innovative and cool to me since it is like a chain-link strap made of woven leather. The bag has a flap front with press stud fastening, two small fabric flowers at each side of bag where the strap is fastened, and a small inner pocket with zip fastening. I just realized that the bag may look a little bit country to some of you- but I still think with the right outfit it could be perfectly cute. The price is, of course, a heafty number- this bag is available via Net-A-Porter for $2750.

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  • Amanda

    That bag is really cute, but $2,750?????Thats a bit too much!

  • Shirley

    What do you think of Pergolesi handbags?

    • carolyn

      I have just purchased one in Florence and I love it!! Do you have one? :smile:

  • billyjoe

    The handle is just too much.

  • Tuesday

    It’s just not working for me. The handle looks more like a pain in the arse and the color looks burnt or something. Or like you dropped it in the mud.

  • anna

    LOVE the bag! so cute. But 2700? Way too much for such a small bag

  • amanda


  • Zippy

    Oh dear… Many years ago in California, when the Zip was attending boarding school in La Jolla and her father lived in San Diego, she was taken to the tourist town of Tiajuana occasionally. Latigo bags with tooling such as this were sold by street vendors. The price was less than $2750 too… lol

  • Fran

    $2750 may seem a little hefty but lets put things into perspective. All Bottega Veneta bags are handmade and on average take anywhere between 48 to over 120 hours of labor to create. Sewing 70+ strips of the worlds softest leather into a bag is nothing short of artwork. Also, considering an Hermes birkin bag only takes about 25 hours to create and will set you back up to $8,000 I say the BV is a bargain!

  • Vlad

    I really love this bag, it’s adorable.

  • Shama Prasad.

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  • angelica

    that bag is so cute and it is handmade with such intricate detailing don’t hate appreciate

  • rachel

    bottega veneta is not a new company. it was founded in 1966 and purchased by the gucci group in 2001.

  • Jeanie’s Bag

    If anyone had a BV Intreciatta bag they want to get rid of, please email me and send pics; I want one, thanks.

  • Jeanie’s Bag

    I finally got my hands on one for $1200 brand new or at least unused. No its not a knock off, it passed scrupulous inspection, and its every bit as fine as you would expect from BV/Gucci. Leather is soft as kid gloves, it in no way resembles tooled mexican leather (I have that too, I love everything mexican) its definitely VERY EU and could not be more elegant in an earthy, natural sort of way. This bag is like a beautiful shoe or piece of luggage, its a work of art in leather.

  • Kendra

    This is so ugly. (fb)

  • Naggy

    It likes look a really bad boho bag. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t like it. (ipad)

  • Mousse

    This is just awful. Sorry BV. (ipad)

  • atiyeh

    i love leather,and i made leather bage in iran